3rd June 2012

Any date twins? I'm getting so excited now image how is everyone getting on with the planning? Kerry x


  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Im getting married abroad on 20th May but am having my wedding party on 3rd June! Does that count? x
  • Ker1986Ker1986 Posts: 53
    Haha yeah, that definitely counts! lol where are you getting married? x
  • Heyyyyy ..... Im also getting married on 3rd June 2012!!! I havent came across anyone on this weekend yet but it will be fab cos everyone will be off work on the mon & tuesday following image)

    What time are you getting married? I have booked the church, venue, photographer, dj and booking theladt that dresses the room tonight hopefully (shes meeting us at the venue tonight to do a sample of what i want) so fingers crossed!!

    Havent decided on what time the ceremony will be ... maybe 12:30! x
  • Ker1986Ker1986 Posts: 53
    Yeah, that weekend should be good cos of the bank holidays image and the best bit is that the bank holidays hadnt been announced when we booked our wedding, so that was a nice surprise image we've booked our venue, photographer, cars, registrar, bought my dress and tiara and got our wedding rings. oh, and the guys kilts. Still got loads to do, but i'm enjoying the planning image thinking of having our ceremony at 2pm x
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Ker- we had the same thing with the bank holiday not being annouced!

    We are getting married on a beach in Sardina and then having an italian themed wedding party on 3rd June! So excited!!

    We have booked the venue, caterer, dj, photographer, looking for my dress on 8th May!
  • hi im a date twin too yeay!

    we had originally planned on the 1st of june, the fri as its cheeper (yes i am tring to be a budget bride not quite happening so far though) but after finding out its a long bank holiday weekend we decided to go for the sunday instead. You are all so organized i have only provisionaly book our venue and thats it. opps!! ive done a hell of a lot of reasearch though but im suddenly panicking after reading how much people have done.

    our wedding is going to be in the grounds of a family hotel with a sit down reaception dinner for 70 in a capri marquee and then drinks and disco to follow.

    we are going for a family feel very relaxed we will have a bouncy castle for the kids as we have 3 and will be 12 in total

    our colours are cream and sage green with a vintage bird theme

    i am crazy excited and its nice to talk to people who understand how your every waking thought is on your wedding even my H2B dont get it.

    what are everyones colours and wedding ideas?

    i love hearing about other peoples ideas.

    where are you all from? im in kent
  • oooo very nice colours. have you got your dress already??? do you see why im starting to panic lol.
  • Ker1986Ker1986 Posts: 53
    Hey ladies!

    Been a bit absent recently cos I'm not getting email notifications of people posting, strange!I'm from Scotland, our wedding is in a big castle here image and colours are fuschia image I'm so excited!

    Louilou, dont panic, theres still plenty of time! I've just been super organised and venue has been booked since April 09!! image xx
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    Am 3rd of June too ! image xxx
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    I'm the 14th June 2012 - its a Thursday so haven't found a date twin yet image
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Hi all!

    Wedding has changed so I am now getting married on 3rd June in the UK instead of abroad!

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Yayy!!! One year to go for us- woohoo!!!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Just thought I would bump this and see if any of you are still around image how is everything going?
  • LorraineT2012LorraineT2012 Posts: 129
    Hi, im 3rd June, getting married at Wroxton House in Oxfordshire. So excited but SO stressed! Pretty much everything is under control, just the little details now. Doesn help were having building work at the mo either! Hows everyone else getting on? X
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