Anyone started with dress hunts yet? I have ordered mine online (which i am still nervous about but hey ho its done now!). Just starting the bm dress hunt and i am finding it tricky. I have 5 adults and i am on a tight budget due to my h2b accepting a place at university for this sept! Just wondered if anyone could recommend any places that i could get bm dress £100 or under?



  • Hi, I got my bridesmaid dressed in the phase 8 sale this year,I was really lucky because they cost me £60 instead of £160! It depends what colour you are after. Also, the coast sale was really good and if you have the time to wait then its well worth waiting for the sale. When I bought my dresses they wereout of sizes on the web site and I had to phonearound, Debenhams were very unhelpful but John Lewis couldnt have done more and they had both the dresses I needed in my local store to pickupwithin 48hours, they alos gaveme dress bags to store them in for nothing.

    Hope that helps a bit!
  • het1984het1984 Posts: 17
    wow thanks thats great! will have a look around!
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    sexyher is a good site too x
  • Thanks for the pointers Ladies image xxx
  • het1984het1984 Posts: 17
    Have you ordered from sexyher before??
  • dora74dora74 Posts: 97
    I got mine a few months ago from NEXT, they cost around £60 each and are an absolutely gorgeous vintage style. I actually have an adult bridesmaid but she's only small and can fit in the age 16, which is actually around a size 10-12, so worth considering xx
  • mrslewis12mrslewis12 Posts: 121
    Ive orderd mine from ebay! Gorgeous purple gown with diamante detail made to fit (you send them your measurements) for £85! They are gorgeous! Also keep an eye in debenhams my friend got ours from there when there was a blue cross event and they were reduced from £120 to £45!
  • Ive got my dress, had it a while its a maggie and i had my heart set on it from the word go!!

    Im struggling with bridesmaid dresses too i need 2 and my absolute max spend is £100 and my bridesmaids would prefer long and my colour scheme is green its so hard!
  • het1984het1984 Posts: 17
    The bm dress search is still going on image but on a good note my wedding dress arrived yesterday and it's fab!!! So relieved the gamble paid off!!!!
  • i got my wedding dress in jan/feb this year didnt even have a date set. it came from china via ebay. it cost £84.

    looking at bridesmaid dresses on ebay aswell. i need just below the knee dresses in pale blue. so difficult. only found 2 online so far. i dont really want to spend more then £50 each because of the cost of my own dress.
  • bcs12bcs12 Posts: 10
    My BM found a dress she loved but it wasn't in the right colour so I am having it made by a local dress maker. The total cost (including material) is around £54!! I got my flower girls dresses from monsoon in the sale for £14...bargain!
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