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Right Junies, do we all have a first dance picked?!

Just wondered if we all had a first dance picked? Ours is adele "make you feel my love" which we had picked BEFORE it was on xfactor last week!!! Grrr!!


  • Yeah - we're having the Sinatra version of 'Blue Moon' sung live by our swing band. I used to sing it to my H2B when we first met
  • double post - sorry!

  • Brill. If I'd sung to my H2B when we first met we wouldnt be getting married!! image
  • We are having 'This Years Love' by David Gray.

    Are any of you ladies learning a dance to your songs or you just going to sway?


  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    We're having Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Just think the lyrics are lovely.

  • Im going to sway - no doubt in the wrong direction!!

  • Oh and I love Chasing Cars x
  • MrsC_2BMrsC_2B Posts: 196
    I think we're also going to have Adele! It's such a lovely song. My H2B doesn't like any of the same sort of music as me so it's completely down to me. We might learn a dance - if I can persuade him! But doubtful, so probably will be swaying!
  • We're having 'Right here waiting for you' by Richard Marx, H2B wants us to learn a dance :S I'm not one for people looking at me so to do a dance as well seems a little daunting.....we'll see! xx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    NOOOOOOO...this is one of the hardest parts of our wedding planning as we cannot choose one at all, arghhhhhh!x
  • I can't choose either!! its so tricky, and i know theres loads of time left, but i reckon i'll still be undecided a few weeks before! I originally thought of ben E kings 'stand by me', gavin degraws 'more than anyone'. I've also (since been watching xfactor) would like 'just the way you are' but actually matts version. So confused!!
  • keep changing my mind, but at the min i am pretty sure we will have sway by bic runga, before that it was iris by the goo goo dolls x
  • We've changed our minds so much girls, but at the moment it's going to be The First Time (ever I saw your face) and we're going to have the version sung by Matt Cardle as it made my H2B well up! image

    But some of the songs we were going to have...

    Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars!!! Love it!

    Dean Martin - L-O-V-E

    And we debated on This Years Love too! I ADORE the song! But I think we'd have it if we hadn't been together very long, you know? It'll be 5 years on the day we get married so it's not really for us image

  • We are having Lonestar - Amazed! We had this at our engagement party to, so think we should carry it on plus I love the lyrics.

    We will most certainly be swaying as I have two left feet and so does H2B image
  • We are having Dr Hook - Years From Now.

    We just need to sort the music for the ceremony now xx
  • We have so many songs in mind can't pick but...

    Kings Of Leon- Use Somebody.

    Maybe our chosen song but we both love so many other songs!
  • That's interesting MrsVMarshall2B! I'm debating on ceremony music too! It will be something contempoary though as I don't do classical music! What are people doing for music in the ceremony? Live people or CD player/iPod and if you are having them, who switches them on and off etc? Do we think the registrar will? xxx.
  • GMR2BGMR2B Posts: 73
    we are having Al Green 'Lets Stay Together'. H2B chose the song - which suprised me. I did mention the possibility of going for a dance lesson (not to learn a routine but just to learn how to dance full stop) but his look said it all - so that is a big fat NO! x
  • We're having Rod Stewarts version of 'have I told you lately' cos my H2B has sung it to me since we got together. We'll be swaying too image
  • Inneed101 - I'm walking down the aisle to Use Somebody!

    I'm sorry girls - I went to a wedding reception on Friday, and they did 'the sway'... and I remembered just how BORING it is for your guests!

    So we're doing a proper dance LOL! Luckily one of my best friends used to dance so is going to choreograph and little routine (nothing too fancy!) and it will proabably finish with the sway!
  • We are having Better Together by Jack Johnson i think. H2B chose it so it's top choice for now. One of my bridesmaids is a choreographer and is teaching us something. Nothing spectacular just nothing too boring and uncomfortable asMrsHunt2be said.
  • im just going to do - Bride and Groom sway for a bit, then mothers and fathers are called on the dancefloor some way through the song, then the rest of the couples in the room are called on the dancefloor. Means all eyes arent on us for the whole 4 minutes!! image
  • we're having "all you need is love" image
  • Also having better together....I think, we have changed our minds back and forth lots! H2B had the album in question and likes the idea. We seem to be mostly sorted for the ceremony music too...
  • hi ladies, am loving this thread, giving me lots of ideas as I am really stuck. H2B doesnt like any of the ones i like (adele, ellie Gouldings Your Song) and I dont like his choices (mainly because if he listened to the words he would realise that they are about break up's - nugget!!). Will be spending many a hour of you tube me thinks....and dont even get me started on the ceremony music!!
  • PBubsPBubs Posts: 333
    We can't decide, too many good options and wanted to go for something a bit different.

    Truly Madly Deeply or I knew I loved you before I met you by savage garden as we met on the internet so it's quite apt.

    My bestie recently had 'and then he kissed her' which was super fun and a bit more upbeat image

  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    This has probably taken the longest thing to choose for the whole of the wedding planning, hehe! But think we may have finally decided on the slow version of Cascadas, Everytime We Touch. God knows how many time we may chance our mind in the next 5mths though, hehe.x
  • gemsypgemsyp Posts: 18
    I think Im having "Faithfully" by journey, but keep changing my mind! I also love Empires by Jimi Jamison. Quite different to most people's choices I know!
  • Our song is lonestar amazed but felt people would expect this... So we have decided to have Bryan Adams I'll always be right there

    The lyrics are just beautiful x
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    Keith Urban - Making memories of us. Its gorgeous.

    I'm a huge country fan (yes really!) We're walking out of the church to some Johnny Cash!
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