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Hi Junies

Just wondering when are you/when did you send out your invitations and what RSVP date have you given?

thanks image


  • I'm sending mine out this week. Was going to be the beginning of feb but my cousin is getting married this year too and she's sending hers then so I thought I'd send mine early so they don't get forgotten. RSVP date is end of April xx
  • I'm meeting the printer to get them printed next week - we've designed them ourselves, very exciting! Intending to send them out at the beginning of Feb with an RSVP date of mid April (we have to confirm final numbers to the caterer 6 weeks before the wedding)
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    We get married end of June and we will probably send ours out Feb/March and have an RSVP for beginning of May as we need final numbers 6 weeks before.
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    We are sending ours out around the 3rd-last week in feb with an RSVP date of 1st May. My h2b lives and works away but has leave to come home 18th - 25th feb so we will probably do them together during this time and get them sent out so at least then we have done them together.x
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    We plan to send ours out mid Feb with mid April RSVP date. x
  • Thanks for the replies ladies, the reason i asked is ermmm well i still havent even got any invitations!! arrgghhh. image
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    I've made a sample as i'm getting pocketfold invites from PDA crafts, will be ordering them this weekend and printing them in time...
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