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Fri 17th June brides!

Anyone here?? Thought I'd start a thread for anyone else getting married on this day...just booked it with the registrar so v excited!! image


  • Aaah! We're getting married 17th June 2011 too! It's been booked for 2 years now, I'm starting to go slightly mental! Where are you getting married? How far along with the planning are you? Oooh, details!!! xxx.
  • Well - only just booked but had a major spanner in the works today and have now changed date to 6 May 2011!!! Very stressful day today (due to hotel having group booking for night before). Getting married in Inn on the Lake, Ullswater in the lake district. Now having a major panic as wedding in 6 months and have only just started with the planning. Gulp. How about you?? Am sure you must be well away after a year and a bit of planning image x
  • Hi, Im the day before, I get maried on Thursday 16th image I think I am te only one on here with my date
  • I get married that day!

    we had the date set for 2013 on Thursday we decided lets just go for it and get married sooner...argh this is soo out of character for me!

    this weekend I have manages to book the church, venue for our meal, another venue for a party that night, the band and an appt to go see a dress! I am very impressed with myself! lol sooo excited!! image

  • MrsJtoBe! That's so exciting! Oooh, I think the beginning of the planning is the most exciting! I'm just doing the finer details now, all the big decisions have been made!

    What colour scheme do you think you're going to have? Venue etc?

  • Hi Princess Sparkle!

    I am soo excited! I have booked the venue just having a small meal then a big party!

    I am thinking purple and white for my colours. Going to look at dresses next weekend I need to get a move on with that!

    how about you? have you got your dress? I just can't believe I am doing it! I am getting nervous already but more excited than that! image

  • Hi MrsJLotobe!

    You're doing the same that we're doing! We're having a small ceremony/wedding breakfast and then an all out party afterwards! image

    Purple and white sounds gorgeous! Will it be like a really strong cadburys purple? What kind of dress do you think you like? Or are you just going to try them on???

    I picked up my dress about a month ago so it's all packed and ready in our 'wedding cupboard' image It was tooo exciting as when I went to pick it up I hadn't tried it on for almost 18 months!!! (I started planning REALLY early!)

    I know exactly what you mean, it's nervous but excited nervous!

  • aww you are soo organised!

    yeah I want that type of purple.

    I am DREADING dress shopping I am a size 16 and I just think that I will look awful in the dress but I am hoping that I will find one that suits my shape I am not HUGE but I just feel nervous about the lady on the shop helping me into the dresses. Can you please give me an insight into what to expect when I go to the shop?

  • Yeah, a little bit... all of my friends are taking the mickey out of me! I've even bought a clipboard for the day before and the day of the wedding!

    It depends on the dress shop really, I've only been to three, one was dreadful, they had all the dresses in in a certain size and she stuck sponges etc down the back of the dress so you could kind of see what it would look like on, but the lines were all out of wack!

    The second and third were lovely, they had dresses in each size, if you wanted to try on one that wasn't in your size you could but generally they thought things out really well and had dresses that would suit each size and body type.

    I really wouldn't worry hun, it's a lovely experience, the women are experts about making you feel great about yourself! And even if you put on a dress that REALLY doesn't suit you, just make a joke about it, it's what I did image

    Good luck!

  • I got my dress!!!!!!!

    soooooo excited and happy! It was not as bad as I thought it would be at all they gave me a hoop skirt and I didnt feel as exposed! ordered my more lee 4709! firt fitting in march I actually cant wait!!

  • Oooh, I just googled that dress, it's GORGEOUS! I love satin dresses they just look so polished! xxx.
  • aww thank you!!

    I am very excited! also booked my honeymoon last week two weeks in Hawaii image can you believe it is 7 months tomorrow??!!!

    so excited!!!

  • Oh wow! We wanted to go to Hawaii too! (Well between Hawaii and Fiji!)

    Isn't it 7 months today? Or am I counting wrong? image

    Toooo excited! My hair extensions came today! (I want my hair down by it's not thick enough to get that gorgeous celebrity hair!)

  • lol yes it was I am getting all mixed up with the dates!!

    ooh what are you doing with your hair? my hair is the same its very fine but its ok because santa said he is bringing me hair extensions for Christmas!! image

    Just need to sort h2b's kilt the one job he can do himself! x
  • I'm not 100% sure but I've got my trial in February so I'll know for sure then, I'm either going to do very glam 50's style waves or quite natural wavy type hair but my dress is very glam so I want the hair to be quite understated! I am having a tiara and veil though image It's the only day you can do it without looking like a lunatic!

