2nd June twins?

Just decided to start a thread looking for any date twins! So who else is 2nd June? We've got a registrar, venue and photographer booked but that's pretty much it! I think the rest will fall into place over the next few months I hope!


  • hi we're getting married on the same day! we've got the venue booked (having everything in the same boutique hotel) how have you got a registrar? we've been told you can only book them 12 months in advance (ooo panicking a bit now in case i should have done that by now) x
  • Afternoon,

    Im a date twin as well. Got Church,venue and photographer booked. image

    i've started dress shopping last weekend. was soooo exciting and nerve wracking.

    cant believe there's a im getting married June 2010 forum already!!!! SOOOOOO EXCITED. image

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    Beckisuk - Don't panic! Registrars are different in each county. I'm in Cornwall and for whatever reason they let you book way in advance. I've paid a deposit and our date, time and venue are secured. I do know that other areas really do make you wait for the 12 month date - that must be such a pain. It's always worth ringing them just to double check.

    together250108 - I'm so blimmin' excited that it's now only officially next year! Seriously scared about trying on dresses - it's the only thing that weirds me out about the whole wedding! But am also so excited with everything else - roll on Christmas I say - then it'll be much closer to our wedding day!
  • we are getting married on the 2nd June toooooooooo image yay soooooo excited. we have got our venue booked, photographer, and registrar booked image

    We have booked to get married at 12 midday. do u think thats to early? we just want to make the most of our day and enjoy it.

    is anyone thinking of making their own stationary too?

    Jo xx
  • Yay I'm 2nd June too! It's a really long weekend isnt it, because of the diamond jubilee?! I have booked photographer but that's it. When are you going to start looking for your dresses?
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    I'm going to start looking at dresses around Easter I expect. There's 5 shops I definitely want to go to so thought Easter might be a good time for me to start - being a teacher.

    It definitely is a long weekend so I'm planning on sending invites out earlier than normal as I think people might think to use it as holidays etc.

    We booked our evening venue yesterday - having a late ceremony then straight to evening venue - brewery museum and visitor centre - it's awesome, I'm so excited...again!
  • I'm 2nd June 2012 as well, is the long weekend a Scottish Holiday as well then?

    I have booked my venue, photographer, humanist celebrant, singer and disco. And decided on my favours, invites etc. image
  • I'm a teacher too and was going to start looking properly in Easter hols. I've had a little mooch but not tried anything on yet. Need to step the weight loss up a gear beforehand though! MrsBatestobe we are hoping to have a humanist wedding too, we are meeting with the celebrant next Tuesday. We would love an outdoors ceremony but I'm envisaging weather related nightmares for the next 16 months! Enjoy half term clareygb!
  • At my venue - Gean House in Alloa, if the weather is nice then we'll marry outdoors in the gardens but if its not so nice then we'll marry in one of the stunning rooms. So either way it will still be gorgeous. The venue decides this though depending on how the weather has been the Saturday before the wedding so its out of my hands, which is fine, just 1 less decision I need to worry about. Mrsluff2b where abouts are you getting married?
  • I'm getting married in Devon on a farm, (marquee etc) so my only back up is to hire an extra smaller marquee for the ceremony in case of bad weather! I go from worrying about it to thinking c'est la vie! You are lucky that a humanist wedding is legally recognised in Scotland, we will have to go to the registry office the day before to do the legal bit. Your venue sounds lovely,the best of both worlds.
  • Yeah my venue is stunning (well! I think so) image

    And yeah its much better having humanist ceremonies recognised up here. I would probably have just went for a registrar otherwise. Our celebrant Mary is really lovelly and I can't wait til we start to put all our ideas together to make a unique ceremony.
  • I'm a twin too! Getting married in North Wales. Have booked venue and photographer. Currently trying to come up with a colour scheme that will compliment my pastel themed venue, without looking ridiculous on my english rose complexioned bridesmaids and clashing with the men's kilts - help! Can't wait to start dress shopping though! Roll on June 2012...
  • I am also a twin!!! I opted for the long weekend so guests dont feel rushed on the sunday to get home as we are in the midlands and family and friends are travelling from North and South! I am hoping for nice weather as our venue is a big Georgian house, with huge lawns and a Marquee. The church is the building next door, so dont have to travel very far!! image

    I have decided on my colour themes and the on going theme throughout the day, but am finding the flowers really difficult to decide on! My dads a florist as well, but im not really much of a flower fan, and the flowers I like are a struggle to incorporate in the theme!!! image
  • hello ladies, im gonna come join as well image

    Mrs Bates you arent too far from me either image we're falkirk, getting married at Glenbervie House, Larbert.

    Think that weekend is a holiday in Scotland as well, we've been given an advanced email at work to say we should be closed, now all we need is full confirmation!

