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Hen Doo Dilemma

(I am using letters as don't want to name names!) L has just messaged me to say that C is away for my hen doo and N has her 18th party same night so she is going to N's party and S is coming to my Hen doo. Saying its such a hassle that they're on the same weekend... Bit annoyed tbh as i'm sure my hen doo was organised first and I am only gonna have one of these. Wheres as birthdays are every year! I made such an effort to go to L's aswell- stayed the night in Manchester and it cost me around £100 all in all! GRRRRR STRESS!!!! Don't know why she's even telling me this coz she must know it's gonna stress me out and this is the reason why you lot are organising it all to begin with without me being involved! She's saying she wants to do a work night out on the 29Th June as a hen doo/ S's birthday/ N's birthday... talk about stealing someones thunder! Don't even know what to say to that!???


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