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July 6th 2013

I cant believe that we are now only 5 months and 29 days till the big day. I am soooo excited. Any other 6th July brides out there who are excited. 2 years off planning and we are nearly there. Yay xx


  • Hey, I'm a July 6th bride too.

    How you getting on? I have almost everything booked just not paid for yet.....arghhhhh but still super excited!!

  • Everything is booked. Just waiting for my dress and bridesmaids dressing to arrive and then i have evrything for the big day just gotta pay for the big things now. xx

  • Yay 123 days to go. My dress came yesrerday but im not trying it on until next tuesday as so busy with work.

    H2b went for his suit yesterday and came back with something completely different to what we had discussed...even down to colour he has gone for pale/dusky pink and ivory...its stunning actually but we had decided on fuschia and white so luckily my flower girls are in ivory and havent actually brought anytging in fuschia yet. So decided to change whole theme colour scheme now.

    Going for peonies and roses in cream and pink. I was struggling with the centrepieces but now I have changed the colour and flowers I have found the perfect ones for less than 10 each so although its stressful it is working out. I think its nice that h2b has picked sonethibg he loves and feels comfortable in rather than settling for a colour I chose.

    Got to phone ahead today about changing my flowers fron gerberas to peonies which I feel is going to cost me...and phone the chaircover lady today.

    Have you sent your invites out yet?

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    Keep reading about grooms going to get suits and coming back with something different to the plan! Like you say mrsclg2b, it's quite nice... But stressful! Sounds like yours has worked out perfectly though.

    Can't believe how quickly time is passing, I remember thinking "oo, 6 months to go" and two more months have sped by!

    We're totally DIYing the invitations, they're all printed so got some furiously guillotining to do in my lunch breaks this week! Should get them out at the weekend. Can't wait to send them, h2b has put a lot of effort into designing them, I'm really proud... I'm also sick of answering individual questions about the venue and local hotels! Have you sent yours?

    Apart from invitations, im all about favour making, doing little jars of chutney so the house is constantly smelling of vinegar and I'm getting repetitive strain injury from chopping onions and tomatoes! Hope everyone likes them!

    Anyone worrying about anything? I feel like the next couple of weeks will be my mini panic time, when it all seems close and all the little things feel like lots to do!!
  • MrsMnowMrsMnow Posts: 463

    Im 6th July too xx

    Sent the invites out last week, Carly57 i really hope your ready for the gillotine! they seem to take so much longer than i thought they would, it took every night 6 weeks to get them done, so know moving on to the next DIY project - favour boxes!

    Im actually starting worry slightly now about the run of things on the day, just hope i can relax and not worry about people enjoying themselves.


  • I havent even got my invites....let alone sent them...whoops I will order these within the next week though as I know what I want I have just been putting it off.

    I have ordered some bits to start on favour and cake boxes tho atleast.

    Im thinking the same im going to think of something that hasnt been done and have a big panic as im quite calm at the moment and smiley as it all.seems to be coming together nicely.

    I love your favours idea its so fab and personal.

    All these grooms bucking the trend and getting involved is good but yes stressful. Mine has chosen his suit the colour scheme the cake and the food and wine.

  • Well I went to see the florist and she is working on another invoice for me...gerberas are 75p per stem were as peonies are ??3 per stem although I wont need as many...not looking fprward to that bill I can tell you.
  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    How did the full quote come out mrsclg2b, was it too scary?

    We got the invites out at the weekend, was very exciting but almost like giving a baby away, we put so much time and energy into them!

    Well, not bucking the trend, we went to look at hire suits the other day and h2b completely changed his mind and we're buying suits from Next instead! It actually doesn't come out too costly, the suits are quite good value and he doesn't have ushers so it's only for him, best man and my dad... he did look fantastic in it too image

    Hope all is going well x

  • 113 days!"!!!! xx

  • I no ahhhh cant wait. Howa all the planning??

    Glad ur hubbys keeping in with tradition carly lol.

    Im still waiting on my flowers quote image

    I havent had chance to try my dress on since it arrived two weeks ago so today although I could do it up myself I stepped in and pulled it tight and I LOVE It so much....more than when I picked it out. U was gutted I had t buy a sample as not enough time to order and alter but now im sooooo happy I did as I am able to look at it if I need to and remember how nice it is.

    Invites are being progress all round xx
  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    I didn't have the time, or the inclination to spend the money to get the dress I fell in love with (a ??2k Raimon Bundo dress) so took the risk of ordering a copy from china (I know, shock horror!) but it's beautiful and even though its a bit big and I'm not getting it altered yet, I can't help but try it on every few weeks image love having it in the wardrobe.

    Our RSVPs have started coming in, it's so exciting!

