4th June 2012

Anyone else getting married on this date? I'm interested to know if anyone else has managed to secure any discounts with the date being a Monday and not many people being aware it's a bank holiday.

423 days to go! image


  • Snap, I am getting married 4th of June next year... We rushed to get the date booked as both the Monday and Tuesday are a bank holiday (and the 4th is my birthday). We managed to get the venue to give us the whole place exclusively, and they have offered us a really good price as it is a Monday. How much have you booked/organised so far... I dont quite know where to start now the church and venue is booked... image Now 418 days to go...
  • We booked this date as our venue of choice do a 20% mid week discount and it included bank holidays (yey!) We will send save the date cards in June because of the bank holiday weekend and we don't want anyone to book a holiday for next year and miss the wedding. Church & phototographer are also booked, the car, cake and confetti cones family are doing for us, most importantly the dress is bought and paid for. Next on the hit list are rings and honeymoon (possibly hawaii), enjoying the planning and looking at lot's of pretty wedding pictures!
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    400 days to go girls!

    FutureMrsHinton you have got so much organised already. Which dress have you opted for? I bought mine last week - Suzanne Neville Devotion.
  • I bought a Jenny Packham - Rosalind dress as I wanted an empire line, floaty/chiffon romantic dress and I love her art deco inspired designs.

    I secretly had my heart set on her years ago when I saw one of her dresses hung up on display in the bedrooms of a house someone was trying to sell, bit weird to remember these things but I did work in a wedding dress shop about 10 years ago so I knew what designs I wanted.

    I did try on the suzanne neville devotion dress myself - it is gorgeous, can't remember why I didn't choose it myself but I'm sure it will look amazing!
  • We've just provisionally the 5th June as its also a bank holiday; I am a little worried about how easy it will be booking a florist for the day as it'll be a bank holiday!

    Have any of you booked a florist for your big day yet?xx
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    Aww I love JP dresses too and was fairly certain I was going to have Elizabeth but ended up going for SN Devotion. They're both quite similar anyway.

    I've been thinking about booking a florist soon. I'm off for a fortnight in June so I'll have some time then to go and speak to a couple of them. I'm sure if we give them enough notice that it should be fine even though it's a bank holiday.
  • I've visited 2 florists, one came back with a price of over £1000 and the other has not come back to me at all (2 weeks ago I went so they're now ruled out!) Got some more to visit to get a comparision and have got some cut backs to make! Have now sorted hire of ornate glass cadelabra's for reception tables which will really set off my vintage theme.

    Am struggling to find dusky pink bridesmaid dresses at the moment and find a honeymoon thats not going to cost half the total wedding budget!
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    I'm a 4th June 2012 bride too! We booked our venue last year and saved ourselves loads on the venue as they had not realised about the double bank holiday yet. Where is everyone getting married?
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    Hi, it sounds like we have the same theme. Mine is pink and green. I found some great dusky pink dresses from TK Maxx in the end! It is really difficult though but now is the season for dusky pink so have to keep an eye out for it now. I've gone for a vintage theme too.
  • Our wedding ceremony is a village church in Deerhurst, Gloucestershire where 9 generations of my step dads family got married in and then reception/evening is Dumbleton Hall, Worcestershire about 20 mins away from church.

    For bridesmaid dresses, am not seeing anything I like that has a vintage look in a pale/dusky/rose pink in a chiffon fabric to match my dress, both bridesmaid's are over 5'7 so lot's of cheap high st dresses are nice but too short, want knee length or full length. Coast & monsoon are normally good for these but all their colours this season are lilacs/blues or brights! Will keep looking though! Anyone else got bridesmaid dresses already?
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    I booked our venue today for the 4th June. So excited! We managed to get a good amount off but i don't think this had anything to do with the bank holiday, it seems bank hols are becoming just as popular as weekends. My friend has 4 weddings this year and only one is on a Saturday! xx
  • hi all

    has anyone thought of having a wedding creche for the tiny guests that may be going if so please take a look at my website www.thepartycrechers.co.uk

    i am a mobile creche and have been working in child care for 7yrs

    you could also enjoy an early booking discount if you get in quick

    thanks for looking and good luck with your plans xx image
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