Not long to go now!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Not long to go!! I have 88 days!! Eeeeeekkk!!

How is everyone doing with their planning? xx


  • lizzydeelizzydee Posts: 275
    My new mantra is "plenty of time, plenty of time!"

    We're 02/06 and I think we're getting there. Invites should arrive this week so I just have to write names on and post them.

    How about you?
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    HI Ladies,

    I'm getting more excited each day that passes. Seem to be doing lots of stuff now for the wedding. My silk flowers arrived yesterday and they're lovely. Have to pay for the honeymoon at the end of this month. image

    The OH and i have a week off together next week to get some of the little bits done together.

    Havent booked my dress fittings yet though as desperate to drop a few more pounds.

    Got my hen weekend in 10 weeks!!! No idea what we're doing as my sister's have arranged it but everyone keeps telling me it will be great so have to wait and see.

    Only 102 days to go!

    Good luck with your planning.

    Nic xxx
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    I am 3rd June too!!

    Am soooo excited! Just trying to lose those last few pounds!

    Invites went out a couple of weeks back, am loving getting all the replies!!!

    Not much left to do .... eeeeeeeee just loads of gettin excited!!

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Every weekend at the mo is taken up with wedding sutff- last weekend we met with the florist and this weekend our BMs are having their first fitting image

    I am currently 4.25 pounds off my target weight!!!! Its only taken 2 stone to get there lol.

    We sent the invites out last week- thats made it a lot more real!

    Very very excited now!!! image
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    I'm glad not everyone's sent their invites, I am still yet to finish them and was getting a bit stressed about it!

    Every evening and weekend tends to have some sort of wedding sorting activity, what will it be like after June?! xxx
  • We're 4th June and invites went out last week, made a bit of a mistake sending out the wrong RSVP inserts in some of them, luckily mother in law pointed out mistake before they were all sent out! word of advice, double check before posting! That's been most stressful thing so far as people have moved and not told us, not replying to emails and texts asking for addresses, not gettings names right because of divorces etc etc. getting lots of compliments on invites, which is nice as they cost over £450 which is why was so annoyed when we made a mistake on inserts!

    If anyone else is having a sweet buffet, when will you be buying the sweets?

    Had my first dress fitting in feb as my sample dress needs a lot of taking in, also had a hair trial and as doing my own make up will do my own 'trial' soon after buying some more decent make up this weekend.

    Anyone else worried they haven't provided enough entertainment/things for guests to do?
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    We have garden games but that's all!

    Glad you got the RSVP things sorted before they'd all gone out image

    Yes I need to sort a hair trial sorted. I'm going to the Bobbi Brown make-up counter on Saturday to book a bridal make over thing, apparently it's £30 for the lesson but redeemable on their products.

    How are you having your hair? image
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    100 days to go for us today!!!!

    Finished work today for a week. Yay image

    I'm having a sweetie table and was also wondering when to buy the sweets for it. I may go to Costco this week and see what they have to offer.

    We have ordered our favours too. We have gone for the small 3 stack of Green and Blacks chocs and they will be delivered the first week in June. I've not booked in any dress fittings yet as want to lose a little more weight.

    We have to pay the honeymoon balance this month and so it's all becoming very real!!!

    Nic xxx
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Your favours sound great Nic! I love green and blacks image

    Lucky you got the RSVP things sorted before they had all gone out Mrs H!

    Were going to get BMs their shoes and their dress fittings are this weekend- very excited to see all my girls in their dresses! image
  • Hi Ladies!

    This is my first Y&YW post and I'm getting married in 99 days!! eeek! Time seems to be going so quickly! Especially since it hit 2012!!

    I had my first dress fitting last week and it was so exciting! Invites haven't gone out yet (much to MOBs horror!) but will be in the next two weeks though, I planned for them to go out at the end of Feb..oops!

    How are you all doing with other plans? I'm struggling with makeup&hair at the moment, I can't seem to find anyone that inspires me (and the few that do are booked!).

    I've also started thinking about what presents to buy our bridal party but not really sure how much we're supposed to spend?? I want to get my sister something a little more special them the other BMs because she's been such a great help - do you think that would be ok to do?

    Are any of you buying hubby a present??

  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Woopwoop! I am so excited, we are 30th June, and im pleased to say that appart from getting the bridesmaids dresses altered we are all set to go! I have been storing all our wedding stuff over at my mums and she is bringing it all over on sunday so i can see what i have brought imageimage I recieved our first 2 rsvp's today, one accepting and one declining.

    MrsPiper2b i have been buying little bits and bobs for h2b, i have got him a groom teddy bear, how to be a good husband book, a framed photo of me when i had my boudoire shoot, an engraved pocket watch, some groom socks. Thats what i can remember image i have got a lovely memories box in our wedding colours for it all to go into.
  • Sam0407 What a lovely idea, and I'm loving the sound of the 'how to be a good husband' book image & congrats on being so organized!!

    We were all set to get married on the 30th and then my sister-in-law fell pregnant and her due date is...the 30th June! I know we haven't given her much breathing space but available dates were tight at our venue!


  • This is a very similar hairstyle I'm going for only I have auburn hair.
  • misssmile83misssmile83 Posts: 116
    Hey girlies ! I'm trying to loose my last 7lbs but my body is on a bit of a go slow and. I'm loosing 1/2lb a week - Sonoma changing tact and having a no carb weeke next week -

    My invites have been sent out - waiting in a few RSVP s and then I need to sort out the evening invites - when should I send them ?

    I had my make up session and bought my make up and iv been practicing which is good.

    It's just a mad rush to pay everything off now! Hope your well girlies x
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Hi all!

    The weeks are just flying by at the moment!

    We went for dress fitting this weekend- me and the BMs, all dresses are fab and only need slight alterations image The BMs have even chosen the same shoes so thats great too!

    Ive got my BMs presents nearly sorted- ive got each of them a gorgeous necklace, some little sparkly earings and a bracelet- earings and bracelet are only cheap but the necklace is the main present. Ive also got them some purple flip flops (to go with the colour scheme) and Im going to do a little survival pack for each of them- not too sure what to put in it so any suggestions would be greatly appriciated!

    Next weekend were going to do our gift list for John Lewis and meet with the caterer to finalise the menu- eeeekk!! So excited!!

    Mrs Piper- thats a coinicidence with your sister in law! Im sure she'll understand though image

    I am loving getting RSVPs at the moment image I havent got evening invites so cant really help Misssmile- you amy need to send them out soon though.
  • lizzydeelizzydee Posts: 275
    FutureMrsBryan, so great that your bm dresses only need a little tweaking! As for survival packs, are they for the morning after the night before? If so you could include things like plasters, alka seltzer (sp!), asprin, a nice lip gloss, eye mask, mini chocolate bar, nice intensive hair conditioner (you know aussie do the miracle sachets, they're only about £1). Erm, I'll have a think for other things. x
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    I like the idea of the choccie bar and lip gloss! Im thinking it will be for the day after the wedding etc with the exception of the flip flops which will be for the night if their shoes hurt image
  • Kchristie3Kchristie3 Posts: 248
    I have 103 days to go and I have to admit its actually starting to sink in and I'm getting giddy lol. I sent my invites out 6 weeks ago and only waiting for 6 RSVP back , although they have rung to say they will be attending , that's a full house and there was me worrying image We are getting married in our local church then on to a marquee in the field across from our house , the views will be amazing . image
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