    It'll be here before we know it! ... Still got so much to do!!
  • I was going to do that if I couldnt find a copy!! Glad it all worked out ok for you!! I got mine a third of the price and will need about ?? 100 of alterations so super happy.

    Ahhh I need to get my invites out sooonish...

    I need to write a list of things I need to do/pay for haha.

    Ooh and booked tasting with caterer for mid april image xx
  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    Woohoo, finished the favours image it was quite a slog but we now have 80 jars of chutney, labelled, with a fabric top.

    ... Though still got a couple of big jars to make to serve with the cheese tower on the night, but the end is near!

    Anyone else have a weddingy weekend? x
  • Yay that's great, must be a weight off. That sounds fab, my friend had a cheese-cake as she and h2b dont really like cake and it went down realy well

    I worked all weekend but managed to write my to do list its rather long so going to spend the next week or two working through the bits I can like playlist and get invites out

  • Wow. Loving all replys. Now we only got 97 days to go. its gonna come round soooo quick. We have sent all invites out and nearly have all our rsvps back. we started at 150 guests and now have 118 attending. Nearly completed all our DIY bits, just got our table plan and wish you were here board. We have done cake boxes, order of service and confetti cones ourselves. We have also done our own lucky bags for the kids.

    Have had a big dilema with my dress this week. The company i ordered it from sent it too the wrong address. It will not even in my postal area as dress was sent to some in Preston, Lanc. Thats Over 200 miles away from my address. In process of trying to get dress sent to me.

    Bridesmaids dresses arrived two weeks ago and they are all perfect. Some of them need a few changes but my maid of honour is going to do them for me so wont cost me too much.

    Paid a few more bits of this week like the sweet table, chair covers & table clothes and some of the videographer.

    The only thing i need a price on is my flowers but waiting for my local florist to get back to me, but it seems to be taking her forever.

    Its all coming together but with only 3 more wage packets i just hope we can do it.

    Next thing on my to do list is to sort out my hen night image.

    Hope everyones planning is coming along x

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    Nightmare about your dress! Fingers crossed for you that it all comes good with minimal stress and worry image

    I'm doing my last jar of chutney as I speak image will not miss the smell of vinegar!! Made some bunting this week too, mini "thank you" bunting to go on the card suitcase and bigger "just married" bunting for the top table, it was quite fun to do and looks great image

    Apparently my hen is sorted but I'm not allowed to know ANYTHING! My best friend has organised with help from my sister do I'm sure it'll be fine... But don't they know I'm a control freak!!

    The parents are meeting for the first time tomorrow! They're quite different personalities so a bit nervous image

    Happy Easter everyone! xx
  • Hopefully my dress will all get sorted soon. Just awaiting emails from the lady who has it and the company that sent it.

    I love the idea of chutney. My Maid of Honour is doing personalised heart cookies for everyone, she is a good cook. She and her mum are also doing my wedding cake but i have no idea what it looks like. I have just given them my ideas and they are going from there.

    Well i want to plan my hen party but my mum and maid have said that i cant. Only found out today that they have it all sorted. I am a complete controll freak to and want to know what is going on.

    Have found it heard to get my OH to plan his stag do. He still dont know what he wants to do. Men Hey.

    Wow. Parents only just meeting. Ours already knew each other which was fab and easy for everyone to get along. Hope it all goes ok

    Happy Easter x

  • Wow sooo organised girls....wish I was.

    Have ypu got your dress yet?? Doesnt help with Easter weekend in the way when waiting on parcels.

    My table nos came today and my mr and mrs sign eeeek cant wait to go and get the paint tomo and get started. I also have my first fitting tomo for my dress...3pm cant come quick enough.

    Today I ordered tissue paper glassine bags and a heart punch am going to attempt to make my own confetti. If it works iv saved my self about 80 pounds f it doesnt iv only lost 15 so worth a go I think. Cant wait to get going with all my diying.

    Love ypur favour ideas both homemade image thats quite good on numbers too. Did u have any refusals you wasnt expecting?? My invites wont be ready to post for another
  • 3weeks so starting to think nobody will come....or on the plus side ppl will be able to commit as its quite soon. Our caterer cancelled on us so havent got out tasting until next are the options we picked to try starters roasted vine tomato and basil soup with garlic ans herb croutons and herb crumbed cakes of salmon and cod on a fresh leaf salad with tartare sauce.

    Mains ale braised steak and onion with portobello mushrooms a creamy mustard mash and roast parsnips or chicken breast stuffed with sunblushed tomsbasil and parmasan with buttery roast potatoes and green beans wrapped in panchetta.

    Desserts are warm treacle tart with local fresh vanilla icecream or dark choc fondant with hot chocsauce.....cant wait to taste it all mmmmmm x
  • No dress yet. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. I am soooo wanting to try it on.

    Most of my partners family declined, i am quiet upset about this as he will not have much family there where as all my family are going.

