Dress fitting time

At last the bridal shop rang me to go for my first fitting , I was so excited till I rang my mum to tell her when the fitting is and she replied " I'm not going cause I've a bowling meeting ". I felt the excitement leave my body so sharp it felt crap . She only told me the other day she would go with me when I said it won't be long b4 the shop rings and I said I could only go Wednesdays and she told me it was ok .

It's lovely to know I' come second to a bowling meeting , which I add isnt really a ' meeting ' but a game which she wants to watch .

Am I wrong to want my mum to be with me on what I see as a special mum and daughter time ???


  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    that seems a very odd reaction....

    id push her a bit on that one
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