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JUNE 2012

Woop woop ladies!!! We have our very own month now! Makes it feel even closer image


  • at least we can say its "next year" now! x
  • I know I got so excited when I saw this forum, everything feels so real now. I was talking about the wedding this morning at work and realised it's 16 months away, that isn't much at all!!!
  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    I know...what dates are you ladies? we are the 30th, its about the only thing we have decided on!!
  • Hi there my fellow "Junie's" image

    Our big day is June 9th. It seems so far away but I sure it'll be here before we know it!
  • Were getting married 08th June, so love saying that were getting married next year!! xx
  • cazmack1cazmack1 Posts: 253
    Hi getting married 1june 2012 image just ordered my dress today , has anyoneelse ordered there's ??
  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    wow that's so exciting! i have no idea yet as to what i want, plus i want yo lose weight before then anyway! where is your dress from cazmack1?
  • clareygbclareygb Posts: 201
    2nd June next year!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Not ordered dress yet, haven't even tried a dress on yet but that's on the cards to start in May or June - maybe!!

    So excited that we've finally got our own month's thread! In fact I can't believe how excited that's made me!!!
  • Im 6th June.......6/6/12! Yay!

    We ordered our save the dates yesterday and once those are sent im supposed to be putting the wedding on the back burner for a while....! AS IF!x
  • I brought my Dress ages ago as found it half price in a Sale! Cannot wait to wear it on my special day!! Anyone else brought theres? x
  • YAY! It seems more real now! I get married on the 1st June!

  • catj0catj0 Posts: 71
    Im getting married in June 2012 but not sure on a date yet as Im still trying to organise the wedding in Cyprus image

    Very excited though!
  • Hey Junie's

    We just just booked our wedding for the 2nd June 2012 image i am soooooooo excited hehe

    Looking forward to hearing all your plans and going through all the highs with u all image

    Jo xx
  • I am getting married 16 months today. 7 June 2012 in Rhodes, so excited!! I can't wait to start shopping for my dress, will hopefully be starting May/June time just need to lose the last of my weight!
  • Im 30th June 2012, ordered my dress x
  • we're the 2nd of june aswell! ooo can't wait to go dress shopping. my mil is so excited and has offered to buy the dress. xx
  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    hi gem_isthebest.... we have the same name (im guessing) and are date twins too! x
  • Wow, we have our own month now!!!!!

    Im getting married 3rd June, i have so far booked the Venue, Church, Photographer and DJ ..... Next on the list Cars & Dress image) x
  • 4th of june - yay for the queen and the bank holidays!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Im getting married in May (in Sardina) but am having the wedding party on 3rd June so do i qualify for this forum? lol x
  • I'm the 2nd June also, Its very exciting now finally being able to say "yeah! we get married next summer!" Its an awesome feeling although its made me panic a little that its very fastly creeping up us! So much to do and so much money! LOL.. Sure we'll be just fine though.xx
  • hi im new image im getting married on 16th June 2012, so far we have



    Choccie Fountain

    Chair covers


    I have cake, flowers, DJ and harpist on the go at the moment and just trying to pick the right ones image
  • The church & reception venue is booked for 4th June 2012. Got a great bank holiday mid-week offer at our venue which is why we chose that date.

    Spent months chosing the right photographer but thats now booked too & going wedding dress shopping this weekend with my mum & 2 bridesmaids- exciting!
  • bcs12bcs12 Posts: 10
    I'm getting married on 9th June (here's hoping for good weather for us 2excited4words)! I went dress shopping for the first time at the weekend. I found the perfect dress, but it didn't have the price-tag to match! Is anyone thinking of having their dress made?
  • We're getting married on the 16th June image

    So far we've sorted the church, marquee & caterers and are getting on with booking a photographer at the moment.

    Very exciting!!
  • 15th june 12... Yey cant wait . Booked venue, registrar,chosen dress and paid deposit but not ordering dress nearer time( need to diet diet diet!!) already got 3 of the bm dresses and 2 flowergirl dresses. Got tiara . Nearly chosen table decs and chair covers. Makeup/ hair booked . Dj booked . Never been so organised xx
  • I'm getting married the 30th June, so excited but am struggling to find a dress, feel like i've tried on loads already, glad I've got so long to find the perfect one.
  • I'm getting married June 11th 2012 in Zante!! I cant wait, so excited!!

    I have looked on internet at dresses for styles etc, thought i had found the ideal one but its from China!! Not so sure about it now, gonna go have a look in summer for 1!!
  • 8th of june whooop
  • 8th June 2012 image yayyyy image Looking forward to sharing hints and tips! xxx
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