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15TH JUNE 2012?

I'm looking for a date twin! Anybody getting married on Friday 15th June 2012?!!


  • I ammmmmmmm!!!!!!!! year today image x
  • Great! Doesn't it feel closer now!? We can say "it's less than a year!"

    Where are you getting married? x
  • Its going to fly by... just think we are already in June (wheres this year gone). im getting married at Friern Manor, Dunton Essex. What about yourself? hows the planning? finding it at all stressful yet? x
  • We're getting married in the church where my Mum and Dad were married and when I was Christened. Our reception is at The Larmer Tree gardens Nr Salisbury - Im sooo excited!

    Not feeling too stressed out yet, we've booked our photographer cars accommodation and band, and I start dress shopping next month!

    Have you started looking for your dress yet!?

    BTW- Friern Manor is GORGEOUS! image x
  • nikki_ismenikki_isme Posts: 1,474
    Yay me to! We booked ours yesterday image

    We are getting married and having our reception at the Bromley Court Hotel in Kent.

    Sooooo excited? Need to start getting things booked now! I already have my dress image
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    I'm 14th June 2012! Mine is on a Thursday so doubt I will find a date twin image
  • The church sound lovely, esp with your mum and dad getting married.

    The dress... well started looking around March/ April and the taffeta rouched looked at nice but now decided i would like a lace a-line dress im sure ill change my mind again... what about yourself? have you got an idea on the style you would like?

    Congratulation Nikki!... under year to go...!!! image hows the planning going?

  • nikki_ismenikki_isme Posts: 1,474
    I've pretty much planned everything already lol. I know the things I want and where to get them from, just no point buying a lot of the stuff at the moment!

    So far I have:

    Booked the venue and registrar

    Got my dress (brought this ages ago, long story!)

    Sorted my cake (friend is making it)

    Know where I'm getting chair covers from

    Got a meeting with a photographer

    Picked bridesmaid dresses (ends on ebay tomorrow, fingers crossed I get them!)
  • I am getting married on June 15th too image
  • I am getting married on this date. sooooooooooo excited!!

    how far has everyone got with their planning??

    I have booked venue and registra, i have put a deposit down on my dress and sent out save the dates last week.

    i've got an appointment with the photographer this week and i am going to order my invitations. Hate having a big to do list just want to get everything sorted!!
  • nikki_ismenikki_isme Posts: 1,474
    I'm just sorting out my invites now. They are check book style and I love them!

    It still doesn't feel real. I'm thinking as soon as Christmas is over it's going to come around sooo fast!
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