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Help needed with bridesmaid dresses

Has everyone got their dresses sorted?

i am having a nightmare

found stunning dresses in debenhams but before we could all get together they disappeared

Have spent all day out and about with no joy the wedding shops charge so much for dresses and both girls are only short so will need extra work meaning more pennies

Any ideas ?


  • I know they're quite pricey although still cheaper than ones from wedding shops. I got mine this week in the House of Fraser sale, couldn't get everyone together so bought 5 (I need 3!) and getting them to try them on over the next 14 days so I can return the other 2. What's your budget roughly and colour?
  • mrs gmrs g Posts: 193
    I dont really want to spend over £200 each dress so can get them adjusted and all the other bits needed

    Looking for blue and full length
  • Coast do quite a few nice ones, I saw this one but it might not be dressy enough for you
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