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Anyone else waiting for spring/summer colours?

I'm still stuck and unable to progress on the colour scheme as am waiting for the spring / summer colours to come into the shops so I can sort out the bridesmaids. Anyone else in this position? Was thinking sage green, but Coast only has one green dress at the moment, and Monsoon none!

It's making me very nervous.


  • Yes! I'm after nearly the same colour - either a sage green, or a minty green- but can't seem to find anything. I don't like the Coast sage dress and apart from that I've found nothing on the high street.

    We went dress shopping on Saturday and I found a Dessy colour I like (Meadow) but not able to see the actual dress that the bridesmaids like in the colour which is frustrating. Not sure whether to bite the bullet and order the Dessy dresses or take a chance on the high street happening to think green is on trend?!
  • I wouldn't jump in and order dessy. I was tempted by them but got through some swatches and the colours were completely different from the website.

    I would go and have a look around the bridal shops though. I mean, they can order dresses in in any colours, and you can have a look at the swatches and then you don't need to worry about waiting until the colours are in! x
  • Hmmm, they had swatches in the shop and it seemed pretty much what I'd expected from the website but it just seems a lot of money for what they are. Also, we all said, in what other situation would you ever try on a dress that was 3 sizes too small so it doesn't even do up, in a different colour, and then say "I'll take it - just order me 3 sizes up and in green?"!
  • Unfortunately that's the way it works with bridal shops. Didnt you have to do exactly the same with your dress? I know I did! My bridesmaids did get into their dresses but one of them had the old cushion down her back trick lol. And they tried them on in completely the wrong colours and I ordered off swatch.

    If you've seen the swatch with dessy then I would go for it, my main problem with them was that the swatch was so different to the website but thats not really relevant in your case xx
  • lol No, my dress fit perfectly so I didn't have to envision at all!

    My Mum is desperate to go shopping today, so we're off on a sage green dress hunt in every department store - will post back if we find anything!
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    You could try doing a search in google images for sage green dresses. I just had a look and there are quite a few there. If you click on the image it will take you to that particular web site. xx Good luck with your shopping
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    My bridesmaid dress isn't a summer colour, but we have ordered it in a different size and colour to what she tried on. I'm not worried about it as it is pretty norm, but yes i agree you wouldn't normally do that day to day!! Hope your shopping goes well today bubblegum_p x
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    bubblegum_p, the next post i stumbled across after posting the above message is based on a sage green theme conversation...

    ...thought you might like to keep an eye on it! x
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    bubblegum_p, the next post I stumbled across is based on a sage green theme conversation, so I thought you might want to take a peek:
  • Thanks drbjme! I've decided to just go for it and order the Dessy and save myself the stress! We trawled all of Reading on Saturday and found only one dress in the right colour that was just not nice and was completely vetoed by both me and my sister (think my mum was the only one keen on it!)
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