What do you have left to do?

We get married 12 weeks on Sunday!!! Yay.

I'm very excited but need to write down a to do list. Its only little things now that need doing.

Dress fittings

Bridesmaids alterations

flowergirl shoes

pageboy shoes

sweets for sweetie table

labels for sweeties table

my jewellery

fiances present

placename cards (sample ordered)

parents thank you gifts

table plan

Cant think of anything else at the minute although im sure there is. image

Nic xxx


  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    I think were pretty much sorted! Just need to:

    Finalise decoration at venue (going to see venue again in April)

    Wait for people to RSVP!!!

    Have 2nd dress fitting

    Arrange when to pay suppliers

    Chase certain suppliers

    Get H2b to phone through to suit shop with his best mans measurements!!! (Seriously, its been going on for ages now, grrr)

    Wear in my shoes

    Im getting so excited!! 10 weeks for us this weekend image
  • lizzydeelizzydee Posts: 275
    We are so far behind. image

    Our invites haven't even gone out yet - my fiance seems to think that because he's chatted to people via email/facebook the actual invite isn't such a big deal.

    I also have to lose about 7lbs so I can actually breathe in my dress!

    We need to order all of our alcohol.

    Finalise flowers.

    Create playlist for DJ

    That's probably it, not much when you write it down but the invite thing is really bothering me!!
  • It's less than 10 weeks until our wedding and we're similar to you, we have to:

    Buy flower girl shoes and head dress

    Buy best man gift (that's not tacky)

    Rsvps deadline 1/5/12 then chase people

    Table plan

    Sweets and labels

    Make menu and poss quiz for table

    Order or service finalised

    Buy some additional garden games

    Confirm decorations with venue

    Sort out guest book alternative as don't like one I've made now

    Make up trial and buy any further products

    Whiten teeth with strips bought!!

    Tone up and do some exercise

    Book trains and activities for honeymoon

    Just lots of little things really but they all add up, I could think of more but I'd start to bore you all!
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    We have done as much as we could in advance but still need to:

    Finish name place cards,

    Table plan (need a the responses back before we can finish)

    Sugar cookie favours

    Make 50 oragami cranes

    Finish jars for candles to go in and a few other bits like that.

    Order of service

    Shoes for flower girls

    Oh yeah and lose another 10 lbs if I can!!! Have lost 18 since January on weight watchers!!

    Good luck ladies xxxxx
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    My list is depressingly long despite trying to be so organised! Don't worry I haven't sent my invites either - a job for the weekend image
  • *Purchase my veil and underwear

    *Buy thank you presents

    *Get bridesmaid shoes

    *Write place names

    *Make tableplan and favours

    *Finalise flowers

    *Choose poems/readings(this is worrying me!)

    *Pay it all off!

    Seems worryingly close now! I'm fretting but fiance is as cool as ever!! xxx
  • Haha! I'm sooooo far behind. A sample:

    Dress fittings

    Hair trial

    Buy underwear

    Get suit measurements for all boys

    Buy bridesmaid dresses

    Finish and send invites

    Decide on readings

    Decide on witnesses

    Order flowers

    Order cake

    Decide on menu

    Book transport

    And that's just what I can think of now!! image
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    99 DAYS TO GO!!! imageimageimage

    Left to do:

    Write name place cards

    order table plan

    sort out readings/music for church

    Sort out cake

    dress fitting

    BM dresses to be altered

    Make order of services

    Order sign for candy floss tree

    Sort out flowers for the mums

    Im so excited xx
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    Ive just called the bridal shop and booked my first dress fitting for 8th May!!!

    Ahhh. Only 6 weeks away now.

    Im trying to keep to 1400-1500 calories per day and following the Chalean Extreme beach body workout too. Fingers crossed this will help me shift the 1st i need to lose.

    Nic x
  • Hello ladies

    I had a bit of a don't tell the bride week this week except I knew! We sent out

    Invites had first dress fitting, saw the vicar to do readings and hymns, hair and make up, shoes

    Underwear veil! So quite successful!

    Things left to do

    - confirm with suppliers and pay

    - get all the booze

    - make about 200 metres of bunting

    - do list of photos for photographer

    - bOok a honeymoon

    - gifts for people

    - buy favours

    - book bouncy castle

    - get flower girl


    - get bridesmaids hair stuff

    All hopefully to be done at Easter!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Hi all!

    How are we all doing?

    Ive now crossed one more thing off my list image h2b has finally got the measurements for his best mans suit- hurrah!!

    I cant believe how many people havent rsvp'd though- theres a couple of girls who i would have classed as good friends that havent even acknowledged the invitation!!! image
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Thats great about the suit measurments! image I cant wait to cross more off my list, but i cant really do any more untill closer to the wedding.

    I know what you mean about the rsvp's im starting to get frustrated about it, we have only had 10 back and 4 of those were to decline! image

    Maybe you ladies will be able to put my mind at rest about this situation thats been bugging me! It has recently occured to me that we didnt order a suit for h2b's dad, i didnt think about it, how many of you have got a matching suit to the rest of the bridal party for h2b's dad? I hope he wont feel left out. image
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    Yeah we're having issues with people RSVPing too. Still waiting on 11 replies for the day. Although some people have told my parents and sisters that they are coming but have not told us!!! 'Ive given the date of 30th March to reply so first week in May i will send a standard text to those who haven't yet replied and ask them to tell us or they will not have their place reserved!!! May sound harsh but they've had months to at least sent a text.

