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our wedding photography has cancelled. He is due to have an operation two weeks beofre our wedding, he did say if we cannot find anyone else he would cancel the operation but I would feel awful asking him to do that. Has anyone got any recommendations for a photography in the East London/essex area.


thank you 

(July 26th)


  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    we are using Sam from Page & Picture. He is based in Brighton but he may be prepared to travel, I am not sure he will have availability this close but I can ask? if you PM me some more details? 

  • Thank you I have emailed them to try and see if they are available. Thanks you.

  • laurenVClaurenVC Posts: 82

    Bob Owen photography. 

  • google big day productions, a lot of people on here have been negative about them saying it's too good to be true but i got married on 2nd May and our photographer that they sent us was amazing and went above and beyond for us, definitely worth a look image

  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234 - our photographer, it is a pair but we are having Sammie on her own for our wedding as she is h2b's family member. Not sure if they are available but get in touch they do amazing work.  

  • try Claire Gill, very talented and she is looking to build her portfolio, so you may get a good deal.


  • FoxtrotFoxtrot Posts: 105
    We used Matthew Bishop Photography x
  • Hey, 

    More than happy to send my excel file of photographers and names. We were lookiing for candid/reportage style so if this is what you are after, then send me a private msg with your email and i'll send the list over to you


  • We would love to be considered? Please feel free to check out our website and if you like what you see give us a call! ????????????

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