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6th july eeeeek!!

Hello everyone!! Cant believe im getting married in 19weeks..... Any other brides share my date?? I have been with my h2b 12yrs. We have been engaged for 5yrs. Really excited aa this saturday I get to try my dress on ( alfred angelo Cinderella 205 the original) and then on sunday we are going to a special wedding ng service at the church where we meet all the important ppl such as vergers organist choir ect and hear reading hymns. It all feels so real now. I feel like I have waited so long image So basically all booked just need the money to pay it all off; im working 3 jobs now so that its all paid for! Would love to hear all your plans xx


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    Hey twinny - bit worried now, i havent got my dress fitting until May and we arent meeting the vicar until next begin of March.  I think i have pretty much sorted everything else, like you getting it allpaid off.  Just doing the invites at the moment i have been at them for the last three weeks, when are you sending yours out.

  • Hey!! Dont panic the vicar is just a general service for everyone getting married this summer...its like a social thing with a champagne buffet after not an official meeting for our wedding.

    Im sending mine out in april. Think thats a bit later than most people do but I sent save the dates two weeks ago.

    Starting to worry abit as only 19weeks and so much to pay for...will be worth it tho.

    To be fair we only booked ours in december..although its been planned in my head for so long. When did u book yours? In a way im glad I havent had to wait long but wish I had a bit longer to find the money as we are paying for all of ours ourselves.

    Niki xx
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    We booked last April, and i know the feelingin trying to get very thing paid for, we are also paying for ours ourselves.

    Its realt exciting, it is my hen party in 3 weeks!  God 19 weeks is that all it is!

    We are just planning our honey moon at the moment as we are travelling across america (route 66) x

    Where are you getting married xx

  • Aww wow that sounds amazing, would love to do something like that.

    We are having a week in south france, we have 3children so its more of a holiday than honeymoon but still can't wait.

    We are getting married in a church in godalming, and then onto a barn 5mins away, its lovely, how about you? Xx
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    Small village church and then onto a local hotel, we have two children too although they arent little anymore (17 and 13), so this holiday is just for us.

    As this is the first time we are both getting married i wanted it to be reallly traditional and have all our family there, my Nanna cant wait because it is in a church, most of our family have done civil service recently.

    I have found it is all the little bits and pieces that soon add up, but i am enjoying the process of planning.

    Hen party is starting to worry me slightly now as i dont know much about what is happening, i know when and where and that is it xxx

  • Oh really, that's nice tho but scary, have you got many on your hen? I'm not sure what I'm doing yet for mine..

    Mine are 9, 4 and 2, so still little.

    Our church is far from little and our guest list is v little so that's a bit of a problem, the church is lovely tho.

    I have found that too, when I did our budget I was quite suprised as it was quite good, only to realise I had not budgetted for my dress, the church or honeymoon ooops

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    I was the same with the budget and i really thought i would stick to it, but then i have booked things that i didnt budget for (photo booth and singing waiters), but we are saving hard and paying things off monthly so everything will be paid in full at the end of June, didnt want to start married life with debts hanging over us.

    Hen Party - there is 20 of us going, my MOH has organised what ever they have planned as i am a bit of a control freak! i know we are going to Butlins 90's adult weekend and there is a theme for fancy dress on the Saturday, all the girls keep winding me up and giving me clues but i have no idea xx

  • Ahhh that sounds fab my SIL had an 80s one at pontins, was good!

    Yep we are exactly the same, we started with no savings, so had to come to arrangements with caterer and venue as both wanted half upfront, but as it was 7months away and they wasn't already booked I managed to come to an agreement of certain amount a month and balance 2 weeks before, its going to be very tight but I think I can manage it. I was only doing 12hrs a week before but now I'm doing mornings at one job, 3 hrs in the evening 2 times a week and then my 12 hrs a week iv always done. A few said oh I wouldn't do that just for a wedding, but everytime I manage to pay something off I get such a buzz as I know I have earned it on my own image xx
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    I agree some people seem to have their own ideas on what a wedding should cost and how it should be, i just think im doing this once and once only, so i dont want to look back and think i wish i wish, we are saving hard for the day but at least we are saving.

    Must say i cant wait for my first wage after the wedding, i will feel like im rich lol image

  • Me too. Roll in august pay day.

    After speaking to you I bit the bullet and sorted my hen today image going to send details to my fellow hens later on...

    Decided on ladies night you get a 3course meal ladies only show. Disco night in a 4star hotel brealfast the next day then u have full use of spa and health club and a 25min beauty treatment for ??104.

    Excited now but its not until june 13th

    Have ur friends picked ur outfit for fancy dress?? Xx
  • Hello ladies! Reading about July weddings gets me even more excited than I already am!! We got engaged in September and getting married mid July. We have to have a whole day at church 'marriage class' in March before we sit down with the priest. My dress and the bridesmaid dresses arrive end of May so a while yet. Just sorting out the invites now and then the rest of the wedding still to plan! Very excited! x
  • Wow are you roman catholic? I'm a baptised catholic but the local priest wasn't willing to marry us unless my partner did the alpha course with a view to baptism and we decided it wasn't for us.

