.June 8th 2012 Anyone sharing?..


im getting married 8th june 2012,

is it to early to start planning?.. we have the venue sorted already, but not sure if its a bit early to start with everything else...??


  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    Hellooooo! I am 14/06/12 so close to you!

    Where are you getting married? We have pretty much done everything:

    Venue and reception at Tithe Barn - booked

    Photographer - booked

    Cars - booked

    Mens suits - booked

    Rings - bought

    Bar - booked

    Band - booked

    Cakes - booked

    Registra - booked

    Stationery - H2B is a Graphic Designer so we are doing them together

    70 tealight holders and all sorts of decoration bits - bought.

    Sweetie buffet - pretty much sorted

    Got appointments for florists, caterers and dresses 9mine and BM's) in April/May time.

    Phew, and breathe!!!! image
  • Hey image Im getting married 08/06/2012 too! Yay image

    We have the main bits sorted but I'm trying to leave things a little longer as don't want to rush! I want to savour it all lol. Think the planning is as important as the big day.

    We've booked the venue, all the food and the disco. Next is the photographer and videographer. Hoping to get dresses sorted in the Summer. So excited!! xxx
  • MrsS2be2012MrsS2be2012 Posts: 208
    Hi there! I'm also an 8th June bride! I definately wouldnt say it's too early to start planning although I have made a couple of mistakes from buying to soon in excitement! Had save the dates printed and then the venue double booked (nice!!) brought a dress and then brought another, LOL! Oh well it's all fun.

    So far we have booked the wedding planners and venue as getting married in Cyprus, so that's all pretty much arranged last minute! Got my dress and just collecting ideas for bridesmaid ideas, flowers etc.. We are also just deciding on a venue back home but we are thinking of a nice country pub local to us so again just collecting ideas for that!

    It will soon come around girlies! image
  • I'm so bloomin excited lol.

    Where have people got their wedding insurance from? I can't decide! Not totally sure how much to pay... eek.

    What are your colour schemes and does any one have a theme? xx
  • Pammyw77Pammyw77 Posts: 123
    Hey, I'm an 8th of June bride too! everything done, just to turn up really...so exciting, glad there's a few of us on here that we can share with image
  • Me too, but it just seems so far away right now! image
  • rachael737rachael737 Posts: 100
    Oh hell! All you 8th June brides who've done everything are really worrying me! I have booked the church and photographer and that's it! Eekk!! Worried that i'm behind! Please tell me others aren't so organised!!!

  • im a june the 8th too yay its coming round so fast , im getting married in cyrprus too and i believe its never to early the less stress i have towards the end the better

    i have booked date time , photographer have my dress

    have smaller bridesmaids flowers ( diy jobby)

    have table decs

    rings are nearly sorted

    now sorting evening reception at home

    my advice is do as much as you can now and enjoy the weeks leading u to wih less stress

    yipeeee cant wait !! image
  • AbiWifeyAbiWifey Posts: 3
    Hi All

    I'm 8th June too. So far have booked Ceremony and Reception venue (same place) and a photographer... So Lots & lots to do, but I keep thinking oh its over a year away! But the time has gone so fast since we got engaged in December! I think this year will fly by!
  • MrsJohnson87MrsJohnson87 Posts: 102
    Table decorations are just about finished and we are about to book venue decoration.

    I have just started to look at dresses for me and bridesmaids!

    Also looking at florists to book xxx
  • MrsS2be2012MrsS2be2012 Posts: 208
    I think I'm leaving the rest of my planning until the end of this Summer as I change my mind so much! I'm on my second dress and have second thoughts all the time, until I see pictures of someone else wearing the same dress and I fall in love with it again image Have no ideas for BM dresses though or a colour scheme so may just let them pick their own!
  • het1984het1984 Posts: 17
    Hello! Mine is also 8th June 2012!!!! How is your planning going??? I am starting to feel the stress already! coming up for 10 months away!!!
  • How are 8th June ladies doing? xx
  • Hello,

    Feeling rather more in control now than last time i posted on here!!

    Still lots to do, but getting there. Wording is with the printer for the invites, suits are being measured for on Saturday, my dress is bought and (hopefully!) on its way, bridesmaids dresses bought, rings bought, marquee booked, hog roast booked, DJ booked, photographer booked... phew! How organised do i feel?!?!

    Still to go - food for the day, flowers, hairdresser, makeup, shoes for me and the girls, gifts for bm's and ushers, and family.

    Anything i've missed?!

    Ou, and my secret hen do is apparently being organised too!

    How about everyone else?

    R x
  • Left to do -

    *Make invites! Have finalised the design tonight so feeling better about that image

    *Make tableplan

    *Put favours together

    *Sort hair/make up for the day

    *Get mine and the Bridesmaids shoes/accessories

    *Buy rings

    *Buy thank you gifts

    *Finalise menu

    *Book honeymoon

    *Pay for it all!! Lol.

    Hope you are all well image

  • Romana80Romana80 Posts: 209
    Hey girls I'm also 8th June!! I'm getting married in Cyprus!

    I've booked the main things but still feel like there's lots to do! Hopefully it'll all come together X
  • Started the diet this week! So far so good! lol. Hope everyone is getting on ok xx
  • I'm getting married on the 8Th June....Sooo excited, have lost two stone and trying to loose one more before the big day.

    Everything that can be done has been done. We have our Menu tasting on the 23Rd and Final Detail meeting on 1St May.

    Just as I expected, my Fianc???? is now starting to show a bit of interest and making little comments like....but I don't want that....Why haven't we got a.....Why didn't you book the..... Well HELLOOOOO I have been asking you all these things for the last YEAR and you have showed absolutely NO interest whatsoever,so............AM I BOVVERED!!!???? imageops: image
  • I'm now on Easter hols so have made a looooong list of little bits that need doing! Still struggling with readings for our civil ceremony.

    Starting to have wedding related dreams now! (or nightmares! eeek)

    I'm sure everything will slot perfectly into place for all of us 8th of June brides! xxx
  • Hello!

    I'm getting married on 8th June but I haven't had my dress altered yet, when are you getting yours altered ?

  • I'm going four weeks before (12th May) for my first alteration appointment. Doesn't need much doing to it though xx
  • It's my hen night tomorrow ! We're going to a dance class and then for drinks ! I'm so excited!
  • MrsJohnson87MrsJohnson87 Posts: 102
    It was mine at the weekend too!! Did you enjoy it? I really did! Went to Leeds, stayed in a Village Hotel, had spa treatments and went out for drinks and a dance! xxx
  • Yeah I loved it ! We're going to all practice the dance and perform it at the reception image . Going for my first dress fitting on Thursday and our banns start being read on Sunday image nearly got everything now, what have you got left to do ? X
  • MrsJohnson87MrsJohnson87 Posts: 102
    Not too much I don't think!

    Have done alot of stuff ourselves so have to make up the table plan, put the centre pieces together, put chocs in the favour boxes!

    Other than that, I think its just paying it all off! (oh and the last few thank you pressies to buy)

    How about you? xx
  • I have got to decorate cake boxes and my guest post box. Other than that it's just getting dresses altered. Had a nightmare yesterday, one of my bridesmaids dress didn't fit so she is now on a health kick and going to the gym .fingers crossed she manages to get into in a couple of weeks , otherwise panic !!!
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