2nd June 2012

Hello Ladies - well church & venue booked

Hired the chair covers/bouncy castle/ photographer

Bought the wedding dress ! And the diet has started - i have about 1st to loose - well i have to shift the rest of the baby weight.

Hows everyone else doing?


  • Wow, you have your wedding dress already!! I'm ok, posted a new post above yours so won't rewrite it all again image
  • 2nd june aswell. church booked, venue booked and includes all food, dj and a free nights stay at the hotel. honeymoon to kos,greece booked. hoping to meet with photographer week after next. o and i had my dress in feb this year image just a bit early.

    how are you doing now. anything else sorted
  • I bought the hubby's wedding ring ! Bridesmaid & flower girl dress - chair covers - wedding flowers! Table decs next - how's u ? X
  • So nice to find other 2nd June brides! Hope I can join in?

    I've ordered my dress, ordered the bridesmaid dresses, booked the church and venue, booked the photographer, ordered the cake, chosen the room decor and booked the event designer, booked the coaches and wedding car, booked the minister, booked the DJ and uplighters and booked the honeymoon.

    I think I've got a touch of OCD though so that could explain how organised I am image !

  • Oh and booked the florist image ! xx
  • Sounds good !!! Just thinking about table decs - I thinking sorted now ???????
  • i'vr got and idea of what i want for table dec's but trying to get h2b talking wedding is like trying to get blood out of a stone. he thinks im trying to rush everything. bless him he thinks you can plan and book everything with only a couple months to go.

    booked photographer on tuesday
  • Lol men eh! We are having a mixture of candy trees & plant pots with flowers - we couldn't decide so we are having both - finally decided on my wedding ring ! Hope to buy when I get paid at the end if the month. All excited! Looking at honeymoons next - but might take it in the summer as I'm a teacher DBS only get 1 week off x
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