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Blowing Off Steam!

Hello Ladies,

Im sure, like me, that many of you are stressing over several aspects of your big day and some members of family and friends may be adding to your stress.

Well everthing has been getting to me and i just needed somewhere to blow off some steam so feel free to share all your worries girls!

Ive been planning our wedding now for 2 years and after nearly every guest asked me when they can expect invites last summer, i sent out the invites in August 2010 and told everyone that they didn't have to respond until January 2011. I have now received a response from all my guests and have confirmed number which is great at this early stage.

When we made the invites, we selected 12 couples from our family and friends that we wanted to stay in the hotel with us. We have booked the whole hotel which only has 13 rooms so we have filled the hotel.

The invites informed guests who we booked in our hotel where they were staying and the cost and location with an option to cancel the booking if required. Everyone thought this was great, we were surrounded by our immediate family and our best friends.

Since this was all confirmed my SIL2B (being H2B's sister shes staying in our hotel) DEMANDED that her mother-in-law stays in the same hotel as her so she has an on call baby sitter for her 1 yr old.

So after much reluctance i gave in and moved some of our friends out of the hotel and moved her mother-in -law in.

Since then (this is where it gets confusing) my sister-in-law to be's sister-in-law has fallen pregnant and her baby is due 4 weeks before the wedding. She has now decided that she must have her sister-in-law in the hotel too so if needed their mother-in-law can help out with the kids.

This really annoyed me

, having to mess about again. Not only was it me having to constantly phone the hotel but they were phoning me at work!!!

After sitting down and putting a list of family and friends together so that the morning of our wedding the important people are together and the following day we can have breakfast with all our family, i wish i had not bothered and i am inches away from phoning and canceling the bridal suite and staying somewhere else.

To fit them in the hotel this meant that we needed to remove another group of friends so they could have a room. This time i refused.

Now remembering the reason behind all this is so her mother-in-law is near by for babysitting here is what they have decided to do for a solution;

The mother-in-law is now staying in a different hotel the other side of town

My sister-in-laws, sister-in-law and new baby are staying in our hotel.

In addition to this, because they need room for a cot ive had to move my gran (who can hardly walk) to a 3rd floor room from the bottom floor so they can fit a cot in to the room.

I find myself asking... who's getting married??

The friends that we moved of the hotel are now having trouble finding somewhere else to stay because most of the hotels and b&b's are fully booked with it being school holidays image

Ive voiced my feelings about this to my mother-in-law to be and father-in-law to be and they both agree with me that i shouldn't have to deal with all this but i dont know any way around it without upsetting someone.

I'd rather have my friends back in the hotel but dont know how to go about it. Somewhere along the line someones going to be annoyed or upset but so far its me thats being effected and its brought me to tears on several occasions.

Anyway, thats rant one over with, ive got many more but ill save them for later, its rather late now

Hope all your planning is less stressful than mine xx


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