    Its very exciting to think that this is my last valentines as a girlfriend/fiance next year I will be a wife.... eeeeek.

  • My fianc?? is catholic but I'm not religious at all. The priest is still happy to marry us, he had to get permission from the local bishop first and we both have to go to marriage class. It's not really my thing but its important to my fianc?? and I knew that from the start. I'm not entirely sure what the marriage class will cover, I guess I'll find out next month!!

    It's very exciting to think next year will be a wife at valentines!! x
  • Catholic services are beautiful image not sure really I wanted tp do marriage prep but our church foesnt offer it image

    Let me know when you have been and wat its all about.

    I realy hope we have nice weather this year...

  • We get married in 120 xx
  • 101 days eeeeeekkkkk wow can't actually believe I'm getting married this year...before my next birthday I will be a wife image

    Hows the planning going?

    Iv done my centrepieces

    Ordered my invites..these need to go out tuesday.

    Also ordered table nos and all the bits to decorate them, I probably could of brought some ready made for the price but wanted to make something for the big day.

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    I know, can't believe in a couple of days we'll be in single figures!

    I wrote a list of everything that still needs doing last night and it wasnt as scary as I thought it would be so that's a relief!

    I'm picking up the Groom's suit today after a debacle of tying to order at the weekend - the groom's size in the jacket was out of stock and after a long and painful conversation with Next Customer Service, they finally told me the computer showed one still available in the Newcastle store, luckily best man lives in Newcastle so he was sent on an errand and success! Apparently they think its bad customer service to tell you where they only have one left in case you go and check and it's gone. Having explained that they were wedding suits, we could get all other sizes we needed and this was the last item, he still didn't want to give up the location! Seriously, hear my stress Mr Next!!

    Think I might have found the bridesmaid dresses too image Coast sale... Slight gamble as they are both trying to lose weight but think I might go for them anyway and cross my fingers, can always get them altered.

    Had my hair and make up trial last Friday too. It really has been a productive week!!

    We just have 3D cardboard table numbers, really need to decide what to do with them. You'll have to post some pics of yours mrsclg2b.

    What are your centrepieces like? xx
  • Our centrepieces are giant brandy glasses on mirrored plates filled with white and pink sweeties...hoping for jelly belly beans but depends on budget nearer time.

    Did you take pics at your hair and make up trial? ? This is something I need to get booked asap really...

    I have a dress fitting on 9th april...might get some pics taken...x

    Glad u sorted the suit last they are a pain in bum when your not face to face.

    Our table numbers are mdf goimg to paint cream and add pearls and crystals xx
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    Centrepieces sound lovely image

    Here's a ppic of my hair...


     I picked up my hair comb that day too and i LOVE it image

    I forgot to get pics of me in my dress image but should pick it u[p from the seamstress after the initial alterations at the end of May... not having it in the wardrobe has given me a few wobbles, keep looking at pics of it online to remind myself I still like it!

    I'm thinking of adding pearls to a pair of converse to wear at the reception - I know my limits and there is no way I'll last in heels all day - let us know if it's easy.

    I might try wrapping our numbers in twine, which would fit with the style, something like this...


     100 days to go ladies!! xx

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    woop woop 100 days to go xx

  • I am a 6th July bride too. sooooo excited. we are now in double figures. its gonna come round so quick x

  • Had my dress fitting yesterday and my dress fits amazingly....which is good as no alterations but have been going to slimming world and was hoping to lose another stone...but now I'm worried the dress won't fit me nicely if I do, if I could jusr shrink my arms I'd be happy with that as my dress hides everything else no back fat either image).

    Me and h2b started painting our table nos yesterday too, I am really happy with how they look too.

    Hoping a few more of my diy bits arrive so I can get some done while I'm off work for easter hols xx
  • Wow, everyones big days are coming together. Awaiting for the ribbon to arrive so that i can finish my order of services. Also waiting for the kids party bags bits to  turn up so that i can finish all of them. Have hardly any floor space in our bedroom as it is covered with boxed full of bits for the wedding.

    still awaiting the post with my dress hopefully it will be here today or tomorrow but if it arrived tomorrow i wont be able to try it on as OH will be home until monday image

    I have to do all my bits of an evening or weekend as i am a childminder. I dont have any weekdays off until the friday before the wedding so wanna make sure everything is done so that i dont have to run around like a headless chicken the week before the wedding.

    My sister is doing my tableplan and it is coming together nicely should be finished by monday. image

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    I know the feeling about no space left, i have stuff everywhere, i've nearly finished my favour boxes and last night finished my confetti envelopes, which i am really pleased with.

    Gonna start on the order of service next week after we have met with the organist to select the music we want.

    Also booked my dress fitting for the 18th May was a little worried about the time scales but now quite happy with this date as a few more weeks to shift a few more pounds.  Everything seems to be coming together nicely now and nearly all paid, cant wait for my 1st August wage all mine!

    Before we know it it will be the 6th July image

  • I know, i bits everywhere too will be nice to un pack it all and set it up and ahhhh not long eeeek.

    What have you put in kiddie bags?? I'm thinking of doing something similar as out of 75 breakfast guests 25ish are children. We have 3 of our own so want the kids to feel part of the day.

