My Hen do is this weekend!

Hello i am getting married on the 2nd Juen but my job means April is out for hen do's and i thoguth May was too near. It was my birthday yesterday and my hen do this weekend. I haven't been told anything - i am excited and scared!


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    So exciting!!! Hope you have a fab time!! I dont know anything about mine either, its the first weekend in May image

    Do you have any idea about what you will be doing?
  • Ooh have a great time! Mine is next week, and like you I have no idea what is happening, make sure you update us on what you did. Have a great weekend! image
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    How exciting....have a fab weekend!! image
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    Have a brilliant time! image
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    My hen do is also this weekend, I'm really excited but a bit nervous at the same time as some people have dropped out last minute so hoping everyone else turns up and I don't end up by myself!! Had my nails and tan done today as a trial for the wedding and I love them both and it got me in the mood for the weekend.

    Hope you have a lovely time and don't forget to update us on where you went etc.

  • Oooh what are you going to do for it? I am planning mine for 28th April and wedding is also 2nd June x
  • Have a fab time ladies image Mine's on 28th of April in Leeds. Going this weekend to plan the bar crawl lol!! xxx
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    Have fun!!!! image
  • My hen night isn't till 2 June! Same date as the boys stag do.
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    Let us know what you got up to, exciting! image
  • Well ladies i am still recovering from a great weekend. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments.

    Here's the details!

    I was driven to Brighton where my BM's had rented an amazing house. They laid on afternoon tea with champagne and they had decorated the house with bunting and hen party balloons. We played some hen games and had a giggle with a very late night!

    The Saturday more friends came down and we went to a truffle making workshop ( which looks like big logs of poo when you first make them - much to everyones amusement). Then we had lunch and i went to bed for a couple of hours whilst everyone else put the finishing touches to their outfits.

    The girls dressed me blindfolded and then at the big reveal i found out that i along with all the 12 other girls were dressed as grannies!I had on a grey wig, glasses, velcro sandals, support stockings, cardi, pinny saying bride to be and veil! We had a fab night with a meal dancing, karaoke booth and seaside stroll. It was such a good fancy dress idea with loads of people appluading us and taking pictues with us ( another hen who had a madonna throughout the ages theme said we looked like we were having a much better time - ooops! We said she should run away with us!)

    On Sunday we had a big breakfast and then had a stroll in the worst rain ever! went to the pier etc

    Some good other costumes we saw were where's wally, the madonna one, Burlesque and zombies!

    Let me know how all yoru hen do's go!
  • Ooh I am arranging a hen do in Brighton as we speak!! Hope our Bride enjoys hers as much as you have! image
  • Good luck. Another lady at work also had a suprise hen do in Brighton. They learnt the dance routine to thriller. they also had a private cocktail waiter for an hour!

    Brighton is a great place as their are loads of things you can do as a hen do!
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    So glad you had a lively time - and so thoughtful of your BM and friends - min too is on the 28th I'm hitting Manchester :0)
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