    Today i ordered all the bits to make the kids a lucky bag to keep them occupied during meal and speeches. Thats the last bits now, just gotta pay for everything. But with only 3 months left its gonna be really really tight.

    My sister made my confetti cones for me and then i ordered the confetti from ebay which saved us about £50 instead of buying already boxed confetti to use. We have hearts in our wedding colours.

    I loved doing all the DIY bits best bit i think image

    Your meals sounds lovely. We have already chose and tried our and they are lovely. The guests have had a choice of STARTERS - Cheese & Bacon Potato Skins or Farmhouse Pate, MAINS - Roast Beef or Roast Chicken with all the trimmings, PUDDINGS - Sticky Toffee Pudding & Custard, Apple Pie & Custard or Strawberries & Cream.

    All this food talk is making me hungry xx

  • Wow ur food sounds lush too.

    No the feeling im starting to panic about money too image there are a few bits I can leave out but ideally I want it all...I need to start robbing banks hehe xx
  • Hehe. Thats what my OH keeps saying but if we only live to our means we will be able to do it. Just gotta tighten our purse strings. We will all get there, cant wait to see everyones pictures xx

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    If you've done save the dates of any kind (ours were through facebook!) getting invites out a bit later isn't a problem as its already in the diary. We're going to a wedding this weekend and the invites only came 6 weeks ago.

    We don't get to do a tasting as we're having afternoon tea in the day and BBQ at night so we don't really have choices to make. Your food sounds yummy!

    I am starting to feel very organised now but we only got engaged in October then set the date at the end of November so it's all been done in quite a short time without stress so totally doable in shorter timescales.

    The parent meeting went fine, phew! Was nice to have mum down and a chance to show her everything instead of just texting pics too.

    I made the decision to change my cake plans this weekend from doing 90 individually fondant covered iced cakes, to a more traditional 4 tier. I love the mini cakes but they were proving difficult and I don't want the stress a few days before, plus doing my cake is meant to be fun! The upside is I spent a joyful hour on Pinterest coming up with design ideas image

    95 days! x
  • Thats good u feel organiaed. I do and I dont. Good on u taking that decision about the cake I think sometimes we get swept away with what others will want or thibk but at the end of the day its our wedding day and we have to do whats right for us.

    Me and h2b have been together 13 yrs this year so our parents have met they dont really get on that well to be honest but dont argue either they have only met on a handful of occassions.. So glad the parents have met and its all ok carly.

    Thats one thing stressing me out about the day I dont think ppl will mix and mingle I think each table will just stick to themselves...hardly any friends and family know eachother xx
  • We have the same problem about people mixing but now partner has only a few family members we have decided to mix two tables of family together which includes my family  and his family as it was easier then sticking just his 6 family members on one table. I feel sorry that no of his family have bothered but all he keeps saying to me is that as long as i turn up he does not care which makes me smile all the time. Things are slowly coming together now. Its scary how close it is.

    Got a family wedding this friday and after it the next wedding will be OURS. so it looks even closer now xx

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    My OH is always worried about people mixing (or not mixing!) and his birthday celebrations are only ever with one set of friends so that he doesn't spend the whole time stressing. But, if nobody mixes outside of their group I don't think it will really be a negative as everyone will be having fun which will give a good atmosphere anyway! As a guest I much prefer being sat with friends - not because I don't like meeting new people, I really do, but because me and my close friends are spread across the country and beyond so weddings tend to be our opportunity for a catch up! I'm therefore trying to sit everyone with people they know but they don't all come in neat groups of ten so its not easy!

    Don't worry too much about your h2b's family, he will know better than anyone what they're like so probably enjoys being around your side anyway!

    Ideally, our guests won't go over 90 as I'd prefer round tables over long banquet style and 90 is max that will fit on rounds, but we invited 96 and only had 3 nos so far with only about 10 still to reply. Obviously it's great if everyone comes, it'll just mean some decoration adjustments!

    Lovely that you made your own confetti mrsclg2b image we went for Shropshire petals in the end.

    Adult bridesmaid dresses arrived yesterday, I've only got 2 grown ups, decided not to try and match them to flower girls who have little ivory dresses from monsoon. Got a couple of different sizes for each of them to try but neither will give in to not being the size they had in mind and are still dieting so it could all fall apart by July! Love your dresses Soon2bMrsYoung, they're from the same site as my wedding dress. Have you got bridesmaids mrsclg2b?

  • I havent got any adult bridesmaid just my two daughters as flower girls they are 9 and almost 3. Xx

    I think the same id rather sit with people I know although its nice to mix too. I dont mind if people dont cone but want to know not looking forward to chasing rsvps as im yet to get invites out. Like you said though I did send save the dates to all of the important ppl. Xx
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