Catholic church wedding on a sunday...advice needed

Hi All,

I am getting married on the 3rd of June in a catholic church. I have recently read something that says because my wedding is on a sunday we wont be able to choose the readings or hymns as we will have to use the ones from the sunday mass. This is worrying me as the mass will obviously not be about weddings and the readings will have no meaning to us.

Please can you advise if this is correct as I am really worrying and very confused.... image

Thanks in advance for all your help. x


  • kgoymerkgoymer Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm also having a Catholic ceremony but on a Sat. Are you having a nuptial mass or just the wedding ceremony? If it is the nuptial, then you will prob need to follow the set mass for that Sunday, and your wedding ceremony will be an extra bit in it.

    If in doubt, just call up the priest or parish secretary and they'll be able to let you know the order of service. I assume you or your H2B are catholic?

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    ring your priest, it's probably different for different parishes. are you getting married during the normal mass as this would be the only reason i could think of to need the set readings. you could always have a look to see which readings it will be just in case...
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