blue palm sunset beach june 12

Hi i am getting married on 7th june 2012...

I am so excited and just picked my dress, now on for bridesmaid dresses and suits for the men.... Nearly there!!

Has any1 got any info for me on blue palm sunset beach, i have only what my wedding planner has sent me, as its hard to get much info on it... bit scarey leaving it all to some1 else but my wedding planner has been so good and helpful... my email is [email protected] if anyone can send anything, or pics if some1 has already been married there...

Thanks and happy planning everyone xx


  • Hi Nicola

    We were planning to get married next year on that date but we have put it back now till May 2013 we have provisionally booke to get married at St Elias gardens then wedding reception at Blue Palm Sunset. I am off to Cyprus in the middle of September to go and have a look so am hoping to take pictures so I can email them to you I am hoping there is a wedding reception there when I go so I can see the Marquee all decorated.

    I am off on the 22nd September as would like to go and have a look before i commit myself to a venue.

  • Hi... Yes that would be great if you could send me some pics.. i cant wait...

    Thanks very much, and good luck with your wedding xx
  • This venue has no wedding licence now image but a new venue is being built as an alternative! x
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