    We've been busy getting loads of stuff done: venue, photographer, band, pianist, registrar, cake, dress, his outfit all ticked off so far, well, the cake we've paid deposit, going next saturday for tasting session to decide on tiers
  • I'm getting married June 2nd too, didn't realise it was a long weekend that's brilliant news! Venue, registrar, photographer, florist and entertainment booked image

    Started trying on dresses last week - loving Ian Stuart!
  • I'm a twin too!!! iv got quite a bit sorted i think, found my dress and paid deposit, booked venue and church, ordered my cake, h2b knows what suits he wants so just need to go down to order them, just need to find a photographer in the next few weeks. we think we have found cars just need to go view them and as for bridesmaid dresses, i know what i want its just that the shops dont seem to have them lol x
  • Im getting married on 2 June too - yay, very exciting!

    I organise weddings and events professionally and finally I am organising my own wedding which is very exciting but learning about family dynamics has been a challenge!

    Where is everyone getting married? Im getting married at Penshurst Place & Gardens in Kent image
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    I am getting married on the 2nd of June 2012 tooo!! I am so excited but feel a bit lost about it all, feel like im meant to know what I want and I dont! Such a failed bridezilla eh? lol We have booked the venue, church and cars!
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    I'm getting married on the 2nd June! Didn't realise it was a long weekend but glad it is. Iv booked the church , reception venue, and chose my dress....Now just got to find my photographer and get the cars booked!
  • fevdoufevdou Posts: 9

    I'm getting married on the 2nd June 2012 and I have booked my first app's to try on wedding dresses - very nervous esp as I am not at my ideal weight - or even close: does it matter? But I do have my shoes as they were a gift from my fiance and my necklace which has been in my family for years

    Wedding wise everything is done apart from my dress and the dresses for my bridesmaide and the honeymoon.

    Wish me luck for dress shopping image
  • I am a twin too! Getting married/having reception in a Castle- my absolute dream image

    Have Venue and Photographer booked, booking the Caterers and florist next week.

    Going to have a look at bridesmaid dresses on Sat- have five of them and all very different shapes and sizes, so thinking may be a challenge- thinking different dress style per bridesmaid- is anyone else having that?

    Have found my dress- Ian Stuart, just tried it in a different colour to the one I woud order- so have checked across the country to find a sample in the right colour (just to make sure its "the one") and will be travelling 4 hours each way to see it! got to be done though image

    xx image
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    Hi 2nd June Twinnie image or should i say quadruplets hehe,

    We have the church booked, venue booked, cars, photograpy & videography, flowers, cake, grooms, best mans, ushers, paige boys suits booked, Centrepieces picked and booked, alls I have to do is find chair covers and table swagging, and bridesmaid dresses nearer the time. I also have my dress... Keep gettin wedding dress withdrawal symptons hehe, as the dress is in my uncles because otherwise id be prancing around in it all day every day haha, having problem order of service, the layout etc, would also like to have a little part about remembering those we have lost, anyone got any suggestions about this and poems an reading and hythms please?? xx
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    hi jo, 12 seems fine to me, weve chose ours at 1pm but i completely agree you want the day to last forever image Ive bought loads from the papermill shop, they have some brilliant little creations in there. somethings can be a bit pricey but look on ebay for some of the materials, you will get them much cheaper.

    xx image
  • Mrs ShakeMrs Shake Posts: 104
    Hi All,

    Finally secured the date and 2nd of June it is. Venue and church confirmed for the date and booked. Roll on to June next year..........
  • I am getting married on this date 2! I have had it booked for a year already but it has flown by!

    I pretty much have most things sorted just paying for it all now. lol.

    How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
  • A year to go - woo hoo!
  • beckisukbeckisuk Posts: 15
    Just think, this time next year what will we all be doing? I think a year will fly by now xx
  • clareygbclareygb Posts: 201
    I am surprised how nervous I feel today and we've still got a year to go! image I think that this time next year I will be on the way to, or already at, the hairdresser's. I am so excited, particularly as I've been trying on dresses this week - not found 'the one' yet but enjoying trying everything on!! image
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    Hi girls - hope there is room for 1 more twin ? ! :0)

    I'm getting married in the north east - about 2.30pm buffet then evening party! I have my dress I fell in love with it and I have it at home to motivate me to loose a big of weight ! We ve booked the church - venue - chair covers - getting a m&s cake - off to see a London bus tomo and hopefully that will be transport. Had a few quotes for photos - BM dresses I will sort out after Xmas x hope your all well x
  • MrsYoungMrsYoung Posts: 404
    Another one here!!

    Have had church and venue booked since Jan, dress is on order, florist, cake, cars, photographer, DJ all done.

    Think we're pretty much there, just the details to do now.
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