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Any Catholic Services struggling with hymns!

Hi Girls!

not long to go now!!!

I am currently struggling to decide on hymns! Silly I know! I'd appreciate any help on this! I love Morning has broken! SO this is definately on the list image


  • Hiya, haha that was my big task last week!

    The definites we have so far are 'be our chief guest lord' (to the tune of morning has broken, I really like it!) and 'make me a channel of your peace' still not confirmed the 3rd yet altho 'lord of the dance' is a possibility.

    Have u looked at readings yet?

    Really not long to go at all yikes!!! What date ru?
  • HEHE!!

    Well I spent the afternoon with my sister discussing it as my parents and my sister have both been married in this church under the same monsignuer... lol I want my sercive individual!

    1; Lord Of All Loving (Sisters choice, one of father Tony's Favs)

    2; Bind Us Together (my mum moaned and said nobody would know it. But I love it!)

    3;Shine, Jesus, Shine! Or Seek Ye First!

    I'm still undecided and will be arranging a meeting with father tony to discuss these!

    I am getting married on Friday, June 10th imageYou???
  • good thread! I'm getting married on June 4th, and this is next on my list! I'm meeting with priest at the end of March to show him and get his approval.

    as soon as we have a short list, I'll share!
  • Hi ladies,

    I only have 8 weeks to go so have done pretty much everything now.

    I can't remember the name of our first hymn as it was written by our organist but tis lovely.

    2nd hymn - let there be love

    3rd - This is my body

    Final - JerusalemDuring the signing of the register the choice will sing Love Changes Everything

    Our reading are....

    1st - Genesis 2:18-24

    Response - On eagles wings

    2nd - A reading from the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians 12:31- 13:8

    Gospel - John 2: 1-11

    Our priest gave us a bible with the pages marked for us us to choose from at our last meeting. We already had an idea of the reading we wants but we were also allowed to pick different versions of blessing and other parts of the mass so that is really is 'our' service not just a service. xxx
  • Sorry i just realised this was in 'I'm getting married in June 2011'. i thought it was in 'The ceremony'. Silly me!!!
  • This is good thread I am clueless about this part!
  • I am still struggling.. Mostly due to people moaning that they 'Don't know that one' or i should 'choose the ones everyone will know' haha

    1; Lord of All loving

    2; Seek Ye First

    3; I am struggling with this one haha I want something upbeat but not clappy clappy image
  • hey girls,

    I've just found a great website if anyone is struggling with readings or music
  • 4June114June11 Posts: 233
    Im having

    1st Hymn - I the lord of sea and sky (loved it from school)

    2nd Hymn - As i kneel before you/ one bread one body

    3rd Hymn - I watch the sunrise
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