Saturday 18th June 2011

Lets do it girls/guys.....lets have our own thread!!!

What's you got done, still to do?

We sorted suit hire on Saturday, i've since been told the bride shouldn't see what the groom wears, but i don't care! He looked yummy!!

Also, had to go back to the jewellers to re-order my wedding ring (again) why on earth can't they get my size right!

Oh well, at least i've got the time to spare!

Trying to get invites sorted next, my MIL will be making them for me image

HURRY UP CHRISTMAS (only cause i love it, then i'll be saying HURRY UP JUNE!)



  • Wahoo! 18th June thread!!

    I have still got loads to do really- booked churc, reception, DJ and honeymoon and that is it!! Although have gradually been buying favours etc! Maing invites shortly to go out with Christmas cards (love Christmas too!)

    Going dress shopping on 27th November, so very excited!!

    I am definitely going to see hubby to be try on suits- I know I shouldn't but I cannot resist!!

    Not long to go now and it will go by so quickly!! xx
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    It will, only 276 days to go!!! Not that i'm counting or anything....

    Ooooo love dress shopping, do you have any styles in mind? Who are you taking with you?

    I went and got mine in April! Ridonculously early i know, i just couldn't resist, we've been engaged since Dec 08!
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Yipee, I am also 18th June.

    My h2b works abroad so we had to sort quite a few things before he left the UK last month. So far we have sorted:

    - the dress

    - the church

    - the venue

    - bm dress

    - mens suits (although I did not want to see and have no idea what hes picked!)

    - catering

    - marquee company

    - entertainment (DJ & harpist and strings)

    - transport

    - photographer

    - centrepieces

    - invites & placecards etc

    Everything else is in the pipeline so will get these gradually now between working shifts and flying over to see him whenever I can, phew!

  • woohoo 18th June thread!!! took a while didn't it!! September has been a hardcore planning month for me! I'm getting married in the Lake District and have booked church, venue, hair and makeup, honeymoon, phootographer, videographer, the dress, bridesmaid outfits and flowers. Got all stationary to start making soon!

    I'm ridiculously excited...god knows what i'll do when it's all over. Waiting for xmas now for the real countdown...6 months!!

    it's 9 months today...gosh no getting pregnant for me....

    Leah xxx
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159

    Gosh, I feel totally disorganised compared to all you girls!!

    So far I've booked the chapel, reception venue and photographer. I've also bought my dress, tiara and BM's dress. We're making our own invitations so they're pretty much done, just need some finishing touches before we send them out at Christmas. I've almost booked a hairdresser and I picked up the lanterns I'm using instead of bouquets today. Getting excited now!
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699

    it's 9 months today...gosh no getting pregnant for me....

    Hahaha you know my mother said that to me!
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159

    We met with our celebrant last week and now I'm really excited! It made it feel so real seeing our ceremony come together on paper! The groom will pick up his wedding ring this week and I have to be measured again because my hands were too warm the first time. That must have been a first haha! Booked our hairdresser and received confirmation from the photographer too. Also booked our wedding car too. It's starting to feel finally like it's really happening!
  • woohoo! finally a june 18th 2011 thread!!! I am so excited!!!

    255 days to go! (Not that I'm counting or anything!)

    Here is what we have done so far:

    -the venue

    -the registrar

    -the dj

    -the photographer

    -my dress

    -bridesmaid dresses

    -bridesmaid shoes

    -started making invitations (Long way to go with those)

    -wedding rings

    looking at cars and flowers just now, got a quote from a florist which i really like...argh i'm just so excited! I am bursting at the seams already!!!

    Does anyone else feel like its just coming round so fast now! (me and my h2b have been engaged since june 2007 (will be 4 years to the day on the day we get married - 6 years together, 4 years engaged!)
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    It does feel like it's coming round really quickly! But then other times, it feels like it's too long away!

    We went to see the florist yesterday and it's made it exciting again (hadn't done much planning for a few weeks), they were so helpful and enthusiastic and I can't wait to see what they're going to come up with.

    It sounds like you're nearly finished organising Mrscullerton2be?
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    Yep, sorted h2b's suits on Saturday thats given my wedding mojo a boost, i'd been getting a bit complacent and well bored with all the planning!

    Going on a charity shop hunt at the weekend, for all things alice in wonderlandy for my theme!

    Yay coming up to the 8 month mark ladies!!

