9th June 2012 - 100 Days!!!!!!

I've been waiting so long to say this but i'm getting married in 100 days!!

Tommorrow i will be in double figures which will make it seem even more closer, and this glorious summer waether makes it seem soo close i cant wait!! image

Really excited now but weve got nothing left to do except do the table plan when we get all of RSVP's back (mid April) and buy the kids shoes but that wont be til very end of May,

I need some wedding stuff to do image


  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122
    I thought the exact same thing this morning!! 100 days will go by in a flash, i can not wait! image
  • Mammy MooreMammy Moore Posts: 333
    i know, yey!! techniclly its just like going back to start of december to now which when you think of it like that isnt long at all as xmas doesnt seem like it was 2 mins ago image xx
  • Hello,

    I've only just joined and I'm also getting married on 9th June. 4 weeks tomorrow.

    I have decided to join the forum as I'm sure I must be really annoying everybody on facebook and twitter with constant wedding talk, so I thought I should share my excitement with those like minded ladies who know just how excited I'm feeling right now!

    How are your plans coming along? I've just brought a separate dress for the evening as we're doing a ballroom dance for our first dance and I'm sure Si would step on my bridal gown. My mum was a ballroom dancer and refused to marry my dad until he could dance, so we thought it was quite fitting.

    Talk to me please image xx
  • sarahjane1973sarahjane1973 Posts: 312
    you two get married on the same day I go on my honeymoon image

    Hope you both have amazing days, mine seems so long ago and its only about 10 weeks!!!
  • Mammy MooreMammy Moore Posts: 333
    hiii, only 23 days to go now image we have pretty much everything done now just paying everything off and playing the waiting game lol not very many people come on this forum now but we have a group on facebook where you can post pics, chat etc it is a secret group so if you post pics nobody on your friends list can see it image xx


    come join us image
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