30th June?

Anyone getting married on the 30th June 2012?

I'm soooooooooo excited! image x


  • My wedding had just been confirmed!

    30th June 2012!! Not long now!! xx
  • me me me im the 30th June and so excited xxxx
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Me too!! booked the venue today, so exciting!

  • bethallen73bethallen73 Posts: 162
    Me too! Venue booked, church booked and dress found - H2B says I won't have anything left to plan at this rate - poor man has no idea how much more planning I can do image I think I will make a perfect Bridezilla!

    Where is everyone getting married - I am Tunbridge Wells in Kent, although looking at the thunderstorm we are having today slightly worried about a June wedding now ;-(

  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Im getting marring in worthing west sussex, i have provisionally booked the reception venue. I am starting to get nervous as i cant get hold of the vicar, and i was told by a church member that they may not marry me as my h2b is an athiast! (sorry cant spell) I am a christian and want to get married in my church in the eyes of god.

    I am going dress shopping tomorrow for the first time (super excited! image I already have my favor bags and table decorations. my oh seems to be leaving me to it hoping ill get bored of talking about weddings lol, little does he know its just gonna get worse! xx
  • Im getting married on the 30th too!!! had it booked since end of 2009, so its been a long wait, but we were so happy to be celebrating the 1 year to our wedding day! Its so exciting isnt it! x image
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    ARRGGHHHHH!!!!! So excited!! I heard from the minister of my church yesterday, he is definately going to marry us, then to top that excitement i drove past the dress shop ( i tried one a few weeks ago and thought it could be the one) and they had a sale on, And guess what it was on sale, so tried it on and not only was it a perfect fit, i now know it was the one and £200 cheaper in the sale!!!!! imageimageimage

    Church Booked

    Reception Booked

    Dress found

    phographer booked

    favours done

    table decorations done

    centrepiece chosen

    flowers found

    Rings ordered

    imageimageimage I think im pretty organized considering.

    How are you ladies getting on? xx
  • Jozzie73Jozzie73 Posts: 117
    me too!! 30th june 2012,at theobalds park cheshunt! getting excited now,need to find a dress though!!!! diet is in full swing now lol!! xx image
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Hello, date buddies,

    How are you all? I havent been on here for a while now, as everything seemed to settle down, now i am uber excited and thought id see how you all were! I have just heard from the lady doing my flowers ( im having silk) and she wants to get going on the designs!!!! And to top it off my bestie is arranging my hen do for the second weekend in april!

    Happy happy Sam xxx
  • Im a june 30th bride too, but we only decided on actually getting married in november so ive not been planning as far back as the rest of you. Weve been engaged since 2005 though lol but life got in the way!

    So far we have 90% of things decided on and now its a case of putting down deposits for the things weve been pencilled in for.

    Im paying the photographer next week and re- viewing/measuring up the reception venue for the last few decorative bits.

    Invites are all designed just gotta finish the insert wording and print/make them up. There only 8 invites though so they wont take long.

    Catering is sorted. me and OH have got a taste teter in march n paying deposits then for that and finalising our cake then too.

    Flowers are sorted, and favours too, bridesmaid dress is sorted but need shoes still.

    My ring is sorted, seatingplan done, STD cards sent at xmas just in case guests were planing holidays they know to avoid late june.

    Entertainment, weve decided on games and a remodelled retro jukebox so weve provisionally booked that.

    Groom needs to buy his ring and sort his suit etc out and my dress will be sorted a little later -say April time as my parents are buying it for me.

    Theres lots of the little things that need sorting but i think we have most of the bigger things in place image not bad for only 2mnths worth of planning time so far! We're trying to keep it between 1-1.5k too so thats a task in itself!!
  • Hello All, I'm also a 30th June bride and a little late to the party and planning it seems. Just need someone to tell me it will be OK and all fall into place. This is my progress so far,most of the core things done, but seem to be up on a stumbling block for a 'theme'. Does everyone really have a 'theme'.

    Church - booked

    Venue, food, drinks, booked.

    Cake - decided, about to book

    Dress - ordered b4 xmas, luckily.

    Photographer- booked

    DJ - booked, just sorting other music.

    Decided on style of invites - just need to get designer and proofs, final designs in. - could take a while?

    No bridal accessories yet, but decided on veil.

    Hen do also getting sorted for April/may.

    Please could someone tell me if I need to get cracking on key point not already covered.

    Is anyone doing own hair and make up.?

    Only two months worrth of planning either side of xmas, so not too bad going either. Do I need to get a move on?

    Thanks and best to all
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    I think you are doing great hun! for me personally i think as long as you have the church the rings, h2b and the vicar then you are all set to go! The rest is all an added bonus!Its so exciting sorting out everything!

