11th June 2011 Brides

Woohoo FINALLY!!!!

Any 11th June brides out there?


  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    Me too, seems to be a popular choice of date for quite a few so far.
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    i think your right 11.6.11 looks good on paper I think :P Where are you getting married? have you done much planning yet?
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    Although we live 300 odd miles away now, our wedding is going to be near our hometown, at Caldecott Hall, Norfolk in their marquee. How about you?

    I've got venue, dress, flowers, chair covers, harpist so far and ideas on bridesmaid dress and our shoes. Very excited!
  • PBubsPBubs Posts: 333
    Yeay me too!!

    I originally wanted 4th June but another couple booked our venue for that date so I provisionally booked the 11th then they rang to say the other couple were cancelling 4th and did I want it and I thought no I like 11th June 2011 on paper!

    Plus my best friend is getting married on 11th Dec this year so I'll be six months later. We won't ever forget each others days!
  • woooo i'm a 11th of june bride just over 9 months to go. x
  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    Hey im another 11th june bride. Its great date! I have booked registry office reception venue photographer and have my dress!
  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    Hey im another 11th june bride. Its great date! I have booked registry office reception venue photographer and have my dress!
  • Hiya, another 11th June Bride here! I've booked pretty much everything, venue, registrar, got my dress, ordered the BM dresses, chosen the suits, booked the photographer, band, florist, cake, chosen our songs, started making our invitations.... booked a magician.. chosen the food... yeah I'm pretty much there!

    We are getting married at a venue in Devon, on the edge of a 734 acre lake image Very Very Very excited!

    And I've booked the honeymoon - we're going to the Seychelles for 2 weeks! image
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    Very organised MrsHunt2Be! I live in Devon but am travelling to our hometown of Suffolk to get married image Where is your venue?

  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    wow mrs huut to be so organised! i am now in a painc i havent done enough. We are getting married in a small registry office at 4pm with 27 guests then having tea and cakes then an evening reception with about 100 more guests and a 9pm buffet. Have also booked honeymoon we are going to las vegas for a week. (a wedding present from my mom)
  • Hi

    I am also a 11.6.11 bride. Things are finally coming together now got church, venue, catering, dress, BM dresses, cars, cake and invites sorted just need to work on the mens suits and flowers.

    I cant tell you how excited I am. Me and my H2B have started a fitness regime now and went for a run together but just laughed all the way round ( im not a good runner)
  • Our venue is Lakeside, Roadford Lake... it's just a function suite on the edge of a 734 acre lake! Here's a pic...

    We are getting married at 1pm, with just 20 guests, having a sit down 3 course meal and then the other 100 odd guests are arriving at 6pm so they can enjoy the lake and the views image

    And we're having a swing band! I love swing so very very much!
  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    Lovely venu mershunt2be x
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    stunning venue MrsHunt2Be! Wow!
  • Thank you! image Yeah it is pretty special. And also bloody cheap - room hire was only £350! Immense!

    So where are you guys all tying the knot? x
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    We are having the ceremony and reception at Caldecott Hall, Norfolk near our hometown of Lowestoft....bit of travelling for us to do a couple of days before!! Caldceott Hall has a permanent marquee set up for the whole day.
  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    we are haveing ceremony in the registry office and reception in civic hall at the back
  • helloooooooo

    im on the 11th too

    its defentley a popular date!

    so hows every one doing? ive nearly got every thing soughted just a few little things to do xx
  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    I have loads to do i am a very unorganised bride image
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    Sounds like everyone is pretty sorted! I'm buying my dress this weekend. Maria karin "degas" I can't wait!!!
  • I'm on 11th June too, I cant believe its been over 6 months since I booked my venue, time is gonna fly by! I still have DJ, flowers, BM dresses, and the mens suits to sort.. everything else is just about sorted. image
  • Hi

    Im also 11th June. Get married in Loch Lomond Scotland. So far have organised church, reception venue, dress, flowers and rings. Think im pretty organised but im sure ive forgot loads of things i need!x
  • Can't believe time is flying by so quickly. I've booked a meeting with my venue next month to pick our menu options and just about to order all my supplies to start making my invitations! image I've made up a sample already... when I get a minute I'll post a picture so you can let me know what you all think!
  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    cant wait to see ur invite mrshunt2be im cheating ordering mine off ebay
  • Ahh fair play though! Mine are pretty fiddly. I've just about finished the sample. I'll take a pic tonight and post it on here later. I've gotta use tweezer to stick on the teeny little diamontes. Well annoying! Worth it though!
  • Hello all fellow 11th June 2011 brides! I havent been on this in months and very pleased to see we have a June 2011 chatroom!

    Coming up to only 8 moths to go - how time flies! I have venue, band, photographer, cars, cake, my dress (arrives in December), mens kilts and bridesmaid dresses all done! Everything fell into place once I had chosen a colour scheme! Felt very organised until I made a list of things the other day and forgot all about the rings!

    You all seem very organised - especially MrsHunt2Be, I am impressed!!!

  • Hi!

    Finally got around to taking the picture of my invitations image

    What do you all think? The ribbon is actually purple.. came out looking a bit blue :S and then inside I'm going to sort out the ribbon so that the seam isn't right there.. and on the actual invite it has a quote on the bottom which I'm going to make darker because it's quite hard to read.. but I figured that actually I haven't done too badly considering I'm not a crafty person at all!

    Oh and underneath are the RSVP cards, Directions and also a little poem saying that we dont want gifts. In antique white, lilac and then mauve image

    That's the front of the invite

    and then you open it up to this

  • Cal86xCal86x Posts: 252
    Mrs hunt2be they are absolutely gorgeous I love the diamantes. I dont know how u have the patience well worth it tho The end result is beautiful.
  • Thank you! It took me 2 days to do that one invite.. but then I think once I get into a routine it'll be easier, and quicker. I've only got to do 60 invitations total so it's not toooo bad. Plus I've got ages to do them all! Oh and I was working those 2 days as well lol.

    Was a bit fiddly though.. the white strip on the ribbon is actually patterned paper that I had to cut with a guillitine so it was that wide and then wrap it around... lol! The things we brides do for perfection hahaha
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    MrsHunt2Be your invite looks lovely. I'm thinking of doing pocketfolds too - not done a sample as yet though. Are you buying and printing the inserts yourself at home?
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