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What colour scheme are you having?

Just wondering what colour scheme everyone is having, I was thinking of going with champagne, ivory, gold and blush pink. Using these as my inspiration.



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    black white and red (all shades from red from pinks to burgundy)



    we neeeeeed to get more july 2013 threads going! august keeps doing really interesting things and im jealous hehe

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    i would have loved a completely white wedding but its not to the man's taste and i suppose i had to include him somewhere image

  • Both sound lovely.

    I agree nats x
  • Going for vintagey feel so peaches, blush pinks, ivory lots of pearls and lace. Bm dresses set the tone

  • Them dresses are beautiful, haven't decided on my bm dress yet only having one but think I might go for champagne colour and add the blush links and ivory into her flowers, h2b however isn't a fan of pink so can't have to much but may look into the peach as a compromise x
  • Thank you, they were a nightmare to get hold of lol! I do get worried when people ask what colour the bm dresses are as I think when you say peach they think 80's satin bright orange peach so I describe it as really pale peachy pink lol
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    people that youve said that to are going to be really pleasantly surprised i think

    have either of you two got planing threads/going to do them, would be good to see what everyone is up to. what are your dates. im 27th and theres quite a few of us but many of them havent seemed to be that active on here but theres loads of new people so plenty of time to get some more july brides

  • I haven't started a planning thread yet, think I need to start one got ideas all over the place could do with somewhere to out them lol, might start one while I've got nothing to do.

    My date is 31st 9 years to the day we met x
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    awww, ours is 4 years to the day he asked me out

    you should do, its a massive boost also to have people say lovely things and help out with ideas, ive learnt so much being on here

  • I know everyone is so helpful.

    I might start one, I just haven't booked anything other than the venue yet as still trying to make my mind up on everything else so assumed it would be too early to start a planning thread, I have loads of ideas though just can't decide what I want lol x
  • I'm march 2013 bride, I've done a thread just dont know how to do a link to it lol! Which is pretty useless but it let's me keep track of what I'm doing! X
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    Claire bear2 - cut and paste the link into the signature your "message options..."

    My theme is also white and champagne, I wanted all white but we comprmised on an injection of colour, still having white/ivory bridesmaid dresses though with some sort of champagne sash or ribbon around the waist (not go them yet but thats my idea!!) - I am a september bride and also jealous of all the August goings on!!  

  • Hi all - we've gone for turquoise (more green than blue is what I'm looking for), with cream and purple shades too in the flowers and decorations. I think I'll do a planning thread once I have the bridesmaids dresses, we are after sweetheart neckline and chiffon (don't mind about long or short) so I didn't think it would be as difficult as it has been. Bridesmaids like this one but I'm still not sure, they are shorter than the model so the dress comes just lower than the knee which is nicer, not sure about the flowers on the side though!The dress is much nicer in real life though, stupid model poses!

     Happy planning! x

  • What about these they are what I think I'm going to go for

  • They are lovely, I've seen them on websites a few times but not in turquoise. I think shorter dresses might be what I go for as well, just because of it being a summer wedding and hopefully the bridesmaids will wear them again more ofter afterwards. Still not decided yet though! x

  • We're having a purple and ivory colour scheme. My 4 bridesmaids are wearing this dress:




  • We're getting married in March 2013, and we're having white and TARDIS blue (basically dark royal blue).  H2B is a huge Doctor Who fan and I am also by default.  I also really like it because I haven't seen much of that colour in current magazines and trends.

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     We are having navy blue, ivory and a little touch of dusky pink thrown in there image

  • Amylou, love that picture thinking of having my table something like that, only having one long table so want something similar to that and to the pic on my post at the top x

  • Love the navy colours, i think navy looks really nice on everyone x

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    Navy is definately a flattering colour!

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    Who cares what other people think its your wedding!

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    I am thinking of purple for my colour, the thing that puts me off is that when trying on dridal dresses the lady in the shop said "oh everyones having purple next year!" which kind of putting me off.... so I am undecided at the moment, I have mentioned a couple of other colours to h2b but he didnt like most of them so I may just stick to purple, although he likes blue, (royal blue). The conservatory we are having the reception in is sage green so I am trying to avoid any clashes with that.

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    ooh green and purple would look lovely together. we've got purple on one wall of our living room because its half conservatory so looks out onto the green garden. go with what you like. lots of colours are on trend at the moment i dont think anything is going to stand out as being new and different so have what you and your man love!

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    We're going for deep red and black, my two favourite colours (and h2b definitly doesn't want a white wedding either... phew...).  I'm having a deep red dress with the bridesmaids in black gowns, the flowers are red roses with black foliage, my h2b won't let me know what he's wearing but he has assured me that it will be colour co-ordinated (he's come up with some new silly rule whereby if he's not allowed to see what I'm wearing then I'm not allowed to see what he's wearing either!!!). 

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    we are having purple too ! basically im wearing an ivory long grecian style wedding dress, my son chose a black suit with ivory waistcoat it came with an ivory tie but he didnt like it , and has requested purpleimage which is cool because i love purple . i have just bought a flowergirl dress in purple so thats that image


    im scattering clear crystals on the table with a few purple ones ontop image

  • Some lovely, inspired colours going on!

    We're having a rainbow of pastels! Baby pinks, sky blues, pale yellows, sage greens and lavenders..the whole day is a bit mix matched, it's just about getting the right mix now ;P x

  • We're going for a charcoal grey, dusky pink and cream colur scheme! I like that it's a bit unconventional  to the "normal " wedding colours and have finally found some lovely charcoal grey coloured dresses for my bridesmaids!!! Then the bouquets will have a mix of pink and cream flowers image

    I hope it looks as nice in reality as it does in my head! :-/ x


  • Im having charcoal grey and lilacs / lavender shades . Ive always loved lilac and when i was growing up my "dream dress " that i always pictured in my head always had a grey sash ( think livs dress in bride wars ) . So now i just have to find the perfect dressimage
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