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I'm getting married in July 2013.. starting to wonder whether there is something i should be doing so thought i'd post on here!

I have Bridesmaid dresses/my dress (of course!), shoes and a necklace!!

Undecided now on what sort of bracelet would compliment this dress (Ellis 11135) and also whether a veil would ruin the look of the dress or not?!?!?!  Was also thinking about a flower in my hair - or maybe i could do both?! HELP!!


  • Hi!

    I'm a July bride too! It's fast becoming clear to me from looking on here that there's lots of things I still have to do.....trying not to panik'll all get done in the end!

    Your dress is gorgeous! I know what you mean about the veil changing the look, but I think that depends on the length of the veil and what look you're going for.

    Did you try any veils in the shop? Much of it is whether you're a veil kind of person or not I think - I knew I was as soon as I put one on, and I didn't really expect to!

    I think it would look really nice with a veil, as it would show off the sort of dramatic, opera kind of look it has (that sounds a bit funny, but I mean that as a compliment to the dress btw!) However, maybe not a full length one, as that might hide the detail on the hip/bum area. I wouldn't go for a lacy or detailed veil with that either, maybe something simple?

    On that note though, my dress has a beautiful back detail but i'm having a full (but sheer) veil that will cover the back detail, so that can be revealed as another 'layer' when I take the veil off after the ceremony (Not that I will ever want to take it off though - I felt like a proper bride with it on!!)

    What's your necklace like? Bracelet wise I'd go for something that fits in with that maybe?

    ANd I think a flower in your hair would suit the style of that dress down to a T With-or-without veil!!

    Hope that helps - all just my opinion of course!

    Enjoy your day! x

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