I'm getting married on 25th June 2011

Hi ladies,

I know we had a thread with this in the I'm getting married in 2011 forum so thought I would start it up here!

How are you all getting on?

Getting closer and closer hehe!



  • 25th june.... 6 months from christmas! been planning since christmas day 2010... getting closer and closer xx
  • "been planning since christmas day 2010"... Hope that was a typo!

    Alls going well with my planning. I've sorted all the main stuff now. Just bridesmaids dresses and stationary to finalise. Going to chill out about it now until the New Year. I want to save some excitement for the run up to it!

    What's everyone still got to sort? x x
  • I'm hoping that was a typo as well haha!

    Not much left to sort then Bridenay! I'm the same everything sorted apart from bridesmaid dresses which we are going to look for at the end of October, that's when I'll be ordering my dress as well as I am on a weight mission at the moment! want to be a size ten when I order my dress, currently border line 12/14.

    I'm like you leaving the rest till the new year so I can have some excitement leading up to the big day!

    I'm hoping to go for our tasting meal in the new year in conjunction with H2B's birthday xx
  • I'm also a 25th June bride!

    Very excited - I've sorted my dress, bridesmaids, groom and his entourages suits, invitations, flowers, venue, registrar etc.

    Only got the little details to sort but there the bits thats driving me insane!!!! Trying to buy things / agree prices for everything before the VAT increase in Jan!
  • yes that was a typo! 25TH DECEMBER 2009! LOL!
  • Hi girlies!!! June 25th bride here down in Surrey. Got everything sorted just got to pay for it all!!! Going to order my supplies to make the stationary etc soon to keep me busy over the winter months!!! So excited and can't believe how quickly it is coming round. Been engaged since Valentines day 2009 x
  • ohhh, you all sound so sorted! I still have TONS to do and am just totally out of the wedding-planning zone at the moment!!

    What kind of day are you all planning? I'm having a vintage tinged village fete theme at a very pretty old village hall in Surrey. I can see it all so vividly in my head, just got to try and get it into reality!

  • How are we all getting on ladies??

    I'm getting there with it all just finding it hard visioning it all together! Going to order our cake on friday hopefully and then just bridesmaids dresses to get at the end of this month!

  • I'm the 25th of June too!!

    I think I have all the big thigs done apart from a florist, bridesmaid dresses and suits.

    I have been buying little bits and bobs but like you I ma finding id hard to picture it all together....I'm worrying I will end up this a mish-mash wedding image

    Whats everyones colours/themes?
  • Hi girls

    We haven't got a theme for our wedding but the colour scheme is pink and brown. Its a countryside venue and going for a natural look with hair and everything.

    We have sorted out everything, honeymoon booked too, the only think left to order is the rings which we are doing next week. Got to save lots of money now to pay for it all!!! x
  • hi ladies,

    im 4th june. my colour scheme is lilac and silver. not been doing much planning last few weeks. just want to enjoy christmas then get back on it!

    yes i too have been getting little bits and pieces. seem like everyone has sorted alot more than me feel like i still have loads to do!

  • less than 7months to go now ladies!!! really can't wait to bring in the new year and can finally say we'll be getting married this year!! Wedding plans have taken a back step now until christmas is out of the way. Although should be ordering bridesmaid dresses this weekend and then we're sorted image just the finer details to sort next year.

    How are the rest of you ladies getting on?? xxxxx
  • My wedding plans have been on hold recently as my lovely nana sadly passed away quite suddenly image

    However, I have started sticking my invitations together (I bought a printed / personalised kit) and they are looking fabulous...when should these go out?

    Only thing I really have left to organise is the cake, but I keep putting this off as Nana was going to come with me to order it. I am going to have to pull my finger out though.

    Flowers, dresses, suits etc have all been ordered. Its the little bits to go now, the decorations, favours, menu cards etc...I really hate doing the detail bits but there the bits thats really important to me so I am going to have to get some motivation to start it.
  • awww emmaelc sooo sorry to hear about your nana.

    I'm not to sure when invites should go out either? I was thinking the end of jan and have rsvp's back for end of march? then that's when we'll send evening invites out I think. DO you think that sounds a reasonable time scale?

    no rush for the cake, maybe ask your mum or someone close to you who knew your nan to go with you for a little bit of support. Remember she'll be with you with every decision you make image My nan passed away at the start of this year and really put me back as I never imagined her not being at our wedding but the thought of her being with me in spirit whilst making decisions etc has really kept me going.

  • Thanks MrsFielding, I think I'm going to take my grandad with me but want to give him some time first so will probably go and get it ordered after christmas.

    The timescales sound like a plan...I was kind of thinking along the same sort of lines to be honest! H2B better get his finger out and start making the evening invitations because they take ages!!!

    202 days to go, it will soon sharp be here image
  • emmaelc i am sorry to hear about your nan. big hugs.

    I have got so much sorted now it is scary!! I had my first dress fitting last week and it was absolutely perfect, I am so happy with it!!! sorted out veil, tiara and jewellery to now. I have been starting to wear in my shoes too to avoid blisters.

    We have ordered our rings and I am almost finished making our invitations now. Going to send them out in January so they don't get mixed up with Xmas!