    Yes im looking forward to august as it means holiday and pay day woooohoooo.

    I have next week off then I don't have any days off until 4th july...I work 930 til 130 weekdays and then 8 til 2 weekends, only half days but I'm up at 6 everyday with the kids and don't stop til they go to bed at 730-8 so really enjoying my time off.

    I'm setting up my own reception tables ect the day before the wedding....are any of you?? Sometimes I think I may have taken on too much...I keep watching videos on youtube of how to tie chair sashes...mine don't go right though ha.

    That's a nice time for your dress fitting as like you say its a bit away so a few lbs can go but its also not to close to the wedding so that any changes can be made xx
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    When I first joined this forum I remember seeing b2bs selling extra stuff ahead of their wedding and thinking "how have they bought too much and changed their minds so much??" but we put everything in the loft so I know I'm going to get everything down and realise I've doubled up! I've also changed my cake design (to try and limit the stress the few days before when I'm making it!) so have a cake stand that won't be of any use now so I've done exactly what I thought seemed crazy!

    Having some dress wobbles at the mo, I think it's because I've left it with the seamstress so I can't try it on and reassure myself but I was torn between two dresses and I can't help thinking I went for the wrong one - they're very different styles!Fingers crossed that when I get it back, I'll be happy with it image

    We've got the majority of our RSVPs back now so I need to get on with stamping names onto luggage tags to attach to the chutney favours which double up as place names. When we get the last few, we can start designing our table plan - we're using a big blackboard so just need to think of ways to jazz it up a bit. We can then carry through the design to our order of the day which is also going to be a big black board.

    We're hoping to set up the afternoon before but it depends if the venue get a Friday booking - I hope not, it would be a bit stressful to have to do it the morning. We've hired bunting so they will be putting that up but we will be laying out the table runners, favours, centrepieces, aisle flowers (hanging jam jars from the ends of the chairs). I'm trying not to worry about having too much to do the few days before as most things should be done before then so 3 days before I'll ice the cakes, 2 days before I'll decorate them, the day before is getting everything to kent and (hopefully) setting up, plus that evening hoping to get my nails done at the hotel with a few girlfriends... phew, not stressful at all!

    The things we're stuck on are what to do with the iron arch in the ceremony room - just can't decide how to decorate it, we ideally wanted hops but we're not in the right season, even for dried ones. Also readings, my h2b wants them to mean something to us rather than just being nice wedding readings but so far we're struggling!

    My sister had two kids and one on the way in the run up to their wedding, I don't know how you have the energy! I feel like it's quite life consuming at the mo! I think we've decided to just do personalised colouring books and pencils, sweets in the jars instead of chutney and some wedding bubbles for the kids. I started getting a bit carried away till my h2b reminded me that our venue has a soft play barn, a park and a load of animals, plus we're having a photobooth so they don't actually need that much entertaining!

    Sorry, babbled on... I'm in the office and procrastinating, got a report I'm putting off writing and this is much more interesting to talk about!

  • Ahhh I no I want it set up the day before and a nice chilled evening with my mum and sisters but wether that will happen who nos.

    Your venue sounds fab for kids they will remember your wedding thats for sure.

    Readings are what im struggling with too image and at least one has to be religious as we have a church wedding but some of them are quite complex and I wabt one ppl can understand and possibly relate to us...I really wish I was a confident person as iv seen a fab funny verse called yes il marry you.

    Can I be nosy and ask what music ur having?? Xx
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    Yes I'll marry you is the only one we've liked so far image we might ask one our sisters to read that one.

    My sister has 3 kids and my other half's sister has 2 so it was important for it to be relaxed enough for them to enjoy it, i think there'll be about 12 kids altogether - plus my sister has already warned that my nephew will probably eat his button hole and Tom's niece has a habit of taking off her clothes ... so if we plan for relaxed and anything goes, it shouldn't be a nightmare, lol!

    We're going for modern  music - I'll be walking in to Take That Greatest day (I know it's a bit cliche but I love them and the song!), we'll have She Is Love by Oasis and The Sea by Morcheeba while we sign the register and we're walking out to Holiday by Madonna... bit random but I'm becoming Mrs Holliday!

    My sister had a church wedding (though quite a modern gospel church) and she walked in to the music from the wedding scene from the film, Braveheart - not exactly traditional but quite classical.

    Carly x

  • Aww your wedding sounds fab...ifbi wasn't getting married on the same day I might try and blag an invite lolimage

    Love ur music choices, very you...not that I no you but you have gone for not the usual if you no what I mean.

    I really want yes il marry u its fab but I just couldn't stand up and read it, maybe I could change the reading my 9yr old is doing haha.

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    Aaaah, thanks! I keep looking at everyone else's posher dos and have a bit of envy but while I'm quite a confident person, I'm not keen on the all eyes on me thing so we've gone for fairly un-weddingy wedding!


    I'm at my cousin's wedding this weekend, I'll report back about her music and reading choices! If we were in a church, I think I'd go for my favourite school hyms during the ceremony, jolly ones that everyone likes to join in with!



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