I've just booked our honeymoon!


I have to share my excitment with someone! I've just booked our honeymoon. We bit the bullet and decided on Mexico, I no it's hurricane season when we go but we are not going to let that bother us and enjoy the whole experience as its someone neither of us has been.

where are you ladies off too?

Emma x


  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Well Done, its very exciting isnt it!!

    Following the wedding (well 2 days after) we are going for two nights to a lovely cosy little Boathouse in the Lake District. Then I will be moving out to Qatar (a country near Dubai) to join my husband where he has been working and we will have a longer honeymoon from there, hopefully to the Maldives as it is only a 4hr flight from there!!

    Hope you have a lovely time, I'm sure you will.x
  • oh lucky you! I woukd LOVE to go to mexico! What part of mexico are you staying in?x
  • Oh how exciting! Bet Mexico will be fab! We're off to the Seychelles a couple of days after the wedding and I'm SO EXCITED!
  • Yay! must say it has been one of my favourite wedding things to do image

    We are going to Eygpt for two weeks all inclusive so i'll return like a football image
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    mexico is awesome!! we got engaged in mexico and are going back for our honeymoon.. giving ourselves a little bit more luxury for the honeymoon tho - be rude not to! where abouts are you going? i cant recommend cancun enough, though the other parts are equally as excellent! also, thoroughly recommend a trip to Isla Mujeres if you can.. maybe stay a night or 2, as its the most stunning island, about a 45 min catamaran trip away.. without a doubt rivals the smaller island resorts! best of all worlds in mexico! we went in may, just before hurricane season, and we had about 2 hours of rain in 17days.. tho to be fair it really bucketed it down.. but as soon as it stopped the weather was straight back to its best!

    aww.. hope you have a brilliant time! xx

    MrsVMarchall... which part of egypt are you going to? egypt is getting the only 7* hotel outside of dubai shortly in Marsa Alam - where we stayed last year. it too is an absolutely stunning part of the world! xx
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    oooh all so exciting me and my h2b are off to vegas for a week can not wait!!!
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Maldives was my first choice but as our holiday dates were so restrictive we had to go with the destination we could get to rather than first choice, but I am happy with Mexico. The seychells and Vegas were also on our list but again with dates due to H2B work commitments we couldn't get to them.

    We are staying in Playacar / Playa Del Carmen. It looks amazing, we originally thought about going to the Dominician but there didnt seem to be that much to do and although we both love to lay round the pool, we also like to do some excursions...I really can't wait to go, although we don't got till 4 weeks after the wedding, it will give us something to look forward to when we have the post wedding blues!!
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    wev been to both dominican and mexico, and mexico is by far the best place as far as im concerned. we stayed at the #1 ranked hotel on trip advisor in dominican and its not a patch on the mexican hotels.

    you are staying in a quieter region, tho a short taxi / bus ride into cancun which is thriving.. great shopping which you dont expect, bars, restaurants to suit all budgets, bars, nightclubs.. and your perfectly placed for all the excursions.

    honestly, for tranquility and absolutely stuning views, white sands and cristal clear water, isla mujeres is a must excursion if thats what you like. where do you normally holiday?

    i sound like an over excited child with this i know, but i cant speak highly enough of it. we have holidayed all over the world and find mexico absolutely stunning. it has anything you could wish for, for any kind of holiday. x
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    We've been to Cyprus, Majorca, Turkey and Greece, the usual holiday resorts but as it's our honeymoon thought we would do long haul and go somewhere special.

    Thank you for the suggestion, will check it out. Mexico really does sound amazing, the more I read about it the more I can't wait to get on the plane!!
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    its not very english.. we hate brits abroad - its cringeworthy! so if you fancy the beer & football thing you will probs have to go to cancun, unless your hotel has got something like that in it.. where are you staying? we find that we need to have a good shopping trip / football / movie on holiday in order to not kill eachother, and our honeymoon will be no different!! if you are all incl, as part of your excursion to isla mujeres, you can do dolphin swimming, snorkelling in a conservation area of the carribean sea and have a lunch in a 5* hotel.. we checked out all the other holiday providers excursion books to make sure we were getting a good deal! 8) im so excited for you! haha!!
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    That's excellent because I definately want to be away from as much english, beer and football as possible (the other half may feel different but we are not there to drink beer and watch footie, so it will be banned)! image

    We are staying in one of the Riu hotels in Playa del Carmen on an all inc basis, not too sure what it's called but it got quite good reviews on tripadvisor.

    I think I'm more excited about mexico that I am the actual wedding image
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