    Nic xxx
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    We are hiring a suit for my dad sam but only coz he insisted image as long as both dads don't have hired suits I don't see a problem xx
  • Not really achieved much in the last week or so, our RSVP deadline is 1/5/12 and the wedding is 4/6/12, we've had a lot back already, some people think that saying their coming is enough but that doesn't tell me their food preferences!

    We're hiring suits for fathers of bride, groom and best man. Groom bought own ted baker suit & ushers have choice of hiring or doing their own thing but getting them all matching ties & hankies.

    New thing to my do do list is book choir for church service (at £80!)

    When are you buying sweets?
  • We are not having matchign suits but if we were i think i would have one for both dads. image
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Oh why didnt i think of h2bs dad! im really worried now as i have a suit for my grandad (who is giving me away)to match ushers/best men But not h2bs dad. I really didnt know the formalities of it. we have already paid out for 7 suits at £100 each, and so our budget is completely blown. image
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Could you ask him if he wants a matching suit and give him the option to pay for it if he does?

    I got a phonecall yesterday to say the dresses have been altered and are ready for second fitting image Going in may for my 2nd fitting coz i want to lose a bit more weight and my bms dont need extra fittings coz the only had length altered.
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    We don't have any RSVPs...but that's because I haven't sent the invites! Oh dear. A job for the weekend I think!

    Yes I'd suggest you speak to his Dad and say it'd be lovely for him to have a matching suit if he'd like but unfortunately you have no money left in the budget. He might be really touched but didn't feel he could ask if he could wear a matching one. Or he might not want to, in which case that's fine too and you've offered image x
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    Think i'm gonna get dad to take me to Costco next week to have a look at the sweets they have and may also buy some retro sweets online too.

    Put our wedding rings into jewellers yesterday for engraving and we also ordered placename cards. Had to chase up a couple of people due to no rsvp but looks at the minute that we will have 70 guests in the daytime.

    Nic xxx
  • mrs gmrs g Posts: 193
    Not long still need to decide what we are eating/drinks dress fittings now booked chase the last few rsvp buy gifts any ideas welcome there!

    dads suits and then roll on hen do cant wait for that x
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Phew I spoke to h2b and apparently his dad didnt want a matching suit! EEEKKKKKK only 95 days to go! When are you havig your hen do's and do you know what you will be doing? Mine is the 12th may, and that is all i know, My fabulous MOH is sorting it out for me image
  • mrs gmrs g Posts: 193
    Hen do is may 4th and may 19th greedy girl having 2 first is work friends we are reliving our childhood and going to an adults playzone! 2nd we hired a lovely boat for an afternoon sailing with cream tea and champers the rest of the day/night i have no idea hope the weather stays like this image
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    Ooh Sam mine's 12th May too! It's a shame they didn't run the date past me first (they forgot!) - I'm working 12 days in a row (5 of them 13 hour shifts) in a new job, finishing on the Friday evening when my hen weekend starts. I wouldn't say anything as I know they've gone to loads of effort but of all the weekends before June - I'll be shattered!

    Anyway I don't know what we're doing yet, they'll tell me near the time.

    How exciting! image

    PS. what's an adult playzone?!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Well I have one less thing to do now...

    Ive been to the gym where according to the fitness instructor the scales are correct and I am actually HALF A STONE UNDER MY TARGET!!!!! Woooohoooooo! Ive lost half a stone more than I thought I could!!!!!!!!!!! image

    My hen is 5th May weekend image no idea what were doing as my bridesmaids are organising it, very excited though!
  • kathryncr27kathryncr27 Posts: 297
    Half a stone over?! That's amazing! Did you change your diet much too or was it mainly exercise? Well done, I'd have a bun to celebrate image
  • misssmile83misssmile83 Posts: 116
    Hi girls ! 66 days til my big day - hen do in Manchester on the 28th April.

    Iv 7lbs to loose til it get til my goal. 4 weeks before my first dress fit. Eek!

    Things to do - pay everything off ! Decide on food - chicken or beef. I need to

    Send out evening invites. Finalise things for the photographer. Last min bridesmaid dress fits.

    I'm a bit concerned iv not heard from my wedding planner that iv hired for the day.

    How's everyone else :9)
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Ive been doing weight watchers and gym 3-4 times a week. It has taken a while though and ive lost and put back on again and lost again.

    Very happy bunny at the moment image
  • Sorted the wedding suit out yesterday at long last! Went for something really different

    Need to get some sweetie jars

    Get my dress resized, got to do that a month before the wedding date.

    Pick one last hyme and print out the order of service.

    Not done anything about the buttonholes image

    Still not got a wedding ring

    I'm sure there's loads more i've forgot about tho!
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    79 days today!!

    My work hen do is 1st May and we're going to GO APE and then on to town. Them my proper hen is 18th May and we're going to Nottingham for the weekend however i have no idea what we are doing so will let you all know when ive been! image

    Nic xxx
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