23rd June?

Any 23rd June brides here? xx


  • I am!!!!!!!!! Where are you getting married? how are your plans coming along huni?x
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    Me too! Hello! image xx
  • Me too image xx
  • mrsmacmrsmac Posts: 322
    Hi, me too, how are your plans coming on?
  • Me as well ladies! It was the last Saturday available in June for our venue (we booked back in April) and after we paid the deposit someone told us we booked Glastonbury weekend!

    However, they are having a year off so the grass can grow back, so not to worry!

    I live in London but we're holding it in Somerset, nearer my family. It's so beautiful there but I can't help noticing it always seems to be 5 degrees cooler than home! Hopefully we'll have a beautiful sunny day (service will be outside all going well) and in my big dress I'll appreciate it!

  • Yes, let's hope for sunshine! Everyone's saying it doesn't matter about the weather, we'll make the most of it which we will...but please be sunny! Hope all the other bits are coming along nicely! x
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    Hey gals!

    Well so far I've booked the venue, registrar, ordered my dress this week (on eBay, am shitting it!!) and booked photographer!! OMG 10.5 months guys!

    Hows everyones plans?xx
  • Me too!!

    So far i've booked the church,the venue & the DJ. I've also bought my wedding dress (off ebay)! Just starting to sort out the suit hire. We aren't having a sit down meal just a buffet at night. We are getting married at 3.30pm. I'm making the all the flowers myself fresh I hope. Also making the favours and wedding invitation by hand. These not much else I can sort out till closer to the date. I've also bought my flower girls dress I'm not having any braidmaids.

    We are in the middle of trying to find a house (19 months and still looking) so that is taking priority when it cost to money. So far the wedding budget is coming in at £2500.
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    Wow, you've done loads!

    I've just booked my photographer today, and have got venue and registrar sorted, so the wedding will definitely be happeningimage

    Let me know how your ebay dresses are when you get them, I haven't started to look for my dress yet - trying to lose a bit more weight before trying anything on. Were they sold by a shop on ebay or just a person selling a dress they'd bought? I might buy mine online so would really appreciate your thoughts! thanks xx
  • I think my was from a wedding dress shop seller but doesn't look like she is sell on eBay at the mo. This is my second wedding dress of eBAy. My first one was from China, it'a really nice dress other then some cheap looking beading on the bust. But for £62.00 it was worth then money.

    My other dress is a Nicholas Millington Lily in Blush pink. I like the style of the dress but not too sure on the colour. I really dont know what to do. It fits me like a glove but i'm not in love with it.
  • I'm a 23rd June wedding too! image

    Everything is booked for me now ive been planning since xmas! Just the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to find, invitations to make and OoS and then all the little bits that get done nearer the time! I've got to be organised as I finish my final year of Uni this year and have zero time for planning! Can't believe how fast time is flying!!
  • Hi! Me too. Do you graduate near your wedding then? What an exciting year! image
  • (I've worded that very poorly, I mean me too in terms of what I've booked and what needs doing, I graduated 2 years ago!)
  • Me too!yay xx image
  • I have since bought a new dress. I wasn't very happy with the one i've had. I'm selling it on eBay at the moment. I went shopping with my Mum last Saturday and found a lovely dress. It's a Donna Salado Kalena. It should have been £1000 but the women in the shop let me have it for £499! I can't wait to wear it.
  • Quoted:
    Hi! Me too. Do you graduate near your wedding then? What an exciting year!

    Yep graduate 2 weeks after I say I do! Excited to graduate as a Mrs image
  • It's a been a while since the last post, how's everyone doing? (128 days!) image xx
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    4 months today ladies!!!!!!!

    How are you all getting on?

    I'm very excited - my dress has arrived in the shop so I'm going to try it on this weekend. I hope I still like it!
  • That's exciting! We looked for men's suits today - they're all so similar and little difference in cost so don't know what to do.

    Bought my little bridesmaid dresses last weekend (Debenhams had 20% off for the week), I'm so pleased with them.

    Good luck with the dress fitting! image
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    I know what you mean about the men's suits! We had a look at options for hiring them online (the outfit builder thingy is quite useful), and then H2B picked one because he liked their waistcoats best, although they were all pretty similar anyway!

    That's good about the bridesmaid dresses, always good to get a discount!

  • We've not yet sorted out any suits. I've been in the local stores and got some prices. H2B doesn't seem that bothered. He's off on the end of March said he would have a look then. Just worried it's leaving it a little too late!

    I've also booked up for my Hen Night. It's 100% chav! I've hired a stretched Hummer! Goin to Manchester and back. Camt wait to go. Room for 16 but really need one more person to go but i'm running out of people to ask.

    How is everyone wedding going?
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    Ooh exciting! My hen party's a surprise image They know I don't want an action packed weekend or anything involving adventure! Think we'll have a nice tacky night out with L plates and sashes plus maybe a nice spa thing.

    Don't worry about the suits, the guy in Slaters said as long as they have 3 weeks notice it's ok. I went with 1860 in the end, slightly cheaper and a nicer waistcoat. I also bought my wedding underwear this weekend (very unsexy but functional!) and sorted the gift list. I should prioritise really and sort out the invites!

    How are you all getting on with other bits and pieces?
  • Booked the Honeymoon last week. Going to Cypurs for 9 days. Have been twice before but both love it there. Stopping in the same apartment. It's just really easy we know where everything is and dont have to get to know the area. Really looking forward to go!
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