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14th June 2012, I know it's a Thurs but...

I'm getting married in Cyprus and believe it or not, they don't do weddings at the weekend!

I'm so excited, my other half thinks i'm turning into a bridezilla cuz i talk about it at least once a day!

I've been engaged 2 years now so i'm so happy to have finally set a date!



  • congratulations hun... we are getting married on th 18th june 2012.. its a monday which may sound strange but its our 5yr anniversairy so it special to us image .... my h2b is the same seen astho i talk about it all the time and our spair room is already getting filled with wedding things lol xx
  • Congratulations, thats lovely getting married on your anniversary, we wanted to do that also but that would be July and at the venue we chose they wouldn't let us get married outside because it is too hot and we can't find another venue we like. We decided on 14th June because that's the date we moved in together so it still has a nice meaning but I am gutted as I always thought our wedding date would be 23rd July! I just can't wait to get married now, it's all I think about!! image
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    Hey ladies! I am getting married on 14th June 2012, not abroad but at the Tithe Barn in Petersfield! I can't wait! image
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