Complete change of plan with less than 10 weeks to go :-(


I get married on the 30th of June, it was orginally going to be in a church..... until this morning.

The vicar called and work which is currently being done on the roof, which was scheduled to finish at the end of April isnt going to be finihsed now until September, so we only have half a roof and no bells etc.

Luckily we have managed to get a registrar for the same day to marry us at the venue. ALthough they can only do 12.30pm.

Im worried this is early and all my guests will be bored. I was thinking of having the wecding breakfast at 4.30pm.

Has anyone got any ideas of how to entertain the guests inbetween the ceremony and meal, or think that these timings will be ok.

I cant belive im having to change all this with such little time to go image.


  • mrsmacmrsmac Posts: 322
    Hi ami21w,

    Firstly I'm sorry you're having to go through all these extra stress and hassle so close to your wedding! You seem to be amazingly calm about it though.

    My wedding is at 12pm at the same place as the reception (only time we could get the registrar), and we're planning to have the wedding breakfast at about 3.30.

    I've been to a couple of weddings (civil ceremony so short) at 1pm and then wedding breakfast at 4, and they were fine.

    A civil ceremony at 12.30 will be finished around 1pm depending on whether you have readings etc (and bear in mind if you've already picked those for a church wedding you'll have to get them approved by the registrar as you can't have any readings from the bible).

    That's around a 3 and a half hour gap before the wedding breakfast which is quite a long time. Could you have the wedding breakfast even half an hour earlier?

    Our venue has nice outside space so we have bought some fairly cheap outdoor games (from if that helps), and are borrowing some more as several family members have some.

    We're doing the group photos and then serving prosecco/pimms and canapes, and we're hoping the weather will be nice and guests can mingle and catch up, and those who'd like to can play outdoor games.

    I've also been to a wedding that had a magician in the gap (who was amazing, but I think they charge about £400 for an hour or two).

    It partly depends on whether you've got much room in your budget to add in some extra entertainment, and whether you have space indoors or outside at the venue (weather dependant!)

    If you have some spare money, then something like a magician or circus acts could be really good, or you could keep it simpler with a quiz on you and H2B or maybe a treasure hunt with small prizes for the winner(s). You could have photos of the wedding party as babies and get people to work out who's who?

    Good luck with it, I hope it all gets sorted and you have an amazing day
  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277
    So sorry that this has happened to you.

    Dont forget that you cant have any religious music at a Hotel so if youve choosen any you,ll have to rethink this too.

    I would try to have the wedding breakfast an hour earlier but if its not possible then I,m sure your guests will understand the wait.

    I,d love a slight of hand magician for an hour.. they are fantastic.
  • ami21wami21w Posts: 24
    Thank you so much for your replies.

    We have heard back from the registrar and they can fit us in a 1pm now image. I might try and bring the breakfast forward slightly so the guests at least start to be seated at 4 so the wait isnt too long.

    I think after seeing the state of the church i am just relieved we can sill get married, and feel lucky that a registrar was even free on that day, a saturday in the middle of summer.

    I will let you know how it goes, i hope you both have lovely days xx
  • mrsmacmrsmac Posts: 322
    ah that's good, I think with the ceremony at 1 you'll be absolutely fine.
  • misssmile83misssmile83 Posts: 116
    Big hugs !!!

    Hope your feeling okay - glad your on the ball re registra.

    We are hiring a London bus as transport and having a 20 bus ride - not sure what your transport is.

    It was £400. Bouncy castle hire if you have lots if kids ? £85 I'm hiring mine for the day - pop to a local park for photos - again kids can play ? Magic person. Er.... Face painter ? Adults will just sit relax talk and catch up x take care x
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