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4th June 2011 Brides!! ;o)

Hi girls,

Thought we could do with somewhere to chat about our big day??!

I can't wait image


  • dattydatty Posts: 260

    i'm 4th june too, how are you getting on image
  • Hello, I'm also a 4th June bride - can't believe how quickly its coming round!! image
  • dattydatty Posts: 260
    I know it only seems like five mins since we set the date and it now only 8 months away, scary. OMG.

    How you getting on with your planningimage
  • I have been engaged for 11 months, seems like the longest engagement known to man, can't wait to get married now, only 8 months away! YAY!

    I am British but live and am getting married in Crete. Planning has been very hard work because things that are important to me seem not to be important here in Greece! They also think I am mad planning something that is still 8 months away.I am also hating being away from my bridemaids. But i will persevere!

    After much procrastinating I have decided on my songs today: Your song Elton John for first dance, I will walk down the aisle to Jose Gonzalez Heartbeats (because that actually is our song) and I have decided to have a father/ daughter dance and chose Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

    How is everyone else's planning? What do you think of my song choices? image
  • Hello Ladies,

    8 months to go - I am so excited!! I've planned lots of things already and have even had to build an Ikea "wedding" cupboard to put everything in!! I spend hours on this site reading the reports & getting ideas of things to do - Mr C just rolls his eyes at me. It's lovely to know there are some more 4th June brides here too.

    Where is everyone based? I'm in Leeds but getting married in Harrogate. xx
  • Hello all,

    I'm a 4th June bride as well. Getting married in Kent. Have most of the big things at least semi-sorted but the to do list is still HUGE! Argh!!
  • dattydatty Posts: 260
    We're looking at honeymoons at the moment and don't seem to be able to agree on anything.

    Rest of planning is going well apart from just found out usher wife is pregnanat and will be due if everythign goes well 2 weeks before wedding. just deciding if to charge him or not just in case she is late, dilema! image
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    Im also getting married 4th June. Cant wait ive sorted all big things(venue, dress, suits, cars etc) now ive just gotta wait til january to sort other stuff. ive got invites to do and its on a budget and DIY so ive just gotta look out for centre piece ideas etc. have ideas but nothing set in stone. It seems ages away but when Christmas is out the way times gonna fly by. Mr Fry doesnt like me talking about it all the time lol. i cant help it im exited!!!
  • Im June 4th too, and getting more and more excited by the day image

    I think I will be fit to burst by the time the wedding arrives, image

    michelle_stephens83... i really like the song choice for dancing with your father, its so sweet.

    Likewise, most of the important stuff has been sorted now, which is good! But once Christmas has been and gone the countdown begins, and it's quite scary! image

    Where are you all honeymooning? ...we just cant seem to decide
  • hey girls!

    I'm getting married on 4th June too image can't believe we've been engaged for over a year already!

    I live in London, but am getting married in France. We have venue, caterer, my dress and his suit, the photographer, and that's it! seems like there is still so much to do!

    at the moment, we're trying to organise honeymoon, we've agreed on one location, but we want to move around, so need to finalise where exactly!

    next headaches after that: bridesmaids'dresses and invitations
  • hi ladies im also 4th june!

    i am getting married in essex in my hometown. been a very long engagement. We got engaged april last year and set the date in march this year! so seem like we have been planning forever! now its getting closer its starting to feel more real!

    planning is going well, having a break from it all at the moment until after christmas. im sure time will really start to fly then!
  • 200 days ladies... eek!! xx
  • I know, can't wait till Saturday next week, it will be 6 months to go!!!!!

    how are you all doing planning wise?
  • Hey Girls!!

    im getting married on the 2nd June! is that close enough to the 4th??

    & i think im just realising that its gettig close!! scary!!! image x
  • I'm the 3rd - can I join in too! Everyone else seems super organised! I think I've got most of the big things sorted but not the details yet - just trying to get the invites made so they can go out at the end of Jan...
  • hello and welcome!

    we're aiming for end of January / early February too, but we still don't have one that we love...

    what have you organised so far? where are you getting married?
  • Hey!

    oh good i was thinking of sending out my invites end of Jan / early Feb!! how long should you give them to RSVP??

    ive organised all the big things, venue, transport, dress, suits flowers, photography, DISCO/DJ, chair covers, bridesmaid dresses ( althou that has been a drama!! image )

    i just need to order the invitations and decide on the wedding favours & gifts for the bridemaids etc and ill be abit happier!!

    im having a church wedding in our local church in Finchingfield Essex then on to Spains Hall in Finchingfield for the reception!

    where r all u getting married?? how r ur plans?

    Amy x
  • hi amy,

    I'm going to give people 2 months to reply I think, we're getting married abroad so I want to give people enough time to oragnise themselves. similarly, I'm thinking maybe shorter would be better, to ensure people don't forget to reply!!

    I have dress, venue, caterer, drinks, photographer, H2B's suit, jewellery, chairs, tables, and a jazz band for the cocktail, and we talked to the priest as well. we're looking at wedding rings tomorrow, so hopefully that will be sorted soon! I'm going home for Xmas, so am hoping to organise flowers, sound system (we're using ipod), wedding cake, and transportation then! (I need to convince my other half that a horse and carraige is REALLY necessary lol)

    However, I am struggling BIG time on the bridesmaid dresses - I have a budget of £100 per dress, and I want them in silk ,so I am really fidning it difficult - any ideas? where did you get yours? also, my bridesmaids don't seem interested: one of them said what she didn't want, and that's it, the other one says she'll wear whatever but when I show her designs she says no!!!

    we've almost booked the honeymoon as well, but one of the hotels is fully booked, so the agency is trying to sort out something, so annoying.

    other big headache - invitations. can't decide whether to do ourselves or use professional printer (it's a very simple design, but it's square, which is hard to find)

    so that's my status! still so much to do!!!!
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    I'm so glad other people are sending their invites out end Jan as I was thinking I was leaving it too late! We've got most things sorted but I'm also struggling with bridesmaids dresses, everything on the high street is now black or Christmassy so I might have to wait til Spring, but it feels like I'm leaving it too late.