  • yeah we're getting there Tulli, feel like I am swamped with quotes from people at the moment and trying to decide on things but we're getting there for sure! image
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Ooh shem83, are you having a sweetie table? If so and youre having an Alice in Wonderland theme you would love the 'eat me' tags I have just got for ours from Etsy! Let me know if you want and i'll find the link. oh its all so exciting isn't it girls - not too long to wait!xx
  • Yay 18th June thread and even more importantly 8 months tomorrow!

    It's mine and h2b's six year anniversary tomorrow so we are treating ourselves to a meal out.

    We have most things sorted, my lovely boss who got married last month gave me 60 favour bags in the colour scheme (we had picked the same colours)for free on Thursday which was really lovely just got to buy the love hearts nearer the time!

    Only thing i really need to think about for now is my hair i'm clueless image
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    I'm clueless about my hair too! I've booked a hairdresser but have no idea when I should have a trial. When are you ladies having a trial? I've got some pics of hairstyles I like but I'm not really sure they'd suit me or that my hairs even the right length/style to carry them off. I think the hair and make-up is the thing I'm most worried about. I also bought a tiara when I bought my dress and I can't even remember what it looks like now! I'm hoping the shop will give me it in time for the trial, although there's no mention of a delivery date for that.
  • I was told by mine to book it in the new year for the trial 4-6 weeks before the wedding.

    i can't make mind up about my hair down with curls, think it may drop get messy and get in my way.

    May be worth checking with the dress shop, if your tiara isnt in by your trial they may loan your the display one to you
  • Woohooo how exciting...a June 18th thread.

    I've done OK, so far we have organised.

    Church and venue- booked last summer

    Cars- booked last summer

    Dress,shoes and accesorise- early this year

    Photographer- booked early this year

    florist- booked early this year

    cake- booked last year

    Still got loads to do we're getting the suits sorted and the invites ordered next. image

    As for babies we were trying for 6 months up until feb this year then had o put it off for the wedding so we plan to start re-trying in march/april next year. A very difficult decission to stop trying but one we needed to do.

    At mid thirties we can't afford to hang around imageimage

    Soooo good to have date twins
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    Nearly only 200 days to go!! Where have all the June 18th ladies gone? image

  • wahoo 200 days to go!!!

    Just waiting for our invites to be finished off so we can hand them out to family over the Christmas period we do our round of visits!

    Our cake topper is being made this week so i'm super excited about seeing that too.

    Just really need to start my diet again as i need to lose 2 inches off my hips before my first fitting in April, cross trainer here i come image

    *edited for spelling and grammar
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Yipee girls! And as soon as christmas has been I'm hoping it will fly by!

    I ordered h2b wedding ring today so that has excited me a bit as seemed to hit a bit of a lull but I've been told this was normal around 6mths before.

    Roll on the next few months so we can start dress fittings, hair trials, receiving RSVPs etc etc etc


  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    yeah, I'm struggling with a bit of a lull now too until the fittings, hair trials etc start. I can't wait! I keep looking for things to do in the meantime even though there isn't really anything else until nearer the time. image

    Our invites are going out at Christmas too, waiting on more scroll boxes to be delivered though - hoping they're going to make it here in time!!
  • im getting married on the 18th June 2011 too.

    wedding venue booked (whole day)

    registrar booked

    string quartet booked

    casino booked

    photographer booked

    suits sorted

    dress bought

    flowers and chair covers almost sorted ....

    This side of xmas i want to order the invitations ready to send in January and booked the florist image

    im worried were forgetting something...
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Yipee, went to bridal shop with my sister (my only BM) yesterday to order her dress! Can't wait until it comes in the shop.x
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    We picked up my bridesmaids dress yesterday!! Sister's now under strict instructions to stay exactly the same size until June image Picked out a flowergirl dress as well, she looked so cute! Just made me wish it was my own dress we were picking up!
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159

    Thought I'd share a picture of the bridesmaids dress, only mine's in a violet colour. Fingers crossed I've remembered how to upload pics!
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Aww Tulli, thats lovely. I was told to order my BM dress for my sister before christmas and it will be in before April. We wanted to leave it towards the end as my sis has recently had a baby and she wanted to get most of the post baby weight off before we ordered it, hehe. Since we are sharing pics here is a pic of my BM dress but it will be in a rose pink colour (light pink). We went for tea length as we are having a country garden themed wedding within a marquee.xx

  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    I love that dress Chezza!! It'll look really nice in light pink too. I know, we probably ordered it too early but I'm just impatient! image
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Aww thanks! No I agree with you, I'd have probably ordered mine earlier but my sister wanted to get her post baby weight off so felt I should give her the time, hehe!

    I'm so excited, nearly 6 months so go!!
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