12 days to go and im ill :(

I feel absolutely rotten! what started as a sore throat has turned into a full blown cold, which is going to my chest. I have been using my inhalours as my asthma is really playing up, Im just feeling crap im having myself a little pity party. Going to see the doctor tomorrow in hope that they can stop it before it turns into a full on chest infection.


  • Oh no! Positive Mental Attitude! You'll be great on the day. I'm starting a pre-emotive strike with First Defense so I don't get ill because a few people in my office are ill. Lots of water, rest and no talking! 12 days is plenty of time to get better.
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    Once you get some antibiotics down you things will improve , in 12 days you will be ok . I have asthma and I dread it if I start with a cough because as you say it could turn nasty with the asthma . My doc told me after my last bad attack , next time I start with a cold to get to the docs for antibiotics to kill it b4 it sets in . Hope you Ge it sorted x
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    You will be fine - you have time to recover, remember that and RELAX.

    At 4 days to go I came out in a very red lumpy rash over the entire of my right forearm and some of my left (and a little on my face!), I had burns all over my legs, a massive red/itchy stripe on my left wrist from labs and my contact lenses started playing up. Did everything I could and it went away in time (the burns obviously didn't, but they went down enough to stop hurting and therefore stopped bothering me/stopping me walking!).
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    If you use a steriod preventer brown inhaler (mine is beclometasone)double the dose. Whenever I get a cough or cold it sparks off my asthma, so my gp recommends that if I get a cold I should double my inhaler dose. I have found it helps, and he rarely has to prescribe me additional steroids. when I begin to pick up, I go back to my usual dosage.

    Hope this helps, and that you feel fabulous on your big day xx
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    sam... we are big day buddies and I am the same!! totally bunged up, bad cough etc etc. horrid horrid horrid. I am hoping against hope that it'll clear up in time!xxx
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    me too - sinisitus, and 8 days to go, plus the weather is miserable!
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