June 25th Brides!

17 DAYS TO GO!!!!

How is everyone feeling? We've still got little bits to do and dress arriving next Thursday... do you think I can lose a stone in a week??? image


  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Hi there!

    I'm feeling really disappointed with the way i'm feeling at the moment! To be honest i don't think it's actually hit me yet in terms of just how close we are! It's so strange. Am off to lisyen to oyr string quartet's rehearsal in a bit... Am hoping that on hearing them, it will actually sink in!!!
  • I keep swinging from excited to nervous & back again! Can't believe it's so close. Still have a few bits to do but mostly sorted after a terrible time with my bridal shop. Good luck everyone for these last two weeks!
  • 2 weeks to go today!!!!!!! dress is coming next thurs.. like u Nell.. lusan mandongus again... getting married the same day as u and our dresses are from same shop! first fitting on the friday.. scary! im very very excited but dont think its actually sunk in.. im not nervous at all yet.. i will be the day before and on the morning though.. i think we're all sorted just waiting on the dress now!
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