Diamond jubilee

Hi brides,

I get married 2nd June 2012.

It's the bank holiday weekend coz of the queens diamond jubilee. I was think of theming my wedding round this i.e. table names and favours, any ideas???


  • Noiva1Noiva1 Posts: 225
    I think thats a nice idea as long as it fits in with all the bits you already have.

    Good luck planning! image
  • BigBird78ukBigBird78uk Posts: 547
    This is our theme.

    I'm in white ( well, ivory). Flowers red, bridesmaid dresses are blue

    Table names are members of the royal family. Table plan is family tree. You could also have royal residences or commonwealth countries for example.

    Lots of white and diamonds for meal. Thought about having union jacks as tablecloths but felt it was disrespectful. Don't want it to be too garish so concentrated on white and diamond for that bit rather than red and blue.

    It's such an easy theme!! Lots of merchandise coming out now that fits in too. Google diamond jubilee or cool Britannia.

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