    I also need to buy shoes and accessories for the day, I don't think I'm having a veil or tiara as I don't think it would suit me, although I'm a bit worried I'll miss out on the whole 'Princess' experience. What are you guys doing?

    Can you believe its 6 months tomorrow??? x
  • I'm not having a veil or a tiara either - I didn't like the feel of the veils when I tried them on - felt claustrophobic and just don't think I'm a tiara person. I think it's very personal and if it's not 'you' then you probably won't feel as though you're missing out on the 'Princess' experience if that makes sense.

    Invitation wise we're printing our own and they're square too - it's easy to stick the decorations onto the outside but the printing onto the square card is a challenge - it can be done but I won't say that it's easy. If you can get them printed then I think it would save a lot of hassle!

    The next big things to sort out are the actual giving notice, choosing and buying the rings (I still don't know what kind I want to go with my engagement ring!) and the menu tasting so that the options can go on the invites...oh and to finish the invites! But I keep telling myself that we're getting there, lol!
  • I know! less than 6 months now, it is going to fly by!

    I just bought my shoes over the weekend! so excited! it's a Benjamin Adams design. which means I have now my entire outfit imageimage

    I am having a veil, but no tiara. As penguin says, it's entirely personal! It's just that when I put a veil on I really felt like a bride, if you see what I mean.

    I know what you're saying about bridesmaids' dresses.... just fyi - if you do decide to buy it in a bridal shop, they usually require 4 months notice - so I am hoping to gather my bridesmaids in early Feb, to go through high st - hoping they have the spring collection by then, to give me the option of plan B - "offical" bridesmaid dresses... otherwise, i've founda few I like on etsy, so it might be an option too.

    invitations- H2B has made a design, but I'm not fully happy with it, which he didn't take so well! I hope he can see we're both supposed to be happy with them image I'll give him a couple of days to cool down and see.
  • of course you can join lol

    I know - i really freaked on Saturday!!!

    can I ask you girls something - are you changing your names? H2B is getting very uptight about it for some reason...
  • I'm changing my name - loads of people have got the same surname as me so I'm looking forward to being a bit different now...but for me it's also about becoming Mrs D. I don't know why it sounds so exciting but it does! Just trying not to think too much about having to change my bank cards, driving license, passport etc etc.

    Also trying not to get too stressed about what I still have left to do on the list - keep telling myself to do Christmas first and then think about the wedding in Jan...hopefully.
  • I always thought I'd have no problem changing my name, but I've had it for 32years, and it is very distinctive and unusual, so actually a big part of me... I also know that I will want to have the same name as my kids, but I'm finding it hard to let my beloved grandfather's name die...
  • Can you double barrel your name? Or make it into a middle name so that you still keep it in some form? I can understand that having an unusual and distinctive name makes it harder to change. Have you spoken about it with you H2B and your family?
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    I'm changing my name but only because mine isn't very interesting, plus as its my step-dads I suppose I have less attachment to it. I keep thinking when we have our first child I'll use my mums maiden name as a middle name to try to keep it going a bit - and yes talk of children is freaking H2B out!!

    Thanks for the tip about BM dresses being made Elsa, I hadn't realised they'd need as long so I think I'll use your idea and keep it open as a second option. Congrats on the shoes, I cannot wait to do that bit! What do they look like?

    Thanks for the veil advice, I think I'd have had one if H2B wasn't against them but that and the fact that I'm not really a veil person made up my mind. I might go for flowers in my hair and vintage diamond earrings (not real of course!).

    I'm just trying to get past Xmas too Penguin, although its approaching fast!

  • hi Penguin - no I can't, I already have a double-barrel name (since my parents' divorce), and it's incredibly long, and I already have 2 middle names from christening... so my only option was to keep one of my family names, but that's an option H2B is very much against...

    that being said, i remember when my parents divorced I didn't want to have a different name from my mum, so to be honest, I need to be consistent with that! so only option might just be to accept chaning name altogether.

    it just feels so weird after 32 years, and 10 years of careeer!!!
  • I know what you mean about changing your name after so long - I've had mine for 33 years!! I'm considering keeping my maiden name for work as I've built my reputation on it and I do like to keep work and home very separate in any event! There are quite a few people at work who have done that. You'll just have to do what feels right for you.

    Sorry to abruptly change the subject, but I came home today to an exciting parcel & H2B is out with the boys tonight so I have nobody to share it with!! The favours have arrived! We chose limited edition Jenny Packham pink cupcake design cancer research pin badges. It's one of a few little nods to my Mum who died from cancer 10 years ago in Feb. Anyway, they are pink, sparkly & look fab - my Mum would have loved them!!

    Hope the planning is going well ladies & you're not all too stressed with Christmas looming.

    J xxx
  • oh J, that sounds fab! it is such a beautiful tribute to your mum, well done!
  • welcome!

    tell me about it! we're actually considering buying our tickets for the wedding (getting married in France) - that's making it really real!!!
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