29th June 2013... Found the one...I think

Hi Girls,

I don't know if any of you have started looking for dresses yet but I went out today with my mum to a shop that sells pre owned and shop samples for VERY reasonalble prices...Its my first time trying on dresses and we tried on loads of different styles and found the ones that suit me.

The thing is, i've fallen in love with one of the dresses Mori Lee 2181(and have found a close second too) and it fits almost perfectly and is under £500 image !!!!

BUT....Its the first dress shop outing and i'm worried that if I get this dress and find something else then i'll be gutted...the dress is everything I've wanted even before seeing which dresses would suit me but I'm so indecisive I'm scared by June 2013 I won't want to wear it...

What do you think? Should I get this dress (as its at a great price and won't be in the shop forever) or shall I wait and see other places and probably end up wanting this dress in the end!!??

Please help! image

P.S If you google the mori lee dress, imagine the bottom part to be more structured and 'out' and less floaty as I tried it on with an underskirt and it looks better...It also has a beautiful jacket to go with it which is perfect as I'm getting married in a church and want my shoulders covered!x


  • Heya hun,

    Ive bought one dress and just put a small deposit down on another and sold the first lol!

    Just a thought that if you do change your mind and its so much under the retail price you might be able to sell it and make your money back...

  • Thats what I was thinking...

    I've got both the fave and the second fave on hold and I'm going back to see them next week with my MOH and Mum...If it feels like it did today then i'll go for it... and do what you said if I find something else image
  • Megan598Megan598 Posts: 126
    Mori Lee dresses are beautiful, I've been eyeing up a Mori Lee dress too (1612) image

    Just googled yours, it is GORGEOUS!!!!! image I completely agree, if you like it still when you go back then get it while it's at a great price and still there image Then you have your perfect dress, and if you do happen to find one ou like more, you can always sell the old one on image

    Let us know how it goes!!!

  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126
    If you buy it, don't look at any others and then you won't find one you like more!
  • Hi Loralys1, we are getting married on the 29th june 2013 too!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

    Your dress is stunning!!! image I don't think it's too early, I've got my dress already and that was only in the second shop I went to (1st were so nasty that I left on tears never wanting to try on another dress!). I really wanted Suzanne Neville's Fontaines dress but it was way out of my budget (£2400!!!). When I went into the second shop I was only planning to see how nice they were and if they were ok I was going to go back later this year to find one. They were really nice though and I got talking to the manager about how beautiful fontaines was. She said they had a size 10 which had never even been tried on and as they were trying to clear space I could have it for £1400 of it fitted. Still too expensive but she suggested I try in on anyway - omg it was perfect and fitted perfectly too. I cried. the manager went to talk to the owner of the shop and came back amd said they'd sell it to me for £900 if I put a deposit own on it there and then, do I did and I have my beautiful dress.

    So if you love it, I say go for it, it sounds like a steal and I'm sure you'll look fab in it image

  • Thanks Guys,

    I went to another shop today and LOVED some of the dresses I tried on...then went back to the first shop and tried the mori lee on...*Queue big let down*.... I had tried it on with a hoop today and not a petticoat (poofy)... I was so close to giving it up and then my mum started playing around with some add on straps the lady had and oh wow...it looks amazing with lacy jeweled strap bits on... but I still wasn't 100% satisfied...so I asked for the poofy underskirt...PERFECTION!!! image

    So glad I did go back! I've just put the deposit down and i've got the dress, the bolero (not sure if I will wear it or not) the poofy petticoat AND a veil (which my mum said I HAD to get because she loved it so much) for under £500!

    Thank you all for your advice! I'll post some pics when I can!!

  • Megan598Megan598 Posts: 126
    So so very excited for you image Can't wait to see the pictures!!
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