    The only things left to do are to choose the grooms suits and to do things like the table plan, order of service etc but wont be worrying about that until nearer the time.

    Honeymoon is all booked I can't wait!!! I love wedding talk we need to keep this thread busy and start adding pics!! xxx
  • awww emmaele, that's such a lovely thought with your grandad I'm sure he will be really touched by you asking.

    Princess doris you are organised!!! image We've just ordered bridesmaids dresses this week so that means everything is sorted bar the honeymoon but we still can't decide where we want to go! No rush though we've got plenty of time to book it I suppose.

    Yep I agree I think we need to start sharing pics image Do you have any of your dress fitting princess doris?

    Here are my bridesmaid dresses (although not in our colour) will post more pics when they come in etc.

    looking forward to other peoples photo's image xxxx
  • Yeah!! I'm a 25th June bride aswell, so excited!

    Sorted my bridesmaides today so that's all the major things sorted. I just need to finalise the stationary, buy rings and buy my shoes in time for fitting. Currently buying the little bits on bobs. It's coming round soo quick.
  • Thank you Princess Doris!

    I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it all but can't wait for it to be here! I must remember to ring the bridal shop and ask about the bridesmaids dresses, I ordered them about 6 weeks ago and they were supposed to ring with a delivery date but haven't.

    When are you all having your dresses fitted? I have been advised by the shop that 6 weeks before is enough time so it will only need one set of alterations, but I'm flapping that's not enough time.

    Mrs Fielding your bridesmaids dresses are fab! Your bridesmaids will look stunning in them. These are mine, Alfred Angelo 7027 in Eggplant, the picture doesn't do them justice!

  • Hello ladies, I'm also 25th June, getting all excited that we're nearly down to six months after getting engaged in August 2009.

    We are mostly there to be honest, pretty much everything besides the invites which my BM is coming round to help me make on Sat as I have made a prototype that I like and just need to do it. I am also planning on making cake toppers of H2B and I so that is something that may take some playing with, I recently made some as a gift for a friends wedding.

    I had ordered my dress online from America in January so was one of the first things I sorted, I bought it too big deliberately as I thought it would be easier to take in than out, but tried it on with my Mum again today and she did the back up as tight as it would go and it only needs a couple of the hidden poppers moving and it fit really nicely. So now I'm all excited again!
  • 185 days to go ladies and I got a phone call last Friday to say my bridesmaids dresses have arrived!! Was so excited, taking the girls to try them on after the new year!

    Maris, you sound very talented! I'm useless at all things arty. I think I'm going to get our initials on the top of our cake, seen some gorgeous sparkly toppers in the cake shop a few weeks ago!
  • Emmaelc I love your BM dresses good choice image I'm sooo excited now! less than 6months to go! I can't believe how quick it is coming around! How much have we all got left to do? I'm going to start on the finer details at the end of jan image cannot wait! hoping to do my own order of the day as there isn't much info that needs to go on so seems silly paying someone to do them.

    Wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! xxxxx
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Hope you ladies had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I'm now starting 'operation wedding dress', not on a full blown diet but on a health kick to try and get myself into shape before the big day.

    Just started making the evening invitations tonight, done 15 in 2 hours, it's going to take forever but they look fab! How are you all gettin on?
  • gemcazgemcaz Posts: 5
    hi everyone im 25th june too!!!!!

    got nearly everything sorted but dont no when to send invites out! when do u think they should go out? i thought earlier then normal as it is summer time and people book holidays!!! stressed isnt the word lol x
  • Hi I'm new on this!

    Im a 25th June 2011 bride too!!! Yipee

    I have been planning since last year June, and just recently got a wedding planner. You would have thought I've done everything, but no way, I have still got a lot to do.

    Cant wait for the big day though!!! image

  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Ladies, I really hate to say it but I think I'm done! I really am quite sad about it, as I have enjoyed the whole thing.

    I've made all my invitations (need to write them out though), just last night ordered the last of the things I need for the table decorations (all i have left to do are order the flowers for the fishbowls). I have also ordered this cake (but with 3 tiers instead of two and purple butterflies instead of pink)

    I'm taking the bridesmaids to try there dresses on so we can make sure they fit before we get the final fitting done 6 weeks before. I'm all starting to feel very really now and I am so excited about it.

    How are you all getting on?
  • maris1111maris1111 Posts: 351
    OK since before now made all my invitations but now writing them, and now we're pretty much there with the big things, now its things like arranging who we want for certain smaller tasks, and what events are going on the day before, getting the boys to be around for suit fittings, need to choose my jewellery which wasn't sorted because my parents want that to be their contribution. Need to finalise arrangements with rooms, then deal with RSVPS and tastings etc. When is everyone else doing tastings?

    How is everyone doing with honeymoons?
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    I need to contact our venue about tastings etc as I'm not sure about it, all they have really said is that they need our numbers 6 weeks before!!

    I've booked our honeymoon, we are going to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. image
  • maris1111maris1111 Posts: 351
    Sounds lovely, we have gone for kenya beach break and safari, really excited. Looking at doing tasting in the next few weeks which is probably quite early for it but one less thing to do!
  • maris1111maris1111 Posts: 351
    5 MONTHS!!
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