June 3rd! Any date twins?

I am getting married this Sunday - is anyone else?


  • IvorsGirlIvorsGirl Posts: 4
    Iam image

    I am really scared to be honest. I hate the thought of people looking at me image

    Can't wait to marry my man though
  • sammieG83sammieG83 Posts: 5
    Yay!! What time?!

    I am so nervous...I walked down the aisle for the rehearsal in front of 8 people and hated it!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Me me me me me!!!!

    I am so excited!!! Finish work at 12pm today and go pick up my dress and drive down to my parents! image

    Im getting married at 3pm what about you two?
  • sammieG83sammieG83 Posts: 5
    You sound very excited! I am sooo stressed today!Just got a call to say that the person who we asked to pick the suits up only picked up 2 of them so had to rush and get the others!!!

    I am getting married at 2.30pm

    Hopefully it will go ok!
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