Everything seemed to be going well. Then last night I had my first anxiety dream - dreamt that my wedding dress arrived and it looked like a pantomine dame's outfit complete in extremely bright colours and no-one would listen that that wasn't what I'd ordered! image

However, it seems the dream was an omen...because I came home from work today to find a letter from our photographer, complete with a cheque for the booking fee, telling me that they had to cancel our booking as they had double booked!! With 6 months to go!! Most of the photographers were booked up for our date when we found him nearly 3 months ago and everyone else was way over our price range. Really annoyed!! I'm more annoyed that they didn't even have the decency to call me and let me know, just sent a letter dated the 26th of December which has clearly been lost in the post.


  • how annoying, did they not let you know who had booked first etc???

    get looking on here sure the girls will be able to help you with some recommendations. which area are you from ???
  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    Yeah they just said that they had been reviewing their bookings for 2011 and 2012 and realised that another booking for our date this year had "inadvertently" been filed under 2012 and because they had actually booked before us then it meant that they could no longer honour our booking. I understand why we would have lost out but I still think it's terrible to leave us this long without telling us about over the phone at least or even recommending someone else. Maybe I should be grateful we lost out if this is the kind of thing they do! We're in Perthshire, so I've posted it in Scottish Brides too.
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