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22nd June...

...we've gone and booked!!! Anyone else sharing the day? Would love to hear from you! image x


  • im the 24th june so a couple of days different - hows the planning going? xx
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    I'm in the middle on the 23rd! image
  • I'm the 22nd!
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Oooh - so nice to see people so close, and to finally have a date buddy too!!!

    How's everyone's planning? Mine is a little behind I think! We have a venue and registrar and I've done a mock up of the invite but not made any yet. Need to get moving!!!

    Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated! image
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    It's still over a year away, don't worry!

    I'll be making my invites but haven't thought about it much yet so you're doing well. Got a venue, church, photographer and some decorations so far.

    But we've got aaaaaaaaages (380 days!), don't stress image xx
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Thanks kathryncr27, that's reassuring! I know it's ages away but I like to be as organsied as possible so making lists of everything that needs to be done is giving me palpitations!!!

    I need to get some perspective methinks! image
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    I love the organisation of it all and mountains of lists, just worried I'll get it all done now then run out of exciting things to do!

    Where are you getting married? xx
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Oh wow, sounds like we're cut from the same cloth! I too am in the middle of list making heaven and compiling folders of information and research. It's sooooo fun!!! I sometimes think that making lists os more fun than actually doing things (man, I NEED to get a life!!!). image

    We're getting married at Spains Hall in Essex:

    How about you? x
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    Ooh that's lovely! My fiance's from Essex but as we both live in Norwich we're getting married here.

    We're having the reception at Earsham Hall in Bungay - not many people have heard of it but it's lovely! (Well we love it anyway).

    Moving house next month so I'm drowning in lists at the moment, some more interesting than others! xx
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Okay kathryncr27, this is starting to get stranger!

    I used to live in Norwich (out towards Bungay as it happens) for work and that's where me and my fiancee met. We relocated to Essex as I needed to for work and he was working abroad so it was no skin of his nose to move too. I have also been to wedding at your venue before, it's gorgeous!

    These likenesses are uncanny!!!

    Hows all the moving stuff going? Planning a wedding AND moving house at the same time - can't be easy! X
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    Wow that's so strange! How was the wedding at Earsham Hall? Despite being local I've not heard of anyone marrying there before, until recently I just thought it was a pine shop!

    Yes there's a lot going on at the moment, I actually have lists of lists. They're colour-coded now which has given me a new sense of calm image luckily we both have this week off work so will spend it packing, it's just a pain as there will be a gap of 2 weeks between rent running out and being able to move in. Oh well.

    Hope you've been having a nice weekend, any weddingy progress? x
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    I loved the wedding there - gorgeous! image

    Hows the move going? Glad for the lists? I love lists and colour coding! I know that helps me in times of crisis, so hop it's helping to keep you calm and organised!

    Wedding progress here is slow, but good. Tried on dresses for the first time on Saturday which was a mixed bag of expieriences with one shop being fabulous and the other absolutely shocking (I've already sent off my letter of complaint!). I also booked our videographer today, but no photographer yet. Other than that - we've done very little!

    How are your plans progressing with the move taking place? [email protected] guessing they're kind of on hold? x
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    Yes they're kind of on hold at the moment. Seeing the family on Saturday and hoping my cousins will be there so I can ask them to be bridesmaids so that should be nice. Well nice for my aunty anyway, not sure how much they'll be bothered really!

    I'm so sorry to hear your wedding dress experience wasn't nice on Saturday. I enjoyed going when my friend was getting married but I didn't want to have appoinments myself in a shop. We went to a couple with my friend where they were awful! They were so loud and fake - one complained that we'd arrived when she wanted her lunch and stormed off to turn the microwave off as there was "no point in heating it up now as YOU'RE here"...nice! I hope they weren't horrible to you.

    So yes not a weddingy week, just packing all our stuff up - we were hoping to do a bootsale to get rid of the unwanted stuff but it's supposed to rain here all week image
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    You've chosen a brilliant day... Its my birthday!! Hehe.

    But on a non biased basis, the numbers 22/06/2012 look lovely I think image
  • hiya I'm the 22nd! image
  • WoodynWebbyWoodynWebby Posts: 274
    Im 22nd too! Booked my venue today.

    I already have my dress fell in love with maggie sottoro brielle so snapped it up when it was in the sale at my local dress shop.

    I also have mocked up my invites, are you making your own?

  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Loving 'meeting' other date buddies!

    Woody - yep, making my invites... actually making all my stationary. Think I've taken on a bit of a mammoth task! Are you doing yours?

    Loving that you have your dress too - I'm finding mine hard to find. Think I'm too picky!
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