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woo hoo

we are all getting married THIS YEAR!!!! is everyone getting excited? I really cant wait just doing some little bits this month how are we at the organising?


  • yeah! I love saying "I'm getting married this year" image

    I have lots of things on my to-do list: invitations, finding the center pieces (florist can't source the fishbowls I want), groomsmen outfits, transportation, BM dresses, order of service.

    It feels like I've been thinking about it for months though, so hopefully will all come together quickly!

    how about you?
  • helenlouhelenlou Posts: 318
    im excited/crapping myself,lol. soooooooooo much to do and not that much time really.And theres the money, which is soon adding up. Just ordered my shoes though, yey.
  • well iv got the big things all sorted i think! im just worried ill forget about something. iv got to pick a florist, save the date with the balloons h2b needs to sort the kilts and im just making the invites now! im not sure if i need an order of service cos we are having a huminist ceremony.

    Its so exciting! image i think its tiring me out and i thought that the bridesmaids would sort out the henny but it seems they are not much good at comunicating!
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