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Big things left to do?

I've stolen this from another big day thread as it made good reading. What big thing is on your mind to sort/do before the big day? For me this is booking a band. We have found a few are available recently but need to made a decision and book one!



  • TulliTulli Posts: 159
    Mine would be organising the food and the timing of the day, although if pushed I could also give you a list of all the hundreds of other little things that are on mind! image
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    currently I'm consumed with finishing my invites before I send them out in feb

    Here's the initial idea...

  • Mine is my hair! I think I've sorted what I want... but I'm just not sure and well, I dunno. i think if I just leave it hopefullly my subconscious mind will think of what I want and I'll wake up one day and just know!

    Oh and I need to sort out meeting with the photographer at the venue and going through potential photo places etc! xxx
  • Mine is the hair too - keep wavering between having it up or down. Leaning towards down as I love the tumbling curls look, but my dress is strapless and it would definitely suit the dress more to have it up.

    Lots of DIY decorations bits to make for the venue too, but looking forward to some crafting on Saturdays image
  • for me, biggest things are :

    wedding rings - we've planned to go this weekend,

    book best men suits (although we know what we want),

    do the order of service & choose the music for church,

    choose music for evening,

    organise transportation.
  • I still have...

    Wedding rings to buy

    Sort out invitations

    and.... I still am yet to buy my outfit!! (but i have a big shopping spree in India organised but have totally no idea what I want!!!)
  • I have so much to do

    The invites

    Hair and make up

    Order of service

    Table runners

    Sort out flowers

    Bridesmaid shoes

    Flower Girl dress

    Car our one we had booked died lol

    place names

    dress haven't been for a fitting yet its being made from scratch

    gift list

    OMG i feel sick

    Can someone help me please
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    Hey ladies,

    so glad its not just me with so much still to do. My biggest panics at the moment are:

    Shoes and jewellery (I just can't make up my mind)

    Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses/shoes/accessories

    Harpist for the drinks reception (this was H2Bs job but it still hasn't been done!)

    And a million smaller things. Also, all the things I thought I'd already sorted (mainly hair and make-up) I'm now questioning. I'm even starting to have wobbles about the dress.

    I'm starting to think I'll never sleep properly again!!
  • Hello ladies,

    Our wedding is on the 2nd June and ive stil for a fair bit to do.

    Wedding rings

    H2B's shoes

    My underwear

    Meet with florist for exact requirements

    Menu tasting

    Order or service to be confirmed & printed

    Table plan to be organised and confirmed to stationers

    Got my dress fitting on 3rd March

    Pick a 'filling' for the favours

    Necklace & Earrings for me

    Find the money to pay for it all lol

    Cant wait!!! image xx
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 376
    We've now booked a band at long last, and we bought our wedding rings yesterday!

    We still need to mainly:

    Confirm the service

    Pick Gift List items

    Arrange table plan, write place cards and menus

    Have Suit, Bride and Bridesmaid fittings

    Confirm finer details to Cake, Florist, Photographer, Chair covers, Harpist and band

    Decide on my hairstyle

    Bet there are more things that i'm not thinking of right now!
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    I bought my shoes yesterday - a small thing but its been really bugging me so I feel loads better!
  • Oh my, I've loads to do:


    Best men suits

    Bridesmaid dresses

    Groom's shoes

    My jewellery


    Hair and make up

    Finalise flowers with florist

    Meet with caterers



    Table plan


    Plus lots of little things!!!

    Think I need to pull my finger out. Only 114 days to go.
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