16 June 2012


In one year and one day I will be getting married - ARGHHHHH!!!!

Anyone else getting married on 16 June 2012? imageimage


  • yup im a 16th June Bride to be too image how exciting!! eeeek..
  • Yippeeee a date twin at last!

    Congratulations on the engagement...so where are you getting married and hows the planning going?

    We are getting married at Hazlewood Castle near Leeds and so far have booked the vicar, chapel, reception, photographer, given notice of marriage and have appointments in the next couple of weeks to see a florist and a cake maker.

    Its soooo exciting isn't it image
  • im getting married 16/06/2012 too! Getting married at Fasque House in Scotland, near Aberdeen! booked my photographer, band, hair & make up. next thing to do is sort out a caterer & the dress!
  • Ohhh three of us now - how exciting!

    Sounds like you're making good progress on the planning. I'm struggling to find hairdresser and makeup artist as we live in London but are marrying in North Yorkshire which makes it a little more complicated.

    Have you tried any dresses on yet? I went with my sister a couple of weeks ago and it was FAB! image Got three more appointment next weekend when my mum comes down.
  • jvfmillsjvfmills Posts: 4
    I'm getting married in Chichester on the 16th June 2012 too!
  • Congratulations !!! How are you getting on with all your arrangements?
  • Ahhh finally i have found not one but loads of date twins lol!! Sounds better now it's less then a year to go ; )

    Are any of you booking a boudoir photo shoot? Hope planning is going well for everyone! Lizzy x
  • leash27leash27 Posts: 26
    I am a 16th June bride too!!! image

    We are getting married at Leasowe Castle, Wirral and I cannot wait!

    I love saying 'less than a year to go'!

  • mrs gmrs g Posts: 193
    snap 16th june 2012 2pm in bournemouth dorset

    just started dress shopping have you all choose yours?
  • ClaraBlueClaraBlue Posts: 12
    Ours is the 16th June as well image Still seems like ages away though image

    So far I've sorted the Church, Marquee, Caterers, seen the lady about getting my wedding dress made and started looking into bridesmaid dresses.

    Giddy Gumdrops - I'm getting married in North Yorkshire too!
  • mrs gmrs g Posts: 193
    Hi lovely to share the same date with you all

    Have you decided on honeymoons ?? image
  • HollzukHollzuk Posts: 241
    I'm getting married 16th June too image) so far we have provisinally booked the registry office (budget wedding) still need to give notice of marriage, booked venue & dj, photographer, cake & Iv brought my dress & invites image)

    We have 11months to go on Saturday!!!!! image
  • so far i have got the following booked






    hair & makeup

    cake topper!!!!

    going dress shopping 2 weeks on saturday - mega excited!
  • I went dress shopping last weekend with my mum and sister (BM).....it was sooo fantastic!!!

    I have narrowed it down to three dresses (one of which I have tried on twice now and cried both times!)

    I'm going back next weekend to try the shortlist on again before I make a decision.

    Other things we've organised:



    Given notice of marriage


    Met a florist (yet to book)

    makeup artist booked and made contact with a hairdresser

    How exciting ladies !!! image
  • Mi-LiMi-Li Posts: 71
    Me Me Me ME MEEEE!
  • MrsAtobe2MrsAtobe2 Posts: 25
    Me too. Less than 11 months to go image

    Have only got the church, venue and the dress but have ideas for most other stuff and I've only been engaged for a month and a half image

    Getting married in North Wales image
  • Mi-LiMi-Li Posts: 71
    We've got everything apart from our wedding rings..... organised much, but i've got my finals 2 weeks prior to my wedding day!! :/
  • rebarrerebarre Posts: 6
    wooo hooo wedding twins! i had one on weightwatchers but she had to bring it forward! and the time is passing so quickly!

    info about me:

    Date of engagement: 22nd june 2010

    number of bridesnmaids : 3

    theme: red and ivory

    church: booked

    Hotel: hawkstone park www.hawkstone.co.uk

    evening entertainment: live band and disco

    photographer: booked

    Cars: vintage and booked

    honeymmon: mauritius - and this doubles up as the wedding gift list

    where have you managed to make savings?

    hopefully it will all come in under 10'000 hence the 2 year wait!


  • Hi everyone, hope your plans are all going well?? Mine are mostly good apart from-

    I'm so pissed off with one of my bloody suppliers, image been waiting for 3 or is it 4 copies of my receipt and booking details from her- hmm 3/4 copies all just disapeared in the post??? image sure thay did! Going to ring her AGAIN today, I've got a blinking cold and have finally had enough excuses! Wish me luck, doing it quickly before i lose my nerve image Lizzy x
  • mrslewis12mrslewis12 Posts: 121
    I'm a 16th of June bride too!!! image

    Everything is booked now just need to sort a videographer and make the invitations!! Sooooooo exciting!! Bought my dress months ago was one of the first things I did! Bought a 2012 Benjamin Roberts gown its stunning!

    How is everyone finding the planning so far?? Got your dresses?

    Mrsatobe where are you getting married? I'm a north wales bride too!
  • Hi mrslewis2b, how exciting, another North Wales bride image Our ceremony is in Rhuddlan and the reception is at Plas Maenan near Llanrwst, what about you?
  • mrslewis12mrslewis12 Posts: 121
    Awww Plas Maenan is stunning!! My sis in law is getting married there in october 2012!! The pictures will be stunning!

    We are getting married in st andrews church colwyn bay and then the reception is at Faenol Fawr, Bodelwyddan!

    I'm so excited!! Lets pray for gorgeous weather!!!!
  • Josie0sJosie0s Posts: 12
    Helloo, I am getting married on 16th June 2012 too!

    Not long now!! xx
  • Josie0sJosie0s Posts: 12
    Helloo, I am getting married on 16th June 2012 too!

    Not long now!! xx
  • 16th June here too! Judging from the beginning of this thread, everyone is a LOT more organized than me!
  • I'm getting married 16th June in Huntingdon x

    Feel free to read my blog on www.budgetbridetobe.co.uk
  • Haay13yHaay13y Posts: 2
    How's everyone's plans going??

  • Plans are going great...if I could only start actually doing!

    Soo not long to go and I have loads to do still!
  • Hey Ladies!

    I'm a 16th June bride too!!

    I've just read through the thread and many of you were more organized 9 months ago then I currently am!! aggghh!!

    If I look at the list of things that I have done it's not going too badly, it's when I look at the ever increasing to-do list I panic!!

    How helpful have all your H2Bs been?? Mr Piper hasn't even asked he's ushers if they would like to be yet!!

  • heidi-hiheidi-hi Posts: 5
    Hi girls! I'm a June 16th bride too!

    Mrslewis2be & MrsAtobe2 I'm also from north Wales, I am getting married at Plas Isaf in Corwen!
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