    Santa's a good man isn't he? I asked him to bring me my wedding ring!

    Awesome! The only big job we need to do is the mens suits too, but I don't mind when we do them, it's his one job too! Got our menu tasting and appointments with our various suppliers at the venue April time - then it'll be SO close! Invites are going out in December (posting them 16th so hopefully they'll get them on 17th!) Then I just get to collect the RSVP's (hopefully!)

  • Less than 7 months to go (although, 1 day less for me than you two girls.)

    Princess sparkle, do you have your dress?

    MrsJLotobe - gorgeous dress!

    I can;t find a picture of mine online because it is a design by the bridal shop, but its perfect and I love it.

    How we all feeling? It being under 7 months feels like a real short amount of time to me now, but then everything ias pretty much sorted so feeling a little lost for what to do.

    At the mo, im just obsessing about tiaras, that is my next thing to get. I want a vintage looking side tiara, but there are so many beauties to choose from.

    Are you girls having anything tiara/headband like?
  • I know! It's too exciting!

    Yep, I picked my dress up about a month ago after having waiting over a year from ordering it! I was soooo nervous! What do you think? image

    What type of dress have you got happyhappy?

    You know what, I'm exactly the same, we've been engaged for almost 2 years and everything was sorted 2 years before the big day so I know I've gone a little mental on what a lot of people consider the minor details... oh well!

    Are you having a veil? All the accessories I'm wearing in the pics are my real wedding things, the veil, tiara and jewellery! You should check out the website they're amazing and their tiaras are gorgeous!

  • Nooo! My photos didn't work image Any hints are appreciated! xxx.
  • Oh no, can't see the photos, where are they saved, maybe put the link for them on their, if they are on somewhere like facebook, just click on ' url' above, add link and then click url again.

    I am having a veil, a friend is letting me use hers as her something borrowed, its the shorter type ones with diamontes on the edging.

    I so want to see the pics of your dress princess sparkle, its amazing to see everyone different tastes and how different styles look different on other people.

    My ceremony is outside but we have an indoor option if its a bit chilly, wet or windybasically, any weather that is likely to frizz my hair about you?
  • Oh nooo! They're not on FB or anything (don't want to risk anyone seeing them!) Do you want to give me your email address and I'll send them over image

    Aww, sounds gorgeous! What colour is it? Mine's floor length and silver with a wired curly edging to match the bottom of my dress and simply COVERED in diamantes in a falling star effect which just means there are tons more at the bottom! (I designed it, can you tell?!?)

    I know exactly what you mean about peoples different styles and how they wear things!

    Aww, sounds lovely! We wanted an outside wedding but our venue wouldn't allow it, however after doing a bit of research I've found a photographer who posted pics of a wedding at the same venue with an outdoor ceremony! Ooooh! So we shall see! But we're getting married in June hun, it's been beautiful on our date for the past 4 years (our anniversary of the day we met so I always remember the weather!) So you should be FINE for an outdoor ceremony!

  • GMR2BGMR2B Posts: 73
    Hi Girlies.

    Room for one more?? I'm a June 17th gal and can't wait. Been 18 months in the planning and would love for it to come now! MrsJLotobe your dress is lovely. Mine is the Maggie Sottero Brittanya Lynette (with the straight skirt and not with the gathered skirt) and i'm having lace straps added. totally not what i had in mind but they always say that your dress is not the one you would think you would choose. My latest dilema is the bridesmaids dresses though. I'm going for sage green and ivory but can i find the dress!! BHS was the ideal dress in colour and style but the dress didn't physically fit my bridesmaids builds at all - so back to the drawing board! i'm on a really tight budget so don't really want to spend more than £150 a dress. any ideas?

    Would love to hear back from the 17th june club.

    Speak soon

  • Hi GMR2B!

    There's always more room in the 17th June Club! This is starting to be quite a popular date! Especially considering it's a Friday!

    Aww, I love your dress, it's stunning! The detail on the bodice is equisite! I love the bit of chiffon looping round too! Gorgeous!

    I totally agree with you, I originally went out to get a long simple lace type dress! And the one I have is the total opposite!

    Have a look at for your bridesmaid dresses hun, I got both of mine here, one was 160quid and one was 220quid but they're both full length satin ones, there are TONS of gorgeous dresses, there must be some in your budget? Do you want full-length or knee-length? Because if you had knee-length they'd probably cheaper still.

    Or, as another option, you can have your girls try them on in a shop to make sure they fit nicely then there are some online American sites that sell them for half the price?

  • princess sparkle, this is my email, I would love to see, could maybe try to put them on here for you......not too sure though. will pm you my details.

    Veil is ivory and I just love the droplet diamontes at the edges. I will have it low down on the comb, under my hair if I have my hair up, but then I never end up picking what I plan to for this wedding.

    Always room for more, I'm hijacking cos no one else seemed to be on my date, but I'm only a day earlier x
  • GMR2BGMR2B Posts: 73
    the more the merrier. happyhappybride2b what is 1 day?? x

    I did look on the dessy range but the only colour they have close to what i want is celedon - but that is too pale and makes my bridesmaids look washed out. so guess it is back to the drawing board!

    I'm looking for full length strapless dresses.

    I'm waiting for the new 2011 range to come out with BHS - the colour they have is perfect so hoping that they style will work. I know that this might sound a silly question but does anyone know when the new range comes out? It is normally before the new year starts.

    Failing that think i will have to have the dresses made but really nervous about that because i don't know where to start first with that!

  • Hi Girls!

    been so busy recently with my studying! lol

    Princess Sparkle a glamourous hairdo sounds like what I am looking for too! I will certainly be wearing my tiara and looong veil so excited! lol soo sad I am counting the weeks!

    Happyhappybride2b and GMR2B Thanks for looking at my dress I cant wait until the next fitting! so what do you ladies have left to organise? I keep thinking it will not be long till Christmas and then 2011 will be upon us! cannot wait! x
  • Girls!

    Happyhappy your veil sounds perfect! I've seen veils in the flesh with droplet edges and they are amazing! Will send you the photos in a sec! Everything I'm wearing in it is exactly what I'm wearing on the day image

    GMR2B - I'd imagine the new range comes out after Christmas, probably once the sales have stopped? Have you checked out Coast? I know they had some dresses like that in the summer, they might have some sale ones knocking around? What you checked out styleshake online? You can design your own dresses? Might have the colour you like! image

    MrsJLo - Got to love the glam! This is the only day we can go true glam so why not eh?!? Was looking at hairdos today - oooh I haven't got a clue really!

    As soon as it's 2011 I'm going spontaneously combust and possibly pee my pants with excitement!!! xxxx.
  • just think girls, on the day you all marry, I will be a mrs and shattered from the day before, and probably jealous that my big day had just finished.

    I am pretty organised, I only really need to save now and pay for alterations, tiara, jewellery, make up and lingerie.

    Oh and some gifts for mummies xxx

    how about you girls? x
  • I am posting these photos for Princess sparkle, as she was having problems posting them.....unfortunatly, this is her, not me, I'm sure she would love to hear what you think, i am sure you will agree it is a stunning dress and all the trimmings!

    Lets hope it works for me now!xx
  • We'll all have to agree to come on here over the weekend and share whatever Wedding pics we have so far! After we get married we've got the whole weekend to look forward to!

    I've just got my hair and makeup trial in Feb, then our dinner tasting in April, a few last minute appointments with suppliers in April, photographer etc. Yeah, I'll probably buy the gifts in Jan, going to try and get bits in the sale! Ooh and I need to get my shoes dyed white as well, will probably try and do that soon!

    Thank you for posting the pics happyhappy! And thank you for the lively comments image

  • Awww princess sparkle you look beautiful! (this is Mrs JLO2B Changed my name)!

    I like your tiara and your necklace too!

    Happyhappybride2b is there no dresses in Debenhams or monsoon that are suitable for your bridesmaids?

    I dont have too much left to do just minor details then I need to meet everyone 6 weeks before 4 weeks before 3 weeks before etc, thats when the bank balance will take a nose dive! image

    I think its great getting married on a Friday lol I have saved so much money having a mid week wedding! and we are flying off on our honeymoon that weekend! 8)

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