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June 2013 wedding

Hi everyone, I'm Kate and I'm also getting married in June 2013, not sure where yet, but I'm new on here and just wanted to say hello! image


  • Kimbers139Kimbers139 Posts: 206
    Hi Kate,

    Welcome aboard! I am getting married in May 2013 so have about the same time as you to plan and currently looking at all things wedding while hubby to be is playing his PS3..!

    Have a fab time planning, it's great on here for ideas xx
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    Hi Kate! I'm Jess and I'm also getting married in June 2013. I've started reading wedding magazines and am so excited! Have you done anything so far? I keep having to remind myself it's aaggges away!
  • Hi Kate, June 2013 bride also! Me and my chap are planning to wed abroad so I'm trying to tie a venue down now so I can give my guest plenty of time to save. I've emailed loads of different companies and Ionian Weddings seem the most reasonable. Where are you planning the big day?
  • Megan598Megan598 Posts: 126
    I'm a June 2013 bride too so Just wanted to jump in and say hi image

    I really hope you enjoy planning!!!
  • tilly789tilly789 Posts: 12
    Hi ladies,

    just wanted to say hello! Im a june 2013 bride too, anyone getting married in Glasgow?

    Lauren x
  • Minxy1886Minxy1886 Posts: 39
    Hi Everyone,

    I am getting married 22 June 2013.

    I have venue & church booked, flowers, chair covers, photographer booked this week.. Videographer booked this week.. Dress, shoes and bag bought! Just waiting for countdown now lol!!!

    Dena xxx
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    wow, Dena, you're so organised!!
  • Minxy1886Minxy1886 Posts: 39
    I think I will be bridezilla by the time it comes around! lol Lot's of planning and playing around with ideas!!
  • Hi! I am also getting married in June 2013. We are hoping to marry in Paphos, Cyprus, as we used to live there. Any ideas or advice on Weddings in Paphos? I'd be very grateful. image xx
  • Hi

    I'm Leanne, I'm getting married June 21st 2013 in Paphos, Cyprus. So excited! We are going out there in 3 weeks to book the venue - hopefully Vasilias Inn - provisionally booked planner for 21.06.2013 xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    Im also a June 2013 bride, all booked up for 14th at 4pm!!! We are also getting married in Paphos. I have chosen the Kefalos beach hotel, its amazing. Bettyboop,i am using Anna from Paphos wedding Belles as my planner, shes a friend of my cousin who lives out there and is lovely. Her husband Marios is a photographer so they can do the whole package for you.

    Good luck with the planning everyone x
  • Hiya everyone, I'm a July 2013 bride but haven't found a forum for that yet. Can't believe I'm getting married!!!!!! Hope you're all enjoying the planning stages- time is going to fly! xxX
  • Hi Im Zara, im a June 2013 bride and i really cant wait for the time to come now. Hows everyones planning.

    WOW i thought i was the only one that organised LOL. Im a june 2013 bride and have a lot organised. Nice to know im not the only one! xx image
  • i am palnning to get married june 2013 too image 

    i need your your help for ideas for invitation & wedding themes 

  • Hi all,

    I am a June 2013 bride too image We are getting married on 8th June (after 14 years together!!) and I cannot wait!! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all! xx

  • Ohh Lizbet we are date twins and we'll have been together for 13yrs when we get married image


  • Hi Debbie - yay a date twin! Have been waiting to fine one and glad it isn't just me who takes so long to get round to getting married lol xx

  • How you getting on with your planning hun?

  • OK I think!!! Although I always feel like there is something else I should be doing!! lol. We are off to sort out the suits for the men this weekend so that will be fun - me shopping with 3 blokes all moaning - can't wait image

    How are you getting on hun?


  • same lol everythings done but the suits and i feel a bit at a loose end but i know i won't feel like that after christmas.

  • Yes I know what you mean - there seems to be a bit of a lull at the moment overall!! Oh well I guess we should enjoy it before all the stress starts again lol xx

  • debbiedoo wrote (see)

    Ohh Lizbet we are date twins and we'll have been together for 13yrs when we get married image



    lizbet2507 wrote (see)

    Hi Debbie - yay a date twin! Have been waiting to fine one and glad it isn't just me who takes so long to get round to getting married lol xx


    I hope you both don't mind me jumping in but I get married on the 8th too image Excited to have found you both! Woohoo! 

  • Ha ha date triplets fab!!! How is your planning going hun? xx


  • Hey Megan welcome to the party xxx where are you both getting married?

  • I am getting married at the Anvil Hall in Gretna! My h2b wanted a small do so we are going up there and then have a big party when we get back image What about u Debbie? xx

  • I'm 15th June - anyone else?

  • ohh my mom and dad got married in gretna image  we are doing it in a local hotel in cannock. its not a stunning venue but its a great deal so we went for it.

  • Can't believe you are only in Cannock - I am just down the road in Willenhall!  Starting to wish I was a bit more local as it is hard doing lots over the phone!! lol

  • what a coinkydink lol i bet its difficult being so far away but i know a few people who have married in gretna from here and they said it was wonderful. i'm just having guest issues at the moment and we haven't even sent the invites yet x are you having a party down here aswell?

  • That all sounds wonderful ladies! I'm right on the south coast of England in Hampshire (I live five minutes from the beach) so I'm getting married in a church in my hometown, then having the reception at a homely-old style hotel in Fareham. 

    debbie we had guest issues too, h2b's family is now estranged from us since earlier in the year so our guest list has been cut by half. I recently contacted the venue and luckily they've said there's no problem with re-quoting us. I was panicking that I now had to find another 30 people! *hugs* Hope your guest issues don't give you too much trouble hun

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