    I have just found the bridesmaids dresses and will be getting them ordered as soon as i get the girls measurements image

  • June 30th here too image

    How far are you all with your planning? x
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!So excited image 100 days to go according to yyw timer imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • ami21wami21w Posts: 24

    Im 30th of June too! Am so excited now, everything seems to be coming together....so far lol x
  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    ...99! Had the marquee people come to the house today so that we can visualise everything properly and slowly the rsvp's are trickling in! How's everyone doing?
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    99 Days!! It is going so quickly now but not quickly enough it that makes sense!? Im so frustrated with the RSVP'S!! we had 7 come back but now havent had any for the last week image I dont know if its only me but i miss seeing the postman with loads of packages for me.
  • Jozzie73Jozzie73 Posts: 117
    Glad I'm not the only one waiting on the rsvp's lol!!can see me chasing people next month,do they not realize it's important!! We went to see our venue for our meeting the other night,everything seems in place just have to wait now xx
  • blue_moonblue_moon Posts: 191
    me too!! what date have you all put for your RSVPs? I sent them out about two weeks ago, and got 39 (guests) saying yes, two no, so that's a good start!! not much to do now...just wait for the hectic panic of two weeks to go!xxx
  • You are all so organised, we arn't giving our invites out until 1st April. Think most people know so not too cocerned though. Not to much left to do now but I'm planning to get almost verythig done by end of April so that I can just relax for last few weeks.
  • blue_moonblue_moon Posts: 191
    3 months tomorrow!! eeek! xxx
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    81 days!!!! I really think i might burst with excitement. Our cake lady is coming round next wed to go through what we want. also meeting with our minister on the 14th to sort out the order of service. How are you ladies getting on? image
  • I keep thinking of things that need done, money that needs to be saved and worst of all I have been so bad with my diet last couple of weeks I have put on 3 pounds which means still have 12 more to lose in such a short amount of time. Every time I think about it I panic and eat more biscuits. In a way I am looking forward to it all being over, that way life goes back to normal and we can start trying for a family. Sorry, just feeling so stressed at the mo. x
  • Jozzie73Jozzie73 Posts: 117
    Really not long now!!! Had a really bad evening at our venue with our menu tasting,want to cry!!! Really concerned now about what to do for best,this was one of our last things to do as well image
  • marciahaganmarciahagan Posts: 242

    I am 30th June as well!!

    I'm panicking at how far ahead you all are - Jozzie73, what happened at your food tasting that was so bad?

    We are just about to send invites out - they are just about to be printed after finalizing the design, and we have the rsvp for middle of may. Tried my dress on for the first time last week - I had ordered it 2 sizes too small, and it fits, so well chuffed! Also just booked our honeymoon to the Maldives last week too, so can't wait to go bikini shopping!!! Not been away for years!

    I am at uni, and have course work to hand in and an exam next month, so stressing all about that, rather than being able to enjoy the run up to the wedding, and also doing extra shifts at work instead of studying too!

    I stay in Ayr and getting married just outside it, in Ayr in a place called Brig O'Doon, and going down soon to try the food and decide on a menu, but there food is amazing, one of the reasons we chose it ( me and H2B are both chefs, so that is important!)

    So how is everybody else feeling? Where on earth is all the time going????!!
  • Jozzie73Jozzie73 Posts: 117
    I'm a chef too!! The food was Luke warm,bland and looked as if it was just thrown on a plate.no garnish etc.as they say you eat with your eyes! 2 tables along the food presentation looked really good,I asked why there food looked different to ours and got told it's because ours was for a wedding,surely that's a reason to up your game and make it have the wow factor? Maybe I expect too much,if that was coming out of my kitchen I wouldn't be impressed xx
  • marciahaganmarciahagan Posts: 242
    I would say to them that you are a chef and obviously the food is a really important part of the day. And as you said - it is for a wedding so why would your food not be like the other tables - if not better?

    At least if the other tables food was better presented, you know they are capable, but to be honest it is a bit of a strange excuse - why would they not present it how it would be presented?!?!

    Defo ask for another trial, with the food exactly how it will be prepared on the day, and at least you both can have a second go at it before really worrying, but at the same time express your worries to the wedding planner/chef - even ask the wedding planner to speak to the chef, and just explain how it was and how you felt - they can only take it on board and make the situation better!

    Let us know how you get on xx
  • Im getting married 30th June!! Where is the time going!!! Panic! xxxx
  • Was having a total meltdown the other night when added my last message. Feeling a lot calmer now. My dress arrived back from drycleaners today (was a ample dress so had to get it cleaned) and generally feeling a bit more organised and excited. Not long now, can't wait. x
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Glad you are feeling calmer mrs_coleman_to_be. I get where you are coming from about wanting things to get back to normal, we too are hoping to have a family and are at the begining stage of fertility tests so it will be great to be able to have my mind focused again, as its all over the place with wedding this and fertility that. I gave in to my dress wobbles last night and got a second dress!! image I cant wait for here to arrive so i can try it on! I am feeling a little guilty today but im sure ill get over that when i can try it on. Im now at the stage where i am having to hand out money and its pretty painful. I turn 30 at the end of the month and am arranging a big party to celabrate so that is added pressure. Any who how are we all getting on?
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