Hi ladies!!!!!!!

Eeeeeek, I'm so excited! We booked our wedding yesterday!! 29th June. I'd love to chat and share ideas with you all xx


  • 29th June 2011? Wow thats not far away!! I am getting married in August

    Have you planned your theme/colours etc?

  • Hi! June 2012. I'd like a pale purple colour scheme, how about you? x
  • Oh thats a bit further away then lol

    Yes we are pretty much sorted now thanks our colours are red and cream. I was pretty worried a few months ago but everything is slotting into place now

    Are you having church wedding? reg office? hotel? x
  • Oo, you're getting married this year? Your colours sound lovely! I bet you're so excited. We're having a church wedding then to a country hotel for the reception, I can't wait!!! image The seeting of the hotel is wonderful the the function room is a little dated but I'm hoping to create a completely different look by adding light backdrops and chair covers! I'm a bit of a girly girl and love the whole idea of being a princess for the day with a fairytale room. Now I've just got to get everything planned and booked. How about you? x
  • We are getting married in broxbourne registry office the room is grogeous high ceiling oak beams and large shaped glass windows then to cheshunt golf course for the reception

    i am not very girly at all but am going very girly for the special day as im definately only doing it once!

    you can change the feel of any room with decorations- if you buy some rolls of voile or ivory faux silk and pin it - the whole room will be veryyyy glam!

    Before you make any more decisions remember not to be too influenced by others its your and your H2B's day- you have to pay for it, you have to remember it and be happy with it so go with your gut!

    Bet you can't wait to start dress shopping!! image
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    Hello B2B's! I am getting married on 14/06/12 at Tithe Barn Petersfield - so so excited, pratically everything booked now just need to sit back and relax!x image
  • Hi Amy, gosh you are organised! I feel very behind now!!

    jenny, thank you for the tips. we are on a fairy tight budget but I'm hoping I can get everything I want. A friend on facebook has told me about a lady who has been venue dressing on a small scale for her friends, family and her own wedding but has now set up her own business doing it. She seems pretty cheap, I just want to get things sorted asap! Have either of you two booked chair covers? xx
  • Booked for June 8th 2012 image

    Venue, food etc sorted for the whole day but nothing else really!

    Can't decide whether to get on with things or leave it a while! Don't want to spoil the fun by doing everything too early!

    Have decided on cadbury purple theme xxx
  • rachael737rachael737 Posts: 100
    Hi! You are now a date buddy! The church has just confirmed they're free on my date so now i can get on with booking everything else! Yeah!!! x
  • Alexa1471Alexa1471 Posts: 1,959
    30th June for me!

    Seem to have organised loads but then I work out how much there is left to do it doesn't seem like I've got anywhere!

    Have decided on a lilac and cream theme... x
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    Hi there! We're 23rd June, getting married in East Anglia. Cheshunt golf club is lovely, went there for h2b's birthday! image
  • PavilionBoyPavilionBoy Posts: 18
    16th June - Brighton pavilion and then due south on the seafront - v excited!
  • hairy_fairy87hairy_fairy87 Posts: 342
    23rd June 2012. We are getting married in Staffordshire.

    We have got most stuff sorted out. Just need to sort out H2B's suit but we've got loads of time to sort that out.
  • Fizzla75Fizzla75 Posts: 2
    Hello fellow B2B.. I have just moved my wedding from September this year to 20th April 2012.. All very excited and cannot wait for my special day..

  • We are getting married in cambridge on the 23rd june 2012 lots done already image
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    Hey ladies!!! My wedding is booked for 3rd June 2012 in Taplins Place, Hartley Wintney!! So excited!! My colours are sage green, dusky pink and a lighter pastel pink, its a country garden shabby chic kinda thing! I am making loadssss of bunting for decorations!!!

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