Ronald joyce lola dress... Any bigger girls picked this dress?

Hi ive fallen in love with the lola dress but wonderedif any bigger girls have chosen or worn this dress? Im dieting like mad and have 16 months to go but im never gonna be a size 10 ( sigh)but in my head the dress looks stunning just need reassurance plz . Also what jewellry / accessories have people chosen to match image


  • Hi, i am currently a size 22 (hopefully slimming to a size 18/16 for my wedding date next August). i have tried numerous Ronald Joyce dresses and think the structure and fitting means that us curvy ladies can wear them with confidence. go for it, we have evey right to wear the dress of our dreams on our wedding day so i am thinking of choosing the Dorianna or Corina dress, be confident and your happiness will shine through and blow everyone away on your big day, especially your groom.

  • Just googled the dress and its stunning, I think its perfect for a curvy girl. Just make sure the waist is generous enough. The pic I saw wasn't a typically skinny size 6, she looked like a good 14 and it looked great on her. The only thing I'd worry about id the back fat bit, you wanna make sure you don't spill over
  • I have chosen this dress and I'm a curvy 14. Hoping to be a 12 by my wedding in dec next year. The dress is absolutely stunning and made me feel like a princess. image with having a winter wedding I have chosen a White feather bolero and a full length veil, it's very snow queen image cannot wait to wear it!